How to Create Romantic Atmosphere for Your Special One

There comes a point in a relationship where things begin to get boring. Around this time it is of great importance for both people in the relationship to made a great effort to refresh the relationship and bring the understanding of each other. There is a easy way that is very efficient to show how much you love her. You do not need to spend too much money to prepare it but will get a amazing result. Then, what should we do ?

Prepare a Romantic Dinner

Beginning from decorating the table you gonna to dining at. Choose a nice tablecloth. Get a pack of colored napkins. Choose a nice setting of plates. They don’t have to be fine, just make sure they match. Fold your napkin nicely and lay out the necessary silverware. Use wine glasses to serve your beverages.After your table is in order, select a tall and slender vase for flowers. Choose a small arrangement of one or two flowers. Use your date’s favorite flower or if you are unsure, red roses are always nice.

The next step is lighting. Lighting is a very important detail in regard to setting an atmosphere. You must choose properly according to what mood you are trying to achieve. Poor lighting will kill the ambience, while well planned lighting will enhance the special atmosphere. In general you want to use soft lighting which is more romantic and much better than direct one… FLAMELESS LED CANDLE is are great choose to create personal and unique vibe for different occasions. The soft flickering glow from candles will always beat harsh ceiling lights. Chandeliers are great for adding light to a dim space.

Music Will Bring in Unexpected Result

Music is always a nice touch to a romantic dinner experience. Choose something soft like classical or jazz. Even if this isn’t your usual choice of music, it is the perfect choice for this occasion. If thee are dimmable LED lighting bulbs in the living room, you will be able to choose a soft and romantic color light to have more fun. This type of spot lighting makes it possible to enjoy the music with your love without having to endure the bright and harsh lighting of traditional spot lights and light bulbs. Having the option to dim the lights allows you to set the atmosphere, mood, and comfort , and gives you an opportunity to both of you fully relaxed.

Now everything is prepared , what are you waiting for? Call your specail one and enjoy the wonderful night!


A Must-have for A Super Party -Tomtop New Digital RGB Crystal Magic Ball Effect DJ Stage Light

It is a new crystal magic ball, and its new lighting effects as show in pictures.
Its light spot on the wall, the effect likes glass ball, very bright and powerful.
Strobe effects, red, green and blue three colors change.

New Digital LED RGB Crystal Magic Ball Effect Light DMX Disco DJ Stage Lighting

Control rotation speed, colors and strobe through DMX512 control panel or voice control. Suitable for disco, ballroom, KTV, bar, stage, club, party etc.

Tomtop-Colorful LED RGB 10W E27 Light Bulb Lamp with Remote Control

Tomtop-Colorful LED RGB 10W E27 Light Bulb Lamp with Remote Control
The Colorful LED RGB 10W E27 Light Bulb Lamp has more than two million colors and 120 levels brightness. The colors and brightness can be adjusted by the remote control. It has a stylish and exquisite appearance, it is convenient to carry.

Colorful LED RGB 10W E27 Light Bulb Lamp with Remote Control

It can memorize and restore the previous settings of color, brightness, and flashing patterns. Unique LED control, saving over 30% power comparing to conventional LED lights. Unique heat dissipating design, saving over 90% power comparing to conventional LED lights. Ultra bright and environment-friendly, no UV and IR radiation. Long service life and high luminous efficiency. Suitable for showcase, residential, office, hotel, shop, exhibition room, landscaping etc.
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Borrowing Light through a Hole in the Wall, No Need for Now!

Have you ever heard of the story ‘Borrowing Light through a Hole in the Wall’?
In the Western Han Dynasty,there was a man called Kuang Heng.When he was young,he worked very hard, but there was no candles for light in his home. His neighbor had the candles, but the light could not reach his house.Eventually, a hole was dug into the wall through which the light of his neighbor could come in,by the night,he read and read.

There was a rich man,called ChengBushi in the village nearby,who had a great many books. Kuangheng went and offered to work for him without pay.The landlord was curious and asked why he did so, he said: “I hope I can get your books, and read all of them.” Being touched , the landlord agreed and lent him his books. So Kuangheng became a great scholar later.

