Wii Gamers Must Have Accessories

Wii Game is popular. WII accessories include ResidentEvil Laser Gun,Infrared ray inductor,fishing rod,steering wheel,cooling fan,Classics hand grip etc.

One of your must have accesories is 100% Brand new Wii Remote+Nunchuk Controller for Nintendo Wii + Case .It’s a black color set combination of Nunchuck Controller and Wireless Remote Controller .

The left one is 100% Brand new Nunchuck Controller for Nintendo Wii.It’s a perfect equipment for Wii gamers which Matched perfectly with the Wii remote controller.The Compact design make it very comfortable for use.Quickly and accurate in reaction.Motion sensor,Thumb Stick and Triggers.

Many Alternative Colors White black red darkblue rosepink skypeblue

The usage Connecting the Nunchunk:

Insert the Nunchunk plug into the External Extension Connector at the bottom of the Remote untill it “clicks” into place.

Disconnecting the Nunchunk:

Press the Lock/Release Levers on the sides of the Nunchunk plug and pull the plug straight out of the External Extension Connector at the bottom of the Remote.

Note It is not produced by Nintendo and does not bear any Nintendo markings.

Caution Do NOT expose the Nunchunk to extreme conditions, including direct sunlight, excessive heat or humidity. Keep the Nunchunk away from liquid.

The one on the right hand is 100% brand new Wireless Remote Controller with Silicon Skin Wrist Strap for Nintendo Wii + Case .This one is not with the Motionplus ,one with Motionplus is also available.The connection is via Bluetooth technology with the console by simply pressing the SYNC button.With the function of pointer, motion sensor, speaker and shock vibration.

Alternative Colors White Red Blue DarkBlue RosePink

CAUTION Do NOT expose the Remote to extreme conditions, including direct sunlight, excessive heat or humidity. Keep the remote away from liquid.

Power: 2 x AA batteries (not included)

Feedback from customers

It looks good so far satisfied with its performance.Very good price compared to other sellers

Wide range of colours and is wireless!

Is a lot cheaper than competitor products and does exactly the same job as an expensive item

Hope you can enjoy your games by using these accessories.


Nintendo’s Dramatic Price Change, More Nintendo Wii Accessories Will Be Needed

Japan’s Nintendo Co Ltd posted its first-ever quarterly operating loss, cut the price of its 3DS handheld game player and slashed its full-year profit forecast far below market expectations, hit by sluggish sales and a strong yen. Faced with horrendous earnings and ongoing weak demand, Nintendo has dramatically lowered the price of its 3DS handheld system just for four months after the system hit store shelves. Starting Aug. 12, the company will drop the price of the 3DS from $250 to $170 – a move it hopes will spark flagging consumer interest and lay the groundwork for a strong holiday season. The price cut will lead to more people would choose Nintendo games instead of other video games, so more Nintendo Wii Accessories will be needed.

The Nintendo Wii is very hot right now, which is causing crazy fluctuations in the Nintendo Wii price. The collection of free games is a pretty notable one. Starting September 1, people who paid the full $250 for the 3DS will be able to download 10 NES Virtual Console games for free before they become available to players who waited for the hardware discount. The titles include Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong Jr., Balloon Fight, Ice Climber and The Legend of Zelda. This is really amazing, if you still not equip yourself with several must have Wii accessories, you should act at now. The accessories for Nintendo Wii will give you more options in playing games, and all these accessories works well to any gaming device you have.

The 2 in 1 Remote Controller Built-in Motionplus Silicone Case Wristlet for Wii is one of the must have. Remote Controller with built-in MotionPlus for Nintendo Wii will enhance your gaming experience. Comes with silicone protector case and a wristlet. The Steering Wheel for Wii Mario Kart Racing Game Black is another must have accessory, a perfect kit for Nintendo Wii Mario Kart. Can improve inspiration. You may feel more realistic and excited. Offers full access to all controlling functions without interrupting console connection. You can play freely without any limitation. Smooth and comfortable to hold. High quality durable plastics. Easy to install and remove. Light weight, compact, easy to handle and carry.

There are also many other must have accessories for playing Nintendo games, since the 3DS price cut, we can save enough money to buy Nintendo Wii Accessories to enhance our gaming experience. This is really a good news for game players. If you have a plan to purchase the discount Nintendo console, don’t forget to buy Wii accessories together, you will find they are worth the money. Shopping for Nintendo Wii accessories from China’s Top video game accessories store, enjoy best service and lowest price.

High Quality Wii Accessories Just For Game Players

Wii games have been so popular, compare with Sony PS3 games, Xbox 360 games, Wii games seem to attract more people and gain more players. Especially in 2011, more and more players are more likely to choose playing Wii games. Thanks to the game creators, we can spend our time to get much funny moment when we play games together with our friends or family. But the high quality Wii Accessories will lead to an extreme gaming experience, there are several Wii accessories you must use when playing games.

