The Benefits of Wooden Puzzle Toys

Choosing the right toys for your kids is important, I believe most of us are still impressed with the toys what we played in childhood. Toys can change and affect our lives. Wooden puzzle toys are a few of the most engaging and useful toys for the kids. They always have interesting and wonderful designs that will manage to captivate your kids for a long time.

Puzzle Toys

Baby gyms are an excellent development toy for the too little kids. They can lie on the mat and look up at the different colors of the different shapes hanging above them. Their eyesight won’t be quite developed but they can still see things hanging around. As they get older, they can learn how to reach towards those hanging shaped objects and learn how to strengthen their necks by trying to hold their heads up.

Want to know your child’s thoughts and ingenuity nicely? Why not try these puzzle toys? These fantastic playthings are available in so many designs and models, it is very simple to find something which will effectively captivate and keep him interested for a long period! Wooden puzzle toys will have a extremely wide selection of special and top quality designs. As we discovered, they’re highly educational for the toddlers, but how about the grownups? Would they take advantage of using these cool toys? Completely! In reality, just right now there are lots of wooden puzzle toys people out there which have many models within their ownership.

Puzzles improve a child’s problem solving and reasoning skills. It helps them to see whole-part relationships, increases their visual spacial awareness and depending on the subject matter can teach them a variety of topics like the Alphabet, Numbers, Color recognition, shape recognition, categories like pets or transportation vehicles, and more.

There are a lot of puzzles in the market today, some are just too darn easy. What’s the point of a puzzle your solve in 30 seconds? We should choose the puzzles that take a classic challenge to a newer, more devious level. There are various wooden puzzle toys are available on China Wholesale online store TOMTOP, visit us follow the link:

More Play More Wisdom: Chinese Traditional Educational Puzzle Toys Kongming Lock

Zhuge Kongming is well-known to every household in china, he is known to everybody because his wisdom is far more than ordinary people. So Kongming lock as traditional educational puzzle toys have been seen as the symbol of wisdom. It is said that the toy was invented by Zhuge Kongming some 2,000 years ago based on the principles of the eight-diagram metaphysics. It was widely popular among the folks. The concave and convex parts inside the three-dimensional interpolation toy mesh perfectly. Kongming locks come in different shapes and sizes, with different internal structures. But they are usually easy to take apart and difficult to reassemble.

In recent years, Kongming lock made a comeback and became a popular educational toy for all, thanks to its functions of mind-body relaxing, intelligence boosting and making fingers more flexible. The lock may look simple, but it contains lots of mysteries. If you don’t understand how it works, you can hardly put it together.

Many young people like to play these educational toys. But there is one hundred year old Chinese lady also like to play kongming lock, she is very good at kongming lock, many young people is not her opponent.

Sometimes parents will accomplish their children to solve these wooden puzzles. Long list of small ring in the child’s thinking and hands were miraculously solved, not only tempered the thinking ability of children, also challenge the child’s endurance. One parent said that his children likes educational toys very much, so he often purchase it for his kid. Some of the complex educational toys, adult must pondering a long time, definitely a good way to cultivate children’s attention. If the whole family puzzle together, it is even more fun.

More information of Kongming Lock follow the link:

Popular Toys of 2010

Popular Toys are selected based on several factors, such as excellent of product design and safety, creativity and novelty and of course overall presentation. If you are not sure what to get your kids for Christmas which is not that far away, then look through some puzzle toys and pick the ones that are appropriate for your kids, you will not go wrong.

6 in 1 Educational Solar Kits  Puzzle Toys

Puzzle Toys

6 in 1 educational solar kit is a the newest and fashionable solar toy for children.

It can be assembled into airboat, windmill, puppy, car, plane, and revolving plane.

It gives children full play fun and nurture children’s imagination, creativity, practical ability.

Build 6 different models
Contains a total of 32 small parts
Differs from other torpid model toys, they will move after assembled
Solar energy provide motive force
Do not need screws, so no tools is employed
Teach through lively activities
Solar battery life-span:3-5 years
Material: Polythene
Safe and durable
Age for:age 10+
Unit packing gross weight:160g

Kongming Wooden Lock Educational Assembly Puzzle Toy Miracle

Puzzle Toys

You may find it hard but entertaining to disassemble and assemble this wooden lock. What’s more, even if you master this one, there are more such magical locks waiting for your exploration. These puzzle toys are so amazing and magic that you can hardly tear yourself away from it.