Now we got these Book lights, enjoy reading at night!
Black Clip on 2 Dual Arms 2 LED Flexible Book Music Stand Light Lamp

Black Clip on 2 Dual Arms 2 LED Flexible Book Music Stand Light Lamp

NEW LED Light Read Panel Book Reading Lamp Night Vision

NEW LED Light Read Panel Book Reading Lamp Night Vision

Battery-Powered Cordless Mini 12 LED Emergency Desk Lamp

Battery-Powered Cordless Mini 12 LED Emergency Desk Lamp

SKG 16 LED USB Light Foldable Dog Table Desk Lamp Pink

SKG 16 LED USB Light Foldable Dog Table Desk Lamp Pink

Robotic LED Clip On Reading Book Light Booklight Lamp

Robotic LED Clip On Reading Book Light Booklight Lamp

SKG 16 LED USB Light Foldable Dog Table Desk Lamp Yellow

SKG 16 LED USB Light Foldable Dog Table Desk Lamp Yellow

Having A Sound Sleep with the Butterfly Night Light from Tomtop!

Butterfly Night Light LED Color Changing Lamp

This night light is smart and power-saving, which adopts special Fiber Optic technology, the LED light only turns on in dark environment.

Elegant butterfly appearance with color-changing light, that is very vivid and romantic at night. Just plug into the wall socket and switch it on, then the colorful LED light will reflect on the tip of the fiber wings and change colors automatically.It would offer you a dreamy romantic sleeping environment. Just indulge yourself in the amazing feeling of sleeping in a colorful “butterfly valley”.

How to Decorate A Flashing Colorful Party with LED Lighting Gadgets?

It makes us really exhausted after a long week’s working and studying. That’s the reason why every weekend comes so precious to us! We are so excited about all kinds of leisure activities to get ourselves totally relaxed! Throwing a party at home with friends and family seems to be the most exciting choice for us!! And a flashing colorful party with food, dance and music surely is the best party ever! We need to find most novel LED flashing gadgets to decorate a fantastic party. Meanwhile, to be the coolest one who have the most eye catching modeling in the dancing pool! There are various good choice for that as the following:

Top1 LED Light up Shoelaces for Party Night Sports

LED Light Up Shoelaces Flash Shoestrings Blue

Make a flash cool modeling for the night dancing party will be extremely cool. Make your shoe with this LED Light up Shoelaces, and surely you will be the coolest person in the night! There is neither no need to worry about the lifetime about battery, nor shall you buy a new pair of shoelaces as the battery is replaceable.

Top2 LED Light Finger Gloves

7 Mode LED Rave Light Finger Lighting Flashing Glow Gloves Black

Besides a bling bling LED shoes, how about a flashing gloves? You can decorate some bling bling thing on the gloves in light place and power on the gloves in the dark. The LED light glows and flashes in darkness or during the day with different colors. When power on, each finger tips will be lighted up in 7 modes, 3 single color modes, 2 changing color modes, and 2 blinking modes. You can change the light modes by pressing the button on the wrist. The wrist of the glove is stretchable. No need to worry about that your hand can not move smoothly for the wrist of the glove is stretchable.Wow, this LED flashing finger gloves will be a great choice for dancing party wearing.

Top3 LED Super Bright Finger Ring Lights Rave Party Glow

4x Color LED Super Bright Finger Ring Lights Rave Party Glow

These LED bright finger lights are made of super bright LED lights and each light has an elastic band that attaches to fingers, so these cool gadgets are very cute and amazing which will surely add lots of fun in the dark. These colorful LED Laser Finger Light Beams Rings are ideal for parties and celebration. If you don’t like wearing a glove but hope to make some creativity on finger, then why not try this LED Super Bright Finger Ring.

Top4  LED Light Strings

RGB 5M Waterproof Epoxy 3528 300 SMD LED Strip Light with Remote Control

Well, how could you forget the String Lights, in fact, LED string lights are the most used one for party use. These LED string lights always can add sweet and romantic atmosphere to your party .

Top5 LED RGB Crystal Magic Ball Disco DJ Stage Lighting

Mini LED RGB Crystal Magic Ball Effect light DMX Disco DJ Stage Lighting

The stage & DJ lights are necessary for a big party. Its lights spot on the wall, which effects like glass ball with brighter and powerful light. The light, color and rotation speed would vary with the sound, owing to its voice control set. When you are having a break, the light effect would keep in pace with you.

