Fashionable LED Shirts – Newest And Coolest Shirts For Funky Guys

If you are opening a small store but don’t know which items can attract more customers? I would like to recommend LED Shirts to you. LED shirts are the newest and coolest shirts for funky guys. Nowadays, technology influence on our lives is ubiquitous. Even a normal clothes, high tech could make it stand out. If you are having a hard time finding the right place to buy the t-shirts? China Wholesale online store TOMTOP would be the best place for you to buy LED Shirts.

LED T-Shirt

If you are a fashion lover, I can debate you won’t miss out such a t-shirt. Wear a shirt which the light can dance with the music, the feeling is so cool, especially when you are in a party. You can wear it to take part in the rave party, disco, and club and so on. The Electro-luminescent shirts are nothing new but one that reacts to the music. Not only is this very, very cool, it also gives a visual rhythm guide to others. Think of it as a public service to good dancing. The LED T-Shirt is a shirt built in sound sensitive spectrum analyzer. Equalizer is moving according to the sound, when there is sound, the picture will light and flash, the flash will change its brightness according to the volume. Each frequency of music will activate a different equalizer bar, just like the equalizer on your stero at home!

An excellent item/gift for Big Party, Personal Party, Club, Sports areas, DISCO and so on! It has a fully functional Electro Luminescence panel with a battery pack that snuggles discretely into a pocket inside the T-shirt. The end result is a tremendous sound sensitive music T-Shirt that commands attention. How miraculous and fashionable it is! Usually the LED T-Shirt is made from 100% cotton. It has a battery pack and sound sensor, the battery pack can be unplugged for washing the t-shirt. The panel is powered by a detachable battery pack.

T-Shirts will never be out of fashion, just for the reason that you can customize t-shirts in numerous ways to stay ahead of fashion. T-Shirts are comfortable, stylish and easy to pull off. It is an essential wardrobe item that should not be missed. A t-shirt can be worn to jogging, a football game, picnics, pubs and discos, and even to colleges and parties. A clothing item like this, which is universal, cannot be kept out of your wardrobe – the more you get in, the better it is.

LED Shirts can be found and bought anywhere, even online. With so many designs and varieties available, it may be a little difficult to zero in on the perfect t-shirt. It is important to buy a t-shirt that suits your requirement at a reliable website. offers various newest and coolest shirts for everyone, want to make a hit with fashion, come to TOMTOP to choose your LED Shirt now!

LED T-Shirt: Light and Dance With Music

In the midsummer night, the light along with the melody of music dancing light up every corner of the city. The dark, sultry summer become slightest sound refreshing and enjoyable by that dazzle. This is LED T-Shirt which is prevalent in the market and much sought after young people nowadays. Unparalleled style, extremely strong buy, to make this T-Shirt quickly became one of the market force, the trend is still emerging and growing.

LED T-Shirt

LED T-Shirt has brought fantasy fairy tale to us, and it is no longer imported from Europe and America, but by the Chinese design concept of the pure independent local creative products. There is unquestionable that global economic downturn bring the negative impact to China in foreign trade. While the huge Chinese market and many consumers in China, which has not been important elements of the Chinese people themselves has become very attractive now. Faced with such huge profits cake which was carved up by foreign occupation of the situation, the development of Chinese enterprises want to seek only a change in product strategy, the only way to improve the competitive advantage of the times introduced innovative, proprietary products, and this seemingly simple truth for Chinese enterprises to implement definitely struggling. While we were lingering confusion, a new force, LED T-Shirt, to all Chinese companies seeking to develop to play a shot in the arm.

The reason why the LED T-Shirt is sought after, largely thanks to it’s out of ordinary compare with other brand T-Shirts. Each T-Shirt has a very special pattern, when the music started, the patterns on the clothing can be synchronized with the music rhythm to follow the light, as the computer player in the equalizer effects, as perfectly in tune, gives a wonderful feeling, as if to follow the music in dance. Why it can produce so strange effect? The reason is that there is a computer chip in each clothes, just like the music receiver, when the music started in the outside world, the tiny music will release the receiver signal, the pattern will follow a regular rhythm of the music beat, when the music stops, it will restore the original style. High-tech and the perfect combination of fashion, coupled with personalized, beautiful special pattern, so it has become one of the must have shirt between the young people.

