Water? Never Mind! – Cubot Waterproof Smartphones!

Have you ever worried about that your beloved smartphone will be damaged when you are walking in the rain? Have you ever dreamt to have a phone that will never been hurt by water? Yes! Many people may have thought about this.

So, here comes a kind of waterproof smartphones in the market. It features waterproof level IP65-68. Do you know about different waterproof level? IP65 means that if it can still work after you pick it up from water when it drops. When it comes to IP68, it can be soaked in deap water for about 2 hours. And when it comes to a smartphone, can you believe?

Cubot is engaged in manufacturing the best waterproof smartphone for you.

Firstly, the Cubot X10 comes out. It features IP 65. Water? Never mind! It will still works well when it is wet in the process of house cleaning. And it has all the charateristics of other common smartphones. Cubot X10 smartphone has MTK6592 Octa core CPU 1.4GHz, Android 4.4, 5.5” IPS 1280 * 720px capacitive touch screen, quite sensitive, and Dual Cameras, 8MP front camera, 13MP back camera with flashlight and auto focus. And supports Light sensor and Proximity sensor. The product has dual cameras and supports TF card up to 64G extended. A kind of practical smartphone for you!

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Your Choice —— Xiaomi Redmi Note Smartphone

Do you know something about China cellphone? Have you ever heard of Xiaomi? I believe the answer will be “Yes”. Nowadays, more and more people fall in love with Xiaomi devices for its high technology and innovation. Xiaomi smartphones have their own developed operation system – “MIUI system”. And it is based on Android Operation System. It has better performance.

Today, I want to introduce one kind of Xiaomi smartphone for you. It is with high quality and reasonable price. People like it very much. And it is the beginning of the Xiaomi Note Series.

Xiaomi Redmi Note

Redmi Note adopts Xiaomi MIUI 6 system, Snapdragon410 MSM8916 64-bit quad core CPU, 1.2GHz, which make it have excellent performance. And it has 5.5″ IPS capacitive touch screen, which is quite sensitive. IPS screen technology is a difficult tech when it comes to large screen cellphones. But Redmi Note has used it very well. Then it supports dual micro SIM card and dual standy. And it supports 4G, both TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE. You can enjoy fast network almost everywhere.

As for people who love taking photos, especially for girls, they may pay more attention to its cameras. Redmi Note has two cameras with 5MP front cam, which is high from the level of common cellphones and 13MP back cam. You can take amazing pictures with it. Then here comes a problem. When people take photos, the battery will run out of quickly. People may worry about it. But Redmi Note adopts 3100 mAh battery. It will last long.

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Touch is about Feeling! – ulefone Be Touch

As the development of technology, more and more smartphones come into the market. They have different features on themselves, such as large screen, octa-core or quad-core, OS system, CPU, etc. And people may choose one with the best quality and unique characteristics. Here, we want to introduce one for you. It is not as expensive as Apple, but it has really advanced technology.

ulefone Be Touch

The most unique characteristic is its amazing front fingerprint scanner.


It is equipped with the most advanced front fingerprint touch ID, easy and convenient operation, 360 degree rotation fingerprint identification. Just put your finger on the fingerprint scanner and it will identify you in 0.1-0.5s. You can use it even with your hands wet. One touch to unlock, when it identify you, it can unlock its screen and be on for you, really better experience.

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Best Time to Be Armed with Great Cellphones and Batteries

Nowadays, cell phones have become a necessity for many people throughout the world. Usually people use cell phones to contact with families, friends, and business needs, etc. But now, as the development of technology, people can do more and more things via cell phones. People read emails and news everywhere they go through cell phones in stead of sitting in front of a computer. They also use cell phones to listen to music rather than buying a MP3 or MP4. What’s more, with 8 million pixels, or even 13 million, people do not need to carry a camera to take photos when going out. Gradually, cell phones can do too many things for us.

But there is a problem coming into being. You take one cellphone to do all the things. It may run out all the battery. You may begin to worry about where and how to charge it. Especially when you are out, there is any place for you to charge. Then, it is better for you take a standby cellphone battery with you. Here are many kinds of cellphone batteries on sale. You can take one excellent battery with greatest savings. Long lifespan and huge capacity! Moreover, it is really rechargeable. One can solve every problem you will meet in future.


There are batteries for Samsung, HTC, Sony, Nokia, etc. Choose one suitable for your cellphones!


Power up! Ready to back to school

It’s school time again! A new school year, a new look!

Back to school is a period in which students and their parents purchase supplies and apparel to prepare themselves for the upcoming school year. Predominantly in August and September in the Northern Hemisphere. Parents want to prepare the best for their children and studies.Children hope to have much more good learning supplies.

Here is a great shopping guide to choose most necessaries to meet every need, which are high quality and with reasonable price!

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Express your love to your sweethearts — Valentine’s Day gift guides

Valentine’s Day is a day to express your love, and to celebrate the spirit of love. Every February 14, across the United States and in other places around the world, candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. They may also arrange a romantic meal in a restaurant or night in a hotel. Common symbols of Valentine’s Day are hearts, red roses and Cupid.

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Choosing the right mobile

Work doesn’t stop just because you’ve left the office. If anything, you just multitask more. So it’s critical to get a mobile phone that can work as you want.

Alice finished her school and got into a good college. Like everyone else, she too demanded a cell phone. Her parents had promised her a mobile phone if she scored good marks, so they took her to the mobile store in the nearest mall. She started looking at different models and was soon very confused. One phone company claimed to have the best designs, the other argued they had innovative features and some other claimed to be user-friendly.

Alice spent more than an hour getting acquainted with the features of various cell phones. She found it difficult to make a choice and returned home without buying a mobile. This situation may take place when you walk into a mobile store without proper planning. Here’s a quick guide to know how to buy a mobile phone, compatible to your needs.

Choosing the right phone

Picking up the right mobile phone is not easy. You may need to answer some questions like, what kind of phone do you need? What is your budget? What is the purpose of buying a mobile? Keep these important aspects in mind before visiting the store.

ZOPO C2 White 5.0 inch Dual Sim Smartphone

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