* Type: Miracle
* Material: Raw wood
* Color: As shown in the pictures
* Product dimensions: 104*104*104mm
* Product weight: 111g

Electronic Wood Voice-Controlled Dinosaur Assembly Toy Biting T-Rex


Have you ever seen such a dinosaur which can howl, bend and bite? Maybe in television and in your imagination. This one is just like a real dinosaur, but it is a wood one from your assembly! Build your robotic dinosaur.


* An interesting and special assembly toy.

* A perfect T-Rex for play and decoration after finished.

* Voice-Controlled:

Clap (other sound can also work), it’ll howl, bend and bite.

* Battery-Operated, need no remote control.

* You can paint any color you like.

* High quality imported basswood, non-toxic, odourless, bring no harm to your baby.

* Easy to assemble, no glue or tools needed.

* It is a perfect toy and gift for your kids to build up their bodies and cultivate their minds.

Looking for more ideas on how to choose Educational Toys for your kids, look at article: Top 10 Reasons to Buy Wooden Puzzles, hope you can find the best suitable toys for your kids.

Puzzle Toys – Your Childen’s Best Friends

Are you having trouble leaving your kids alone at home? Is it always a problem when you have to go out for work and your kid is alone at home? You can’t think of what to give your child to do so that he/she keeps himself/herself busy and does not indulge in other not so productive activities. A good time pass that can become your kid’s best friend is Puzzle Toys. There are over hundreds of puzzle toys for kids that you can find online or in the market today.

Puzzle Toys are great for all age groups. Not just your kids. You could also spend some of your free time trying to solve puzzles. They can be a good exercise for your brain and could also help you relax you at times. Puzzles are at times really time consuming while some just take about a minute. When you are going out for a long period of time, you could give your child puzzle toys that he/she takes about an hour to complete or otherwise just give them little teasers that they can do to brush up their mind.

Puzzle Toys

If you do an online search for puzzle toys for kids, you will be able to find a variety of puzzle toys under different categories. There are puzzles involving words, numbers, crosswords, drawings and the Chinese puzzle toys kongming lock. Kongming lock have many different shapes, they seems simple but in fact a little hard even for me. They are perfect for all age groups and all difficulty levels.

Most of you may think of leaving your child with a drawing or coloring book. But most kids draw on two pages, color two images and then get bored. Puzzle Toys keep them involved. They don;t even realize how long it has been since they were trying to solve it. And once they are over with one, they feel excited and enthusiastic to move on the next one and see how fast they can do it.

Another interesting aspect that makes it easy for you to keep puzzle toys kids’ games is that they are easily available. In case you are getting late for a party and don;t have a puzzle book that you can find for your child, just log on to the internet and there are ample number of printable puzzles for kids that you will be able to find. Just take out a printout and hand it over to your child with a pencil. So, a must buy for your little one is the puzzle toys.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Wooden Puzzles

This article is dedicated to my top ten reasons as to why you should buy a wooden puzzle instead of another type of toy. This top ten is for the parents out there who are looking for suitable gifts for their kids or great brain teasers for their colleagues and friends. It is also for anyone who is trying to make a decision on what to buy for themselves or for others. So, without further adieu:

1. By using a wooden toy, you are helping to reduce the nation’s dependence on oil. Plastic comes from oil so instead of having to have millions of plastic toys, buy a wooden toy and we can begin to move away from being an oil dependent nation.

2. Wood is a renewable resource! Unlike fossil fuels (where plastic comes from), wood can always be renewed. Wood toy companies make it their top priority to replenish the sources they use, because they realize that these trees belong to the Earth more than anyone else. When you use a plastic toy, the Earth is robbed of that fossil fuel forever. But with wood, future generations will have trees to love.

3. Wooden Puzzles are getting children excited for subjects such as math. No kid wants to sit around memorizing math tables or reading thick text books trying to understand some complicated theory behind algebra. Children want games! Children want fun! Wooden math puzzles makes math fun! What better friend could parents and teachers ask for? A tool that makes kid smile and laugh while learning math.