Advantages of LED T Shirt

1. Harmless – don’t emit any ultraviolet rays that affect our health.

2. Flexible picture shape – manufacturers could make the picture shape according to customer requirements.

3. Low energy consumption – it gives off light even the electricity quantity is very low. Its consumption power is measured by mW.

4. Ultra thin – the thinnest could be below 0.18mm.

5. Pliable – It could give off light in any shape even it is folded.

6. Don’t emit heat – EL-LED belongs to cold light source. There is almost no increase in temperature when the shirt turns on. Its working temperature is lower than fluorescent lamp.

7. Strong shockproof capability – different from other luminescent devices, EL LED will not lose its efficacy because of the outer impact.

8. The light it gives off is well distributed and mild – there is no flicker during use, so we seldom feel uncomfortable in our eyes.

9. Long serving life – The average life span of EL LED is from 5000 to 25000 hours.

10. 100% cotton and washable

LED Shirts are great gifts for people at all ages. Different styles and colors are available. Buy them from China Wholesale online store TOMTOP now.

LED T-Shirt – The Spring Seasons Hottest Fashion

Urban living can leave you with little time for yourself so if your wardrobe is in need of a serious ‘new look’ but you haven’t got the time or the energy to be traipsing from shop to shop then the high tech clothes LED T-Shirt could make you stand out. Nowadays, technology influence on our lives is ubiquitous. LED T-Shirt is one of the symbols in digital times. Responds to the music beats and displays digital messages is the the reason why it is so hot today. Whether you are looking for funny shirts or latest fashions, there is no doubt that led t-shirt would be your best choice.

LED T-Shirt

Such kind of sound sound activated t shirts have built in sound sensitive spectrum analyzers which could enable themselves to respond to the beats of the music. The picture on the clothes could flash and light according to the frequency, sound and sound volume of the music being played. LED T-Shirts are terrific products for different parties, clubs, sports watching, creational activities and other places. You could become the focus of the crowd once you put them on. No wonder so many youngsters love such kind of clothes so much.

All peace and fun loving people will want to wear this shirt. The LED T-Shirt not only can bring them much fun, but also can draw many other people’s eye. Become the focus is so cool so awesome. EL Lit Glowing Equalizer animates to ambient noise or music. EL panel lights up and dynamically changes depending on sound frequency. Especially ideal for night. Unique pattern and decent design, interpret your punk/rock/hip hop/cool/neutral style. Wearing this shirt, you’ll be an outstanding star wherever you’re: disco, party, stage, concert, etc. Sound sensitivity adjustable.
Battery & Control Box fits in small interior pocket inside the shirt and can be removed and replaced. Comfortable to wear and easy to wash. White, pink and black colors are popular for sound activated t-shirts. On the web, you may get some sample fashions to choose from. It’s the good selection for an evening show. In case you are not acquainted before, then it’s suggested that you study the features of sound responsive t-shirts. Enjoy yourself, and light-weight up a couple of moments of life with the options of sound activated t-shirts.

LED T-Shirt is really a cool fashionable LED systems with cheap price. Everyone can afford it. Just buy it from China Wholesale online store TOMTOP now and lead a distinct stylish life.

Wear LED T-Shirt to Stand Out in the Crowd

Want to stand out in the crowd? Would you like to look trendy? The clothes you wear is very important. The emergence of latest fashion trends has given birth to LED T-Shirt. LED T-Shirt is specially designed to react to sounds. It uses electro-luminescence in order to display colored light images. There is an electronic panel in front of the t shirt, almost invisible, that reply different colorful images in response to music or any other sound in the surroundings. These are mainly popular in Europe, America, Middle East and other major international markets.

LED T-ShirtBoth adult and children like LED T-Shirt. It is the best product for children and they get great amusement wearing and feeling them. Sound activated t-shirts are applied electro luminescent design technique which is applied and when it gets the frequency of base, music and rhythm, the LED emits light. This is very attractive in a dance club and other themed parties. They look best at night, and in the lack of light. The sequential illuminations are animated with rhythm.

