What will you create via this amazing DJI Phantom 3?

Find the marvelous beauty of the world; Touch your soul’s inner thought; Feel the infinite soaring freedom. DJI Phantom 3 Professional, helps you look around the world and see the untouchable future.

Being more intelligent and powerful, Phantom 3 breaks out of the ice and presents you with extraordinary aerial shooting experience with its unprecedented simple operation. Let us draw a veil over it.

Brand New 4k Camera

Perhaps you are curious about what camera will be used in this one? This time, the 4k camera, specially designed for Phantom 3 Professional, will bring you unprecedented HD experience. With the aspheric lens being added, it can greatly remove the distortion of camera lens, restoring the world to its original appearance.

In the meantime, the new generation of sensor will produce clearer image quality and bright, full color. Combined with DJI industrial-strength three axial stabilized pilot platform, it can effectively transfer the output of smooth pictures. So, it’s time to say goodbye to those fuzzy ones!

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Walkera Runner 250: awesome traversing experience

When it comes to Walkera Runner 250, the word ”traversing” is what I want most. It can fly with fun, capturing the great moments during flight, and giving you fantastic traversing experience. Let’s go and take a clear look!

First and foremost, in comparison with the general type of products, Walkera Runner 250 has ultrafast flight speed(35-40km/h) with tactile control, providing you with super speed carefree experience.

Secondly, with the remote control frequency up to 2.4 GHz, it is of high sensitivity and exceptionally long remote control distance up to1km, and quick response ensuring accurate operation during flight.

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SYMA X8C: Best FPV Experience You’ve ever Had

A newly-released 2.4G 4CH 6Axis Gyro R/C Quadcopter RTF Drone: SYMA X8C. So compact and eye-catching it is that you will fondle it admiringly, making you the focus in the crowd inadvertently. The advanced upgraded technology will bring your field of vision to the sky, providing you with a totally different traveling experience.

There is no doubt that we all put much premium on the reaction speed and smoothness of  Quadcopter if we want to be fully happy and relax while operating it. The 2.4GHz spread-spectrum technology of SYMA X8C will make the reaction speed faster than other wireless counterparts, with stronger anti-interference ability and less power consumption. The 6Axis gyro with choice aerospace material can make it stable and easy to control, featuring exceptional damage resistance to the drops and bumps of everyday use.

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What Do You Expect for SYMA X5C?

When it comes to RC helicopter or quadcopter, some kind of expensive,  commercial drones owned by enthusiasts may occur to you. For entry-level or intermediate level hobbyists, they now can experience one quadcopter with HD FPV camera less than 100 dollars, that is, SYMA X5C. is definitely a good choice.

As for a quadcopter with HD camera, durability is one of the most significant performance index. In this sense, SYMA X5C is of high durability due to its EPO material, which is characterized by its strong stability, good toughness, light weight and delicate appearance,  ensuring the safety of the machine.

With its 2.4Ghz frequency, this quadcopter has adopted spread spectrum technology for further remote distance, best anti-interference ability, least power consumption. Its reaction speed is 100 times faster than other radio control copters.

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TOMTOP Wholesale 28″ Double Horse 9104 3.5 CH RC Helicopter with Gyro Single Propeller Red

28″ Double Horse 9104 3.5 CH RC Helicopter with Gyro Single Propeller Red US Plug

3.5 Channel, go up and down, forward and backward, turn right and left, spot hover.
High quality alloy fuselage, high tenacity rotor wing.

Built-in Gyro, single crashworthy propeller and high efficient gear slowdown system, ensure steady flight.
Built-in rechargeable Li battery(7.4V 1300mAh), can fly about 8 minutes after charging for 3 hours.
With flashlight, can flight in the dark at night.

Assembled with all pre-flight adjustments, simply get it fully charged and insert the batteries, it’s ready to take off.

Besides, the package is equipped with 2 extra main blades and one tail blade.
Exquisite package, perfect gift for 14+ ages guys.

Video Review for TOMTOP Wholesale Mini 3.5 Channel Ifrared Control Helicopter with Gyro

Video Review for TOMTOP Wholesale Mini 3.5 Channel Ifrared Control Helicopter with Gyro
List Price:$25.92

Mini 3.5 Channel Ifrared Control Helicopter with Gyro

3.5 Channel, go up and down, forward and back, turn right and left, spot hover.
High quality alloy and plastic fuselage, high tenacity rotor wing.
Advanced intelligent balanced system, full function.
Built-in Gyro and double-deck propeller to ensure steady flight.
Built-in rechargeable Li battery, can fly 6~8 minutes after full charged.
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Video Review for the Syma S107C 3 CH Infrared RC Helicopter with HD Camera

List Price:$43.32
With HD camera and 512MB SD card, can take photos and record videos during flight.
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Why Not Buying This Mini Helicopter

This is information about the first flight in world: In 1906, two French brothers, Jacques and Louis Breguet, started experimenting with airfoils for helicopters and in year of 1907, those experiments resulted in the Gyroplane No.1. Although people are not sure about the dates, but sometime during 14 August and 29 September 1907, the Gyroplane No. 1 lifted its pilot up into the air about two feet (0.6 m) for one minute. Meanwhile, the Gyroplane No. 1 was proved to be quite unsteady and needed a man at each corner of the airframe to hold it tightly and steady then it can fly. For this reason, the flights of the Gyroplane No. 1 are considered to be the first manned flight of a helicopter, but not a free or untethered flight.

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Get the Helicopter out of the Ball -Tomtop’s Exclusive Offer of the Day!

As you may have seen through the Water Spray Helicopter 3.5 Channel RC Infrared Control ,today we will introduce you with this Fly Ball RC Mini Helicopter 3 Channel Control Built-in Gyro below.

It has 3-channel control  (forward / backward / up / down / left / right). The 360 all-round degree definitely helps you position and land the helicopter accurately. The built-in gyroscope also provides you with the maximum stability. The infrared remote control and ultra stable twin rotors enable you to remote control it indoor and outdoor.

Have you noticed the protective ball outside? It is made of elastic material which prevents the helicopter from crashing damage.

Meanwhile, the LED light set and advanced Li-Po battery ensure a long and powerful flight at night.

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