Wii Accessories

There are many Nintendo Wii accessories for the game players to choose, if you want to play on your Wii and get the most pleasure out of it as achievable that you need to have some high quality Wii accessories. There are classic controllers, nunchuks, Wii remote, Wii zappers and Wii speak accessories. Then each game also has different accessories that come with each one. For instance, the Wii Fit comes with the fitness board and the game disc. There are many accessories that enhance the playing experience. If you need any accessories for the Wii, you can look online or in retail stores.

Wii AccessoriesTo start with I’d like to mention Wii Remote because it is considered to be the most important one. By the way in most cases Wii consoles are sold exactly with this standard accessory. I have to say that to some extent it resembles a TV remote but the difference is that you can only see just a few buttons used for settings and certainly playing. It’s your main tool for playing Wii Games.

Wii Wheel is another worthy accessory which you should also own. By the way you can combine it successfully with Wii Remote which I’ve just mentioned above. I should say that many gamers are used to attaching Wii Remote exactly in the middle of their Wii Wheel. Perhaps it’s clear to you that Wii Wheel is mostly used to play various racing games. By the way it’s very similar to a steering wheel of your car and I’m not astonished by this fact because in my opinion its shape is rather a predictable feature. It shouldn’t have another shape from my point of view. I am sure that everything in the world should be logical. This particular shape is logical for this accessory and it’s hard to deny.

If you are a virtual shooter or hunter then you should have Wii Zapper. With the help of this accessory you can designate targets when playing shooters. And finally I should mention Wii Balance Board. It’s extremely useful when getting involved into different sport Wii games. It’s a very popular stuff I should say. It goes without saying that you should get it too. Get yourself excited with these cool Wii accessories. Shop online from China’s Top video game accessories store, visit TOMTOP or paste the link into your browser: http://www.tomtop.com/wholesale-video-games-accessories-for-nintendo-wii-c254

Wii Accessories: Give You More Options In Playing Games

Have you ever heard Nintendo Wii? I am sure most of people are the fans of Nintendo Wii, especially If you like playing video games, you must be familiar with Wii consoles. Wii redefines the world of game playing, because of its innovation and capability of interaction. Every one could find their suitable games, as there are hundreds of WiiWare games designing according to age difference, interest differentiation and exercise level difference. And Wii Accessories will give you more options in playing games, there are several must have accessories to enhance your gaming experience.

Wii MotionPlus

The Wii Remote

Remote can response to pointing system and movement of the user. A remote come in wired and wireless gadget, however, Nintendo Wii accessories for remote is wireless for easier and moving. It also works via Bluetooth. The remote can be used up to 5m distance using connectivity via the sensor. As we all know, Wii accessories are made ergonomically. Your hands will not get tired easily and it allows you to have better access when ever needed. Using the remote you can determine the direction of the sensor and have the chance to guide it according to you want.

Wii Remote Controller

Wii Remote Controller allows you to have flexibility in motion and lets you get rid of the lack of joystick portability. Easy-to-use and practical, a controller is usually made with several ports for offering ease to the connection with other Wii accessories. An additional speaker is always offered.

Wii MotionPlus

This is a Wii accessory that is connected to remote. It requires game player to actually move their arm, wrist and body to participate in a game, further elevating the level of reality of the Wii console. So Wii MotionPlus offers greater fun and more precision with specific games.

Wii Wheel

Amongst the best Wii accessories 2010, Wii wheel makes the games more adventurous. If you love to play racing or driving Wii games, you should not miss this accessory. Intuitive, accurate, and realistic, it allows you to feel the rush of speed and control you never have before. The remote control used with the wheel need to be purchased separately

You can buy many Nintendo Wii accessories for the games you can play. Each game also has different accessories that come with each one. There are many accessories that enhance the playing experience. If you need any accessories for the Wii, you can look online or in retail stores.

How To Protect Your Wii Accessories

Wii accessories are getting popular among the game users day by day. These accessories are embellishments that are used by the Wii fans to complement their gaming consoles. Wii accessories put much more pragmatism and delight to the games. Gamers experience more fun and joy by using these accessories while plying the video games. Hence, everyone wants to purchase Wii accessories at any cost to explore the full joy and realism.

Wii Accessories

Fans of Wii games not only show their willingness to purchase the Nintendo Wii accessories but also want to keep them safe from dirt, blemishes, damages and other harmful factors. Due to the heavy usage of the games, the system containing console and other Wii accessories might get over heated. Over heating can also cause damage to the gaming system. Due to the heavy usage there are many other problems that can take place like the gaming console and other Wii accessories can get scratched. Gamers need some other equipment to keep their Wii gaming system and accessories safe and sound from all these troubles.