LED T-Shirt can be worn for a night party at a disco, pub or any informal gathering. Due to their extraordinary quality of displaying bright and colorful images responding rhythmically at the sound of music these t shirts are extremely popular amongst people of all age and sex. These t shirts start shinning the women lights go off and this makes the young crowd to buy more and more of these funky t-shirts. The soft and stable lights do not create any tension or irritation in the eyes even if you look at it for a long time.

LED Shirts may be found in different colors but black is abundantly available and smart looking. Cotton t-shirts have an illuminating panel for sound activation. Generally yellow, red and green lights are used for illumination. They use battery and light emitting diodes. Some of the t-shirts are washable and you must follow instructions to clean them. It is a source of fun, and popular at parties, and casual gatherings. They are certainly a symbol of technological wonder.

Due to its growing popularity amongst people it is very easy to find. You can search online for a huge list of retailers that sell these t shirts. Not only web retailers but also some local shops sell these electronically controlled t shirts. Earlier, these were only available in the West but nowadays, these are easily available for people residing in any part of the globe as one can always find an online retailer to buy these. These Sound activated t-shirts are extremely fashionable and trendy and you must have one of these in your wardrobe if you want to make a style statement.

Wear LED T-Shirt To Brighten Up Your Night

The younger generation is conscious about how they look. They are concerned about fashion, technology and trends. This is their characteristic. Fashion is an ever-changing industry – a look that is extremely popular one day might be thrown in the dumpster the next. One fashion item that seems to have withstood the test of time, however, is the LED T-Shirt. LED T-Shirt has caught many young people’s eye today, since it is the convergence of the technology and fashion.

Why LED T-Shirt is so popular between young people? The LED Shirts, like any T-Shirt, coming with various designs available to print on the front. While the designs maybe interesting in themselves, they are not the primary feature which make this T-Shirt unique. The LED T-Shirt has a sound sensitive spectrum analyzer that interacts with music. When the sound sensor detects music, the picture on the front of the shirt will flash and light up, changing its level of brightness in accordance with the volume of the music. Just like the equalizer bar on the front of the T-Shirt.

The Electro Luminescence panel that has been incorporated into the design of the LED T-Shirt makes it an incredibly unique product, one that any music-lover can appreciate. It only takes 4 batteries to operate the sound panel and the battery pack is detachable, so the consumer can choose whether or not to utilize the LED function of the T-Shirt. For as fashionable as this T-Shirt is and as innovative as its technological designs are, this E-Shirt is both easy to operate and fun to wear. With a simply slide switch the wearer can turn the EL panel on and off and it can be easily removed for washing.

It seems like every day a new and exciting design becomes available. But unlike some of the outrageous looks sweeping the runway in Hollywood, the LED Clothing is a look that can be worn and appreciated by any consumer. With a built-in equalizer and LED display, the LED T-Shirt transforms a night at the club into an audio-visual performance. Music fans and fashion fans no longer need to be divided – both can be satisfied with the inventive juxtaposition of fashion and technology accomplished by the LED Shirts.

Wear your LED T-Shirt enter the room, enjoy the attention that you will get as they look at the amazing style in your shirt. You can even have a funny disco light running on your LED T-Shirt. This is a high-technology shirt that your friends will surely envy. There are plenty of this shirt on sale at at China Wholesale price $12.69, choose the one you like follow the link:

Interactive Fashion: Equipped With High Tech LED Clothes

Equipped with solar panels in their LED Clothes to bring you the warmth of spring-like, shiny shirt to remind pedestrians to make way for you, glasses on display for you to provide real-time weather forecast. Combination of electronics and fashion, “Interactive Fashion ” to cater to the younger generation to pursue high-tech products.

Electronics engineers and Women’s fashion designers are belong to the field can be described as irrelevant, but cooperation between the two has given rise to a spark of surprise – “LED T-Shirt (Interactive Fashion)”. It combines electronics and fashion, so that everyday clothing was given a new role: the winter coat with solar panels to bring you the warmth of spring-like, shiny skirt to remind pedestrians to make way, and the glasses display provide real-time weather forecasts for you.

