TOMTOP Wholesale Owimin Intelligent LED Bicycle Laser Taillight

TOMTOP Wholesale Owimin Intelligent LED Bicycle Laser Taillight

100% owimin original product, through CE certification!
The biggest characteristic of logo version taillight is “bike logo” projected behind the bike so as to warn the behind vehicles to keep safe distance.
Intelligent control chip, build-in ultra-sensitive detection elements.
With 5 superbright red LED indicators and 2 parallel laser beams design, easy to be noticed at night.
LED indicators and laser beams can operate simultaneously, very eye-catching!
The LED indicators and laser beams have 4 flashing modes.
LED working life up to 100,000 hours, low power consumption and energy saving.
Auto off—after parking about 5 minutes, it will automatically shut down to reduce power consumption.
Particularly suitable for high-end bicycles and regular night cycling friends, playing a good warning role in night cycling!
With an adjustable clamp, easy to install and remove.

Do you want to enjoy safe cycling at night? If so, you can’t miss it. This laser tail light has 5 superbright LED indicators and 2 laser beams, safe and energy saving, which will be a perfect partner for the night riders!

Light Your Bicycle up with Colorful Rainbow 32 LED Wheel Signal Lights from Tomtop

The above is a video review made by Tomtop,for the Colorful Rainbow 32 LED Wheel Signal Lights for Bikes Bicycles —>

List Price:$13.64

This LED Wheel Signal Light is very easy to install, it can be fixed on cycle spoke. It consists of 32pcs colorful LEDs, which would flash 30 kinds of flower patterns and changed colors every few seconds. The pattern is clear and completely when speed up to 20 km / hour.

Colorful Rainbow 32 LED Wheel Signal Lights for Bikes Bicycles

Being equipped with light sensor and movement sensor, the light will flash only at night and moving, it will not work and save power when not running.
Operated by 3 AAA batteries, it can work about 30 hours.


Patent Colorful Original LED Wheel Signal Lights for Cars 4 Pcs —>     List Price:$27.76

Patent Colorful Original LED Wheel Signal Lights for Cars 4 Pcs

Colorful Rainbow LED Wheel Signal Lights for Bikes bicycles  —>      List Price:$7.72

Colorful Rainbow LED Wheel Signal Lights for Bikes bicycles

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A Must-have for A Super Party -Tomtop New Digital RGB Crystal Magic Ball Effect DJ Stage Light

It is a new crystal magic ball, and its new lighting effects as show in pictures.
Its light spot on the wall, the effect likes glass ball, very bright and powerful.
Strobe effects, red, green and blue three colors change.

New Digital LED RGB Crystal Magic Ball Effect Light DMX Disco DJ Stage Lighting

Control rotation speed, colors and strobe through DMX512 control panel or voice control. Suitable for disco, ballroom, KTV, bar, stage, club, party etc.

Learn About Color Temperature When Choosing LED Bulbs

When you search LED bulbs from the internet, you will get information including the wattage, lumens, lifespan, and also the color temperature. Color temperature is listed in Kelvin and usually ranges from 2500 to 7000. Although there are many explanation about the color temperature, A lot of people are still do not know what the difference is in these color temperatures .Here I would like to make a simply introduction about color temperature to help you buy a right atmosphere lighting.

If the bulb’s Color temperature is from 2000K to 5000 K, this is a warm white color bulb. Warm White LED Lights produce a very soft, warm white, not too dissimilar to traditional incandescent light bulbs. Suitable places to use this color temperature include living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and games rooms. The reason we use warm white in these sorts of rooms is because the light is much better at promoting a relaxed atmosphere. For example,A GU10 LED bulb with a 2500 K color temperature would have a light similar like a candle.Once the color temperature reach to 3500 K color temperature, you will get whiter lighting. For instance, A GU10 LED lamp with color temperature range from 3000k to 3500K could be a good choice to be used in the kitchen.