No doubt, by keeping them protected and by handling them with care you can maximize their life time. These equipments are, in fact, very beneficial for your Wii accessories. Some of them are mentioned below:

USB Cooling fan: You can say it is one of the most necessary items of your collection as it keeps your Wii accessories and system safe from overheating. As you know, more and more heat will be produced if you play for more time. This cooling fan creates enough ventilation to overcome the factors of overheating. You can plug this fan easily into the port located on the Wii console.

Silicone skins: Silicone skin is made for Wii remotes and Nunchuk controllers. It helps in preventing the dust and other tiny particles from entering in Wii remotes. Hence, making them safe from the troubles that can occur due to dirt. These skins not only protect Wii remotes from dirt and soil but also keep them safe and sound from the blemishes and scratches. These skins are especially designed for the remotes; therefore, these can be used with ultimate convenience. These silicone skins are the most popular shields among all.

For traveling purpose, Wii traveling cases are also available in the market to protect and carry your Wii console and other Wii accessories. Using these cases, you can travel along with Wii accessories, without worrying about their safety and protection. Shopping for latest Wii accessories, welcome to visit TOMTOP or paste the link into your browser: http://www.tomtop.com/wholesale-video-games-accessories-for-nintendo-wii-c254

Nintendo Wii Accessories – A Brief Review

Among all the new arrivals of the ‘ever advancing’ video gaming world, Nintendo Wii is, no doubt, the most obvious attraction for the video game addicts. And if you want to have one with you at your home, there are certain aspects you need to know about the sophisticated yet completely innovative Nintendo Wii accessories. The first thing you should know is that when you buy your new Nintendo Wii from the market, it will include all the basic components that you require to just connect and begin playing. Among these components, a major component is Wii Sports – an application designed to help users get familiar with the Wii system’s amazingly innovative motion-sensing controllers. However, by adding some more Nintendo Wii accessories to your console, you can enhance your gaming experience to much greater extent.

Wii Accessories

Initially, the accessories included in Nintendo Wii package include one Wii-mote, the remote controller for the Nintendo Wii console, and one Nunchuk – a device having compatibility with the remote controller, that serves the function of motion sensing. In order to play the multiplayer games, the first thing you need to buy is another Wii controller. Moreover, it should be kept in mind that Nintendo Wii can also operate games originally formulated for Nintendo GameCube. But, to play these games, you need to have GameCube controller. So, another addition to your accessories can be a Nintendo GameCube controller. Purchase of this Wii controller will enable you to enjoy a more extensive variety of games. However, there are certain other devices that need to be purchased in order to fully utilize the features of GameCube games and play them smoothly and conveniently on a Nintendo Wii console. One such device is GameCube memory card. This card serves the function of saving important data regarding different games, and in this way, you have an option to continue your game from the previously saved sessions.

Among the various Wii accessories, a very important one serves the purpose of connecting you to the internet. This accessory is termed as Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector. It is through this device that you are able to use internet through your Nintendo Wii console, and consequently perform various online activities like playing online games, downloading games etc. Yet another important Wii accessory is a component video adapter. This device tends to enhance the graphic quality of your gaming experience. Particularly, for those Wii users, who have a High Definition television at their place, a component video adapter tends to create an obvious difference by enhancing their game play experience through an ultimate graphical excellence.

What’s New About Wii 2 – The Controller with Touch Screen And Joystick

The unique Wii controller was the biggest selling point, its successor may also take long enough effort in the history of electronic games with the upper and lower parts. But having said that, since the development of interactive entertainment, I am afraid there will not be what the shape of the handle and then to frighten the player, and if there is the handle.

Wii controller

Host-specific to Nintendo’s new controller, but now they have a lot of sounds have news of the nose has eyes out, of course, a wide variety of imaginary map. Currently the most widely circulated a Wii controller on Wii 2 news that the peripheral will be able to show the independent game with LCD screen, with multi-touch and two modes of operation the analog stick, and even built-in camera.

American Science and Technology Information Kotaku quoted sources from the industry source said, Wii 2 controller design to include a 6.2 inch touch screen and 8 physical buttons, it seems closer to the traditional game controller. However, Nintendo did not intend to use it is said to completely replace the current Wii Remote. the two may correspond to different user groups. One thing is certain: Nintendo hope to continue to play arm to play the game, which means Wii 2 somatosensory will require specialized game controllers, just like the Wii remote control also need to handle and the Classic Controller to play different types of games are the same. However, Kotaku’s news sources did not explain what is the new host before the Wii’s remote controller, there will be improved or new product launch support.