LED Clothes

Detect wireless networks Wi-Fi T-Shirt

Today, clothing technology for many people is still a strange term. Even though there are few universities in the United States to offer related courses. School of the Art Institute of Chicago is one of the few exceptions. Head of art and technology institute Tiffany Holmes that, in modern mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets and Nike shoes, the meter moved into people’s daily lives, wore high-tech equipment will also became the logical things. She pointed out that means that the latest fashion trends and styles, the emergence of interactive fashion the right time, its people’s way of life will have a significant impact, it will be people – especially young people – and for the aesthetic needs digital product perfect combination of fascination, but also played a streamlined equipment effects.

As Holmes said, people’s strong demand for portable digital products, more and more apparent. In a sense, “an interactive fashion” is such a complex product. In fact, the children of the flash on the insole, with music in this pocket of sportswear trend can be seen as the original product. Newer products include TOMTOP website launched Wi-Fi T-shirt, it can detect nearby wireless network signal, the chest will be a sign of strength as the signal level changes. However, if ignored overwhelming high-tech comfort that if such clothing is easy to become a lack of practical gadgets. In put Wi-Fi T-shirt at the same time, you have a AAA battery into the belt.

Now, the team of designers and engineers in the field once again made a breakthrough: nail computer chip the size of the individual are fully applicable to a variety of textiles. Their next goal is the invention of a waterproof computer, which will become a landmark in the progress of the fashion industry, it means that the clothing can be equipped with a washing machine, has become more simple and comfortable to wear.

Although many products still at the initial stage, the fashion industry still expressed their interest. For designers, this is their clothing set off a revolution opportunity. However, the other hand, clothing for the implementation of the digital still need careful consideration. Electronics manufacturers, Philips, Motorola and Apple have provided financial support for related research, the purpose is to find comfort and the best balance between functionality point. For example, people feel strange without context, can be woven into a sweater in the number of optical fiber.

LED Clothing

Dress with a sensor

Upcoming Art Institute of Chicago this fall, Professor Margarita Benita pointed out that the real challenge comes from some of the electronic components, and its poor flexibility of the transistor. And, like many designers, like the past Benita unique personal creation. His works include a name, “Detect Protect” necklace, it can issue a warning, to prevent the electromagnetic field around the wearer.

In 2006, she and The Jacquard Center to develop a weaving machine, which can produce video images on the computer fabric. According to Benita introduced, they abandoned the bolts, and other traditional instruments, selected electronic components of the most resilient of the textile, cable and successful blend of natural fabrics, and to the surface showing a beautiful embroidery patterns. People can use the same method as clothes lined, adding in the textiles of different elements.

Another remarkable number of fashion, Hanguo Hong ik University of Younghui Kim sewing philosophy professor Zeyi Coded known. She claims to “LED T-Shirt “, after many years in the telecommunications industry became interested in design. In the process of dealing with the computer all day long, she is the germination of some of the design objects can be touched or perceived a strong desire, and came into contact with sewing machines and fabric, the way software engineers to design clothing. In 2002, she found that despite the powerful interactive clothing, appearance and comfort are not satisfactory, since it launched its own work “HearWear”. It consists of a dress form with a sensor, these sensors can be triggered based on the degree of light and dark environment, lighting wires. The work is called “City Ear Painting”.

After the Chicago designer Anke Loh and Philips jointly launched the “Lumalive Textiles”, which enables fabric came a variety of electronic designs, such as dynamic ad, geometry can also be constantly changing color, so lively and simple style dress. Now Labour is working with engineers in London and Chicago to cooperate, to build more popular products. Labour believes that interactive apparel is still great potential, the natural elements into the sound or light can add a lot of its charm.