As the color temperature get closer to the 5000 range,  you will feel uncomfortable when you look the the bulb directly. Thus, a  LED  bulb lamp with a 5000 Kelvin color temperature will seem brighter but not look like natural light. If you get over 6000 Kelvin, you will have a lot of blues and purples in the lighting.? These LED bulbs seem very bright but aren’t very inviting.? It is usually best to keep high Kelvin LED bulbs for outdoor use and low Kelvin bulbs for indoor use. If the temperature is over 7000k, it is called cool white. Cool white LED lamp are a lot different. The light they emit is a lot sharper and far more clinical (for want of a better word). To analogise, the light is very similar to the color of natural sunlight at about midday during summer. It is clear and well defined and has a stimulating effect on the mind. Suitable places for using cool white LED Lightings include the kitchen and bathroom, where they complement the pearl and mirrored surfaces, but you may also want to use them in your bedroom or living room to help enliven your interior décor or just to fight off the winter blues.




Replace Halogen Spotlights with LED Spotlights

Spot lights are very important lighting fixtures for both residential lighting and commercial lighting. Among various spot lights, halogen spot lights and LED spot lights are the most popular ones.

Although the halogen spotlight is the most used spotlight in the market, LED spotlights will surely take over it in the near feature considering about the energy efficiency, longer life time, environment friendly etc.

Halogen spot lights are energy swallowing monsters with high wattage.On the contrary,LED Spot lights need very low wattage to produce a high level of lumens / light other words, they have very high efficacy. For example while a LED spot lights emit 450 Lumens light output, the halogen spotlight use 40 watts energy. Longer life time of LED spotlights is also a advantage of LED Spot lights.The average life span of a LED light is around 50,000hours, while the service time of the incandescent light bulb is only 1,200 hours.

LED spot lights also defeat halogen spot lights in many other ways. The heat generation of LED spot lights is extremely low, which makes it perfect for illuminating objects that are sensitive to heat. But halogen spotlights produce excessive heat which is undesirable to human skin and inflammable materials. There are chances for valuable materials to get damaged if lit up with halogen spotlights. All of these defects are completely eliminated if LED spotlights are used for illuminating such materials.

Environment friendly is also one of the most important advantages of LED spot lights. Halogen spotlights emit high amount of ultra violet radiations which are harmful if exposed for a long time. By using LED spot lights means Lower environmental pollution. Take 30 bulbs per year of LED spot lights and halogen spotlights for instance, the Carbon Dioxide of LED Spot lights emitted are 451 pounds/year, while the Carbon Dioxide LED halogen spot lights emitted are 4500 pounds/year! Also, these kinds of spotlights cannot be used for illuminating food items as it cause contamination because of the ultra violet radiations.

With all of those features of LED spot lights, that is why the reason you should replace the halogen spot lights to LED spotlights.



Benefit Of LED Downlight

There are several types of downlight bulbs. These include the traditional incandescent bulbs, the compact fluorescent lights (CFL), halogen bulbs and the LED downlight bulbs. The incandescent bulbs have a bright light though they are easily overshadowed in all aspects by other kinds. They are also very inefficient. The CFL bulbs are more energy efficient compared to the incandescent bulbs and also have a brighter light. However, their elongated shape makes them unfit in certain situations. They also contain mercury which is harmful to human health. Halogen bulbs are the brightest of all, they are also very compact. However, they emit a lot of heat making them a fire risk and are also inefficient in terms of energy consumption. LED downlights are the best currently out there. This is for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are unparalleled in energy efficiency and guarantee great savings . This kind of downlights requires very little amounts of energy for lighting. This enables savings of about 70% of the usual amount needed when using other lighting lamps. You can therefore reduce the electricity bills. They also emit very little heat therefore you will not have to use fans to cool the room thereby saving on energy use.

There are Two type of LED downlight — Recessed downlights and Surface Mounted downlights. Recessed downlights are fitted into a space inside the ceiling, also called High Hats. Some High Hats direct light towards the wall and these fixtures are called wall washers. Wall washers are usually used to light objects on or along the wall such as paintings, tapestries, bookcases, draperies and other window treatments. Another type of downlight, which is a very specialized type of a ceiling fixture, is the Focusing Lens Projector. This is specially used to highlight paintings, sculpture, vases or other works of art. You have a choice between either floodlamps or spotlamps with your recessed downlights. While a floodlamp casts a broad beam, a spotlamp casts a narrow beam of light. Surface Mounted Downlights are easier to install than recessed mounted downlights since no cutting of the ceiling is required. Surface mounted downlights do not disappear into the ceiling. Matching the color of the surface mounted downlights with the color of the ceiling will achieve a unified look.