Top6 Sound Activated Equalizer Rock Disco Party LED T-Shirt

Sound Activated Equalizer Rock Disco Party LED T-Shirt

A nice T-Shirt with sound activated equalizer would definitely rock the disco party! The EL panel lights up and dynamically changes depending on sound frequency. Wearing this shirt, you are an outstanding star without any doubts.

Top7 LED Night Light

LED Colorful Firefly Night Light Color Changing Lamp Yellow

Choose some LED night light, the elegant firefly appearance with color-changing light, vivid and romantic. With the special Fiber Optic technology, the LED light only turns on in dark environment, smart and power-saving. Most of LED night lights are with easy on / off switch at the bottom, the flashing cup is guaranteed to build moods for your party.

When everything is done already, you could get started this flashing colorful party with great joys!

Consider About the Beam Angle when Choosing A LED light

The beam angle of a lamp is the angle at which light is emitted. So a small angle of 20 degrees would be appropriate for a spot light, focusing light on just one small area. If you want more general lighting, spreading light over a whole room, a larger angle of perhaps 80 degrees would be preferred.However, the amount of light that falls in a particular space will fall In most domestic lighting situations beam angles of 30-45 degrees are sufficient to light a room comfortably. Within limits it doesn’t make much difference if the beam angles are slightly different – for example you would be unlikely to notice the difference between 35 and 38 degrees.
In the past, LEDs which were designed for focused light in a narrow area. Now with the great advantages of LED lights,mostly because of the long service life and energy efficiency, LED light are designed with a wide range of beam angles, from narrow spotlights to wider general lighting. LEDs can be bought in a range of beam angles from 15, 30, 40, 45, 60, 90, to 120 degrees,even to 360degrees . On the other hand, it means that there is a lot of choice on the market. More choice may cause more confusion.

When you choose a LED light you should always remember the important rule: which area the LED light is gonna applied for.Make sure the LED light you install is to work out exactly what is needed for each area. A room lit by a single ceiling light will definitely need the widest beam angle available, whereas a room with several down lights placed in various areas of the room can use the average 35-40 beam angle as the lights will cover different areas of the room and overlap with each other. You will need a different type of LED light bulb for a table lamp than for a ceiling light, otherwise you might find that you are throwing light directly back at the ceiling instead of lighting up your desk !

3 Modes Zoomable CREE LED Flashlight Torch 200 Lumen

Zoomable CREE LED flashlight torch is very amazing thing to have. It is very efficient flashlight . A handy electric power-driven sourced of light used for various purposes is called a flashlight. The light source used in this portable lamp torch is usually a small light bulb or LED ( light emitting diode). There are various types of flashlights. Hand-held, helmet-mounted, tube, pocket, miners and sports?torch lamp are a few types of flashlights available in market. It is different from traditional flashlights as it has LED instead of a bulb. This property makes it very practical and easy to use. The LED torch is a very helpful gadget in camping or hunting excursions. It is a probable life saver in a house and offices or in vehicle, in event of any emergency situation.
LED is a semiconduct or diode. When an electric current passes through LED in a simple circuit, it emits light. Producers add special lenses in the casing in order to create a very strong beam of light that is able to replace a bulb. There are various types of flashlights. Various companies are introducing new properties in these flashlights as a result of increasing demand. In the past fire was used as a source of light but today flashlight has solved this problem and this transportable and manageable gadget is used for this purpose.

Some of the brilliant features of this incredible gadget are mentioned below.

It is very helpful and simple to use LED lamp. It’s practical, handy, compact and very trouble-free to carry.
LED quality
The LED used in this flashlight is very high-quality. It is CREE LED chip having output of 200 lumen max. This good quality leads to longer life and efficient working. Apart from this it also covers wider area while providing light.
This flashlight has a strong case made up of aluminum alloy. This provides flashlight with an extra strength which prevents it from damage upon dropping on the ground.
It is a waterproof flashlight. It can work under water. But it has to be kept in mind not to soak it for a long time as it may harm the normal functioning.
Circuit design
Circuit design of this flashlight is very good as it has a constant current flow which prevent any damage to light emitter.
Switch Mode
With the 3 switch mode you can always control the intensity of light.
Changeable size
The middle part of this LED torch can be removed. Thus it can change into a mini flashlight from a long one.
Hand strap
The package of this flashlight also has a hand strap that adds more convenience by making it easy to carry around.