4. Wooden brain teasers make buying gifts easier than ever. Who here hasn’t stressed about their annual Secret Santa? There is only one criteria when determining if someone will enjoy a brain teaser and that is if they have a brain! Anyone with a brain, big or small, would love a brain teaser. So instead of buying spy kits to try and figure out what your person may like, just get them an awesome puzzle! That way you can spend more time on making money for your company instead of looking for gifts for your colleagues.

5. By having your children play wooden games, your children wont be watching violent action games and getting the impression that they can jump out of a moving train at 100 mph, dodge hundreds of bullets, and crash three stories without a broken bone.

6. Grandma and Grandpa will remember you longer. Brain games have been proven to help fight off deadly diseases like Alzheimer’s. Brain puzzles are like little brain gyms which put grandma’s neurons on treadmills.

7. Wooden puzzles are saving families! Instead of dad on the TV in the living room, mom on the phone in the kitchen, son is killing ninjas on his video game console, and daughter is instant messaging in her bedroom, now everyone is together and laughing and interacting through family puzzles. Wooden family game puzzles are great at taking the disassembled family and stringing them back as one unit!

8. Wooden puzzles, especially brain teasers, are great at making the mind sharp. Just like granny needs a brain gym, so does everyone else. Wooden brain games, teaches important skills such as problem solving, logic, and hand and eye coordination. It also teaches visual and memorization skills for important trial and error strategies.

9. Wooden games promotes confidence. Anyone can mash buttons on a video game but completing a tricky game or a neuron bending brain teaser is a real feat. We want to see happy confident children, adults, and seniors. The feel good feeling of completing a wooden puzzle cannot be replicated with a video game or a text message. Everyone should be able to feel great from completing a tricky brain teaser.

10. Finally, and this is the most important, wooden puzzles are fun. Believe it or not, but in the 21st century, a wooden game can be super fun. Wooden puzzles does not have to be reserved for the 18th century. In fact wooden games can be much more fun than modern technology. Whether its playing a wooden puzzle before bed or at your desk instead of working, wooden puzzles are super fun. They are challenging and rewarding. If there is one thing wood companies work on, its the fun factor. At the very least, give it a try. If not you can always go back permanently to the video games and TV. But I say give it a real try. For all you know your a genius when it comes to wooden puzzles and brain games.

How to Choose the Best Educational Toys for your kids

Parents always want to find toys that both have entertains and educates functions. First of all toys should be fun so that kids will feel happy and delighted when they are playing and keep interested in the toy. Choose the best Educational Toys is difficult for parents. Safety features, functionality and durability ensure a good purchase and one that lasts. There are a few key factors to consider that help make the choice easier.

What to Consider when Choosing Educational Toys

Child’s Age: It’s better to buy a toy that a child can grow with instead of one that’s babyish. Kids become bored in a hurry with a toy that fails to challenge their curiosity. Toys are usually rated for a particular age group but most children will appreciate a “big kid” toy if it’s safe for them and makes them feel grown up.

Child’s Preferences: Always think about the child first and what might appeal to them. If they seem to enjoy music, look for beginning level instruments. Active kids need sports oriented items and may not appreciate a book unless it’s filled with exciting images. Girls that love frilly things may be thrilled with princess dress-up clothes while her sister who loves to climb trees would enjoy a jump rope instead.

Appearance of the Toy: Younger children need toys that attract attention with bright colors and cheerful images. Make sure the toy is attractive once the packaging is removed. Action figures and characters from favorite movies inspire kids to start a collection of their own.

Durability and Maintenance: Buy toys that endure rough treatment so that children may play freely without concern. Consider whether batteries are required and can be conveniently changed. Toys manufactured by reputable makers may cost a little more but provide longer durability and the ability to be used by other children in the family.

Function of the Toy: Try to find toys that provide useful entertainment and allow the child to think on their own rather than one that just requires pushing buttons. Toys that allow creativity such as drawing, painting, sculpting with clay or gluing models may seem old fashioned but never go out of style. Kids will enjoy spending some quality time making something on their own. Sometimes simple toys such as soccer balls or a set of building blocks provide hours of fun especially if they are updated with trendy logos or new features.

Safety Issues: Toys made from small pieces may harm toddlers or the younger siblings of older children. Check the labels for components and potential harmful materials and don’t introduce anything into the home that can’t be carefully guarded.

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