As well as being simple to apply and attach, a great benefit of using a LED downlight comes in the fact that they use a much lower level of energy when compared to the normal lights that would be used at home or in the working environment.

Great Benefits Of Using LED Light Bulbs

Because LED Lighting is cost effective, safe, and energy efficient, increasingly more folks are getting the advantages of using LED lights. LED Light Bulbs have replaced most typical incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs. Multiple light-emitting diodes constructed in order to develop brilliant and high intensity light. We will get great benefits that you will not discover on other light bulbs.

First of all, LED lights are far more efficient than any other lights alternative commercially accessible at the moment. LED bulbs have a 100000 hr lifespan, and will last for eleven years at continuous operation, or 22 years at fifty% operation. Compare this to the approximate lifespan of five thousand hrs for an incandescent light bulb and ten thousand hours for a fluorescent light. A number of businesses find the lifespan of LED light bulbs very interesting – imagine only have to alter the signage on a business property once every eleven years. With incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, the real cost of the bulb should include the labor charge and time required to exchange them. LED lights virtually get rid of lighting maintenance costs.

The second large benefit and key strength of using LED lighting above conventional lighting is the decreased power consumption. LED bulb is capable of converting 80% of the electrical energy used into light energy. The left over 20% electrical energy is left as heat energy. Incandescent light bulbs only convert 20% of the electrical energy utilized into actual light energy, which means that a staggering 80% of electrical energy is lost as heat energy. When you examine the 80% efficiency of LED lights with the 20% efficiency of incandescent lights, the optimal selection of light bulb is quite noticeable.

Durability is an additional feature of LED lights. They don’t have glass tubes that may possibly break and trigger injury. They’re also made using supplies that do no create toxic chemicals like that of incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs, by way of example, use harmful mercury vapor in order to create heat and create light. And also due to the fact they tend to create too much heat, there is a chance that the lamp may possibly break and the mercury content of the bulb will leak. Too much heat production is an additional dilemma that LED lights have solved. They have been made using innovative technology that helps decrease generation of heat once the LED lights are in use. There are also those that had been made waterproof specifically for use outdoors.

The good thing about technology is that, not only can it be used to make life more convenient, it can also help make it more efficient. As more and more people are choosing LED light Bulbs for their home and business, what are you waiting for? Find more information about LED light bulbs, please check out our website follow the link:

LED Car Lights – Add A New Style To Your Car

There are many car accessories you need to buy for a comfortable drive, such as the FM transmitter can let us enjoy many great music so that long journey will no longer boring. For a fresh car driver, the must buy accessories should be the LED Car Lights. Car Lights are considered as the eyes of the car, the brighter the safer for the driver who need to dirve in the evening or at dark environment. A cool and stylish car can’t leave the super bright LED light, both inside and outside.

LED Car Lights

Walking in the street, you will find more and more luxury cars are equipped with the LED lights, we can feel the light is so strong even the car is far to us. When we are hurry going accross the street, the strong light can stop us when the car is closer and closer, and the car driver can make the right decision when he see you clearly in the front. No matter for the car owner or walker, the bright light can remind us keep clam. Of course, you may have heard this long time ago, if you still don’t replace your old car lights with the new Car lights, you should keep in mind that the bright light will ensure your safe in your driving, and can save you a lot of trouble.

car lights

As we have told that LED Car Lights play an important role for any car it work like eye, since without these lights it is very difficult to drive in the dark areas where without light you can not survive like when you are diving in the hills. Some times when you want to change the model of your car you can just change the style of the lights. LED Car lights are more attractive as compare to the other light. These lights create some style for the car and the visible range of these lights are more than the other lights. There are a lot of LED Car lights you can choose on your demand.