Shine Like a Star with LED Clothes

The use of LED technology in our clothes is becoming common these days. These LED clothes give good glowing due to use of LED beneath the fabric. There are solar panels used in these clothes which can store sunlight in order to provide power to these clothes. These clothes not only glow with light but also react to the sound. Therefore these clothes are also known as sound activated clothes. A battery is used to power these clothes. There is volume control option available in these clothes which can be used for sensitive of music. Clothing has become smarter with the use of LED technology. These LED clothes can be easily washed with hands by unplugging the battery box.

These sound activated T-shirts have sound sensitivity controls with the help of which sound can be controlled. The fabric used in these clothes is normally cotton. The battery pack used in these clothes is hidden under the clothes or T-shirts. These shirts are good to wear at dance parties and concerts. These clothes are very good for the hip hop fans. These clothes are really stylish and convenient and can be very good for all types of users. These clothes are available in different styles and designs as well as various sizes. The price of these LED clothes is very much affordable. The light produced in these clothes is multi color. The clothes are available in different colors.

The use of reflective detailing in sound activated T-shirts can increase the visibility of other vehicles. You can also have LED jerseys apart from the LED shirts. The use of LED light can protect you in the darkness and provides safety. These clothes are extremely light weighted and the net weight of these shirts is only 260g. These shirts are available in medium, large, extra large and very extra large sizes. There are side switch buttons available in order to operate the power. You should not apply pressure on the flash panel used in these clothes. The panel and the battery pack should be removed from these shirts before washing. These clothes give you flashing light up and down. Any part of the flash panel should never be submerged.

There are so many other great features included in these LED clothes. You should remove the whole power cord carefully. It is important for you not to use mixture batteries in these clothes. The quality of these clothes is very good and price is also very low. These are really cool and fashionable clothes. These shirts are available in beautiful designs. The equalizer used in these shirts can perform according to the frequency of the sound. These clothes are normally made with cotton clothes. The lights in the shirt normally flash in green, red and yellow color. These clothes are really good for the fashion lovers. The use of electro luminescent can reflect the sound and you can be able to listen to the music. These clothes are really good to wear.

LED Clothes – A New Fad For Fashion Lovers

Are you bored of wearing the regular t shirts? Do you want to wear something that makes you fashionably stand out of the crowd? Do you want to wear something that exclusively defines your style? Stop worrying! The new technology fad has brought in the trend of LED Clothes. A Sound Activated T-Shirt displays digital messages across your chest and also, some of these come with an electro luminescent equalizer that responds to the music beats. These are usually available in various colors like black, blue, pink, red, purple, white, etc. These t shirts are completely apt for youngsters who want to look trendy and stylish amongst their friends.

LED Clothes

A Sound Activated T-Shirt usually has an in built sound sensitive spectrum analyzer that enables it to move according to the beats of the music. The equalizers in these LED Shirts perform in accordance to the frequency of music being played. These are generally made of cotton fabric. You can also adjust the volume sensor using small knobs inside the t shirt in order to maintain the flashing speed up to a desirable level. The lights usually flash in three basic colors, that is, green, red and yellow. You can also manually switch the flashing on and off with the help of a switch provided in the t shirt by the manufacturers. These LED Shirts come with a battery pack which can be unplugged while washing.

Out of many the main advantage of wearing A Sound Activated T-Shirt is that it is eco-friendly, it runs on battery and hence, can be used for as long as a person wishes to wear them by changing the batteries once they are discharged. It is very easy to maintain and is durable and long lasting. As these t shirts do not emit any heat, they are very comfortable to wear.

These LED Clothes are primarily popular amongst young crowd. These are cotton made and very comfortable. LED Clothes allow the wearer choose, from a wide range of colors, designs and styles, the one that suits his/her personal style and taste. Although they might burn a big hole in your pocket but these t shirts can really make you look different and funky.

It is very easy to find them in the market. Although they are in great demand in Europe, USA, UK and Middle East, however, they are now available all across the globe through online retailers. One can find a vast variety of these cool LED Clothes by simply logging in to online retailer’s site and ordering the one that suits his style the best. Even many stores sell these outfits. These are available for all persons regardless of their age and sex. They might cost you an arm and length but is a sure requirement for your wardrobe. An Sound Activated T-Shirt can certainly make you look smart, trendy, fashionable and stylish in a night club or pub.

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