Wii 2 will become on your TV screen, the screen though Wii 2 handle a new Wii controller sounds far less magical remote control handle, it may not be the year when it was released Wii sensational effect, but 6.2 inch touch-screen design should still attract a lot of people’s eyes. Nintendo can do a lot with this screen, for example, when the real-time display the map in the game, bar equipment, props or other game information. With built-in camera, you can also play derived more interesting, such as playing a “zero” this game, you can simply lift the handle to the evil spirits to take pictures, not as in the past used on TV virtual viewfinder. It is not clear that the camera on the handle is on the front or back, of course, does not rule out the same as 3DS and one each on both sides.

As for the touch screen, synchronized to more. Support for touch often means very different gaming experience, NDS has been through a lot of successful cases demonstrate this point. 3DS heavy plate of “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D” is said to be very dependent on touch operation, and now Nintendo seems to allow players to such a touch screen, screen to watch the game on another screen design is very satisfied with the new handle might make the two separate screens, so your TV into the screen, handle the present screen.

Nintendo does have plans for Wii 2, their next generation console that will “leave your mouth open” according to earlier reports. What features do you think would be awesome in a Wii sequel? Looking for more information about Wii accessories, welcome to visit TOMTOP or paste the link into your browser: http://www.tomtop.com/wholesale-video-games-accessories-for-nintendo-wii-c254

Learn More About Nintendo Wii Remote

Nintendo’s new small, stylish controller is designed to follow the standard TV remote control’s ease of use. Really hope that those who don’t like the conventional video game controller will find the Wii remote is simple and easy to use. There is a tiny device which also called indicator contains some revolutionary technology. Wiimote act as the extension of the player’s arm, indicator measuring movement and tilt, it’s accuracy can achieve pixel-level. Nintendo believe that the controller will change the way people play games

Wii Remote

1. The Power Button

The wireless switch of Wii. On the top left, it’s very user-friendly.

2. Steering Wheel

The remote arrow keys of Wiimote are located below the power button. In most games the Wii steering wheel is mainly used for selection. For example, players in a place like “Metroid Prime 3″, players can scan the steering wheel to select a different mask. However, the steering wheel can also directly control the game, especially in the profile when the Wiimote turned the handle when you hold it like that.

3. A Key

The large key is often used as the first Wii game action key. It’s position is above the front middle of the Wiimote, and it’s very suitable for the player’s thumb.

4. Navigation Key

-, + and Home Keys can be used to directly access the Wii’s beautiful user interface. Players may at anytime, even when playing the game, press the Home key will jump to Wii channel system. – and + keys to make the player forward and backward in each menu browsing. They can also select and pause the game as to use.

5. Internal Speaker

Output sound and music in some occasions suggested that the player into the game as a means of experience.

6. 1 and 2 Keys

When playing classic NES games and some racing games, Wii remote need to turn the side, in that time, 1 and 2 keys are the main action buttons.

7. Lever Indicator

These blue lights illustrate how to distinguish one from the four handle. If the first lights, on behalf of the player 1, and so on. When there is power, these lights also used as a second objective, indicating how much battery power is left.

8. B Trigger

Located behind the Wii remote, B trigger as the primary or secondary action button, depending on the game. With the index finger or middle finger press this button.

9. Infrared Top

When point to the Wii sensor bar, Wii remote’s infrared pointer to the pixel-level precision control of the game. Because this technology, Wii remote like a FPS for this game must be precisely aimed at a potential revolution in the handle.

10. Special Attachment Interface

Located at the bottom of the Wiimote, the special interface to connect peripheral devices to Wiimote can interact with many accessories. Wii remote and Nunchuk are sold together, which plug into the interface and extends that capabilities of the device. Other Wii accessories, including the classic controller, also connected to this interface. Ancillary equipment to use Wiimote main battery power and wireless capabilities to communicate with the host.

11. Accelerometer, Bluetooth and Battery

Wii remote has a dedicated accelerometer technology to measure the 3D space in a movement, tilt and throwing. In a game like Excite Truck, the player simply turn the Wiimote and twist the handle to turn around. In Wii Sports baseball, they swing like a baseball bat as the handle. All of the information transmitted via Bluetooth to the host. Meanwhile, the device behind a battery compartment to accommodate two AA alkaline batteries.

To truly understand how Wii revolutionizes gaming, you have to try it for yourself. Quite simply, Wii is for everyone. The ease of use and interactivity of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk allows for a unique social gaming experience for the whole family. You don’t just play the Wii, you experience it. Get the very best video game accessories online, visit or paste the link into your browser: http://www.tomtop.com/video-games