When you plan to purchasing LED Car lights, usually it’s difficult to decide where to buy, especially when you know little about how to choose car lights. There is no need to worry, learn more about LED Lights, welcome to visit China’s top LED Lights online store TOMTOP, high quality items worldwide fast free shipping. Visit us or paste the link into your browser:

Smart Choice To Use LED Light Bulbs For Your Home

As we all know, lighting plays an important role in our daily lives, we can’t leave light, especially in the evening or some dark environment. Lighting can affect our motions, we will feel safe and clam when the place have enough light. I still remember that in my childhood I was afraid of night when sometime I needed to stay at home alone. However, I will turn on the light to sleep when I am alone even now. So, choose the light bright enough is especially to you for your home. You may think that the bright light will cost you more money in energy charge, in fact the energy saving light LED Light Bulbs can solve this problem for you. Choose LED Light Bulbs for your home is really wise to most of us.

LED Light Bulbs

LED bulbs have been here since the sixties but have only begun to catch up to the other light sources because in the past, LEDs were small and the technology was not so superior. Recently, LED technology has allowed the gap between LED bulbs and incandescent light bulbs to grow once more. LED lights can outlast an ordinary light bulb by 20 times. An ordinary incandescent light bulb usually blows within a year. On the other hand, there are many reviews on the internet that claim LEDs last as long as 10 years without replacements. It’s really a good news for every family, not only can help us save energy bill, but also avoid us from a lot of trouble that buy new bulbs and instead of the old ones.

Though LEDs are pricier initially, the true cost of using is only the preliminary money paid. Then it’s hassle free for 10 years. On the other hand, regular incandescent lights last for about 1000 hours before they have to be replaced. This means that on top of the initial price, you’re going to be paying year after year for the replacement and installation costs.

It is the most efficient lighting system today and coverts 80% of the electrical it uses in to light compared to incandescent lamps that only transform 20% into light. Your LED bulbs is 4 more efficient amd emits 4 times less heat temperature as well. This will permit you to keep the temperature lower where the LEDs are mounted and imply that your air-conditioning can be used at a reduced level saving you even more money on your power bills. LEDs come in many different varies. In the past, LED lights were small solid state lamps that released light.

There are two methods to save energy used to light your home, one is reduce the amount of electricity that light bulbs and fixtures consume throughout your home, the other is lowering the wattage in the light bulbs you purchase. But I am sure use the energy saving LED light bulbs for your home lighting system is a smart choice. More information about LED light bulbs, welcome to visit China’s top online store TOMTOP, visit us follow the link:

LED Lights: New Generation of Energy Saving Green Light

Lights is needed in every house to light the darkness. With the help of lights we can reading, cooking, chating etc. So choose which light to use in your house is important. Considering the current economic crisis, it is important to ensure that you save cash on every front. LED Light Bulbs are known as energy saving green light. They are can be used to replace halogen and compact fluorescent bulbs. There are many kind of LED Light Bulbs for user to choose. For example, there is spotlight, track lighting, color changing as well as colored bulbs to choose from.

LED Light Bulbs

There are a couple of advantages associated with these. For starters, they are known top outlive other bulbs by a ratio of 30 to 1. As a result, this makes it an ideal choice. It not only saves you a substantial amount of cash but also ensures that you do not have to fret about changing the bulb frequently. The efficiency associated with these bulbs is another important aspect that you need to consider. This is because it illuminates enough light with the capabilities of brightening up the stairways, hallways, driveway and the porch. More importantly, this will be done at a lower cost on your end making it easy to light the mentioned places throughout the night.

LED Lights

With LED lights, there comes a higher degree of safeguarding the safety of your home and at the same time saving cash. In addition to this, it also gives you the opportunity to safeguard the environment. While this might seem like a new technology, it is important to state that anyone can access the same. It is important to that since they come in varying types, you consider your options carefully to ensure that you select the best.

When shopping for LED Lights, make sure that you do so on a reputable company that has been in the market for a long duration. This will increase your chances for getting quality bulbs. Use the provided link to know more and buy the best LED Lights.