A Must-have for A Super Party -Tomtop New Digital RGB Crystal Magic Ball Effect DJ Stage Light

It is a new crystal magic ball, and its new lighting effects as show in pictures.
Its light spot on the wall, the effect likes glass ball, very bright and powerful.
Strobe effects, red, green and blue three colors change.

New Digital LED RGB Crystal Magic Ball Effect Light DMX Disco DJ Stage Lighting

Control rotation speed, colors and strobe through DMX512 control panel or voice control. Suitable for disco, ballroom, KTV, bar, stage, club, party etc.

Diving Flashlight—Giving You Unprecedented New Experience

Many people think that diving flashlight is some kind of flashlight that only be used in underwater. Actually, it is not more that a underwater flashlight.Diving flashlight, as one kind of flashlight, is outstanding than other flashlights in aspect of waterproof and pressure resistance. Which ,make it to be a perfect flashlight that could be used in any circumstance than other flashlights. The following features of underwater torch will give you a new perspective.

Compared with other torch flashlight, LED diving torch develop a better high quality of brighter lights although using ordinary batteries. Because of the special Cree Q5 LED and the Aluminum alloy + plastic structure, makes it able to give a bright light even in the dark underwater environment. Since it do not have special requirement about the battery being used, you can you rechargeable batteries, which will save you lots of money.

The other great factor is it is easy to take with. It has a hand strap which enable you to take it any where .And because it comes with smaller size you may quickly retain them in the bag, purse, pocket, as well as in your car or truck. This portability causes it to be exceptionally handy and you can utilize it at any place, anytime.

Diving torch is also watertight and skid-proof, so it could possibly be utilized in rainy climate and in drinking water crammed locations too. Even it rains cats and dogs, you could take it into the rain without worry that it will die out.. Besides, the Diving torch is particularly handy. This really is not just meant for household use or unexpected emergency use, but it truly is also fantastic in camping along with in jobs like patrolling, hunting, inspecting securing as well as light capturing.

Due to all the advantages of diving flashlight torch, that is reason why it get popular nowadays.


What Factors Should You Think About When Choosing A Flashlight

Lumens Number of lumens is the most basic measurement of an LED flashlight‘s brightness. Another development in LED flashlight technology is the ability to adjust brightness. For instance, some of these flashlight models allow the user to toggle between low-intensity and high-intensity brightness settings. Others feature a dimming capacity. To get specific about an example torch, the Coast HP7 LED flashlight has two brightness options: 58 lumens for applications that demand less light, and 251 lumens for tasks on the other end of the brightness spectrum. The benefit of this design is that you can preserve battery life by adjusting light output according to your needs.

Batteries: Some torch flashlights come packaged with batteries included. A few flashlights are designed to work with rechargeable batteries that are activated by winding or shaking–excellent for emergency kits. A few lights work with lithium or lithium-ion batteries.

Water Resistance tests have three types: Temporary immersion at a specified depth (Water proof), continuous immersion at a specified depth (Submersible), and resistance to splashing from all sides (water resistant). To pass any test the torch must function right after the test and 30 minutes later. The maximum depth for which it passes is displayed in the icon.
Impact Resistance is the height at which a flashlight, with all of its accessories and batteries can be dropped on a concrete floor without being visibly cracked or broken and while also being fully functional.

Reflectors and lenses: A reflector with an approximately parabolic shape concentrates the light emitted by the bulb into a directed beam. Some flashlights allow the user to adjust the position of the lamp, giving a variable-focus effect from a wide floodlight to a narrow beam. Where multiple LEDs are used, each one may be put in its own parabolic reflector. Flashlight using a “total internal reflection” assembly have a transparent optical element (light pipe) to guide light from the source into a beam; no reflector surface is required. For a given size of light source, a larger reflector allows a tighter beam to be produced.

What Flashlight Do You Need?

When consider of buying a flashlight, you must compare any features to make the right decision. high brightness, low power consumption, long life, small size and other characteristics are ideal features for portable flashlight. Below, are the most popular flashlights in the market. By compared with the disadvantage and advantage of those flashlights, we will be more clear will one will be best fits our needs.

Incandescent flashlights:These flashlights have been around the longest and are often the least expensive. The lamp produced is usually bright, but this type of light wastes energy by producing heat. Because incandescent bulbs require a lot of power, flashlights with this type of bulb must have their batteries replaced often.

LED flashlight: Light-emitting diodes are a type of semiconductor. LED flashlights have a long life because they waste very little energy making heat. LED flashlights have no glass or filament, making them very durable. Both the batteries and the bulbs in LED lamps have a much longer life than incandescent bulb flashlights, but this may require a higher initial cost. Originally only available in colored lights, LED flashlights are now available in a “white” light (which is actually more of a bluish light). Many people find this light to be very natural, while others are more used to the yellow light of electric lights.

HID flashlights : HID lamps produce more light than an incandescent flashlight using the same amount of electricity. The lamp will last longer and is more shock resistant than a regular incandescent bulb, since it lacks the relatively fragile electrical filament found in incandescent bulbs. However, they are much more expensive, due to the ballast circuit required to start and operate the lamp. An HID lamp requires a short warm-up time before it reaches full output.

A typical HID flashlight would have a 35 watt lamp and produce more than 3000 lumens.

Key-ring flashlights Most of the key-ring flashlights are weigh less than an ounce and can also fit easily in a pocket — fine for finding a keyhole or reading a map. Most are just barely bright enough to light your path, and get much dimmer long before the LED bulb gives up.

To be a smart buyer, bear in mind that get any necessary information you could before purchase.


LED Flashlight VS Traditional Flashlight

LED lights, although a relatively new development have been growing in popularity. What are the benefits of LED flashlights compared to traditional flashlights? LED flashlights are of the latest technology and provide a clear and concise beam of light, making the light more effective.
1) Less Energy ConsumptionLED flashlights use just a fraction of the energy incandescent flashlights consume. Incandescent lights work by heading a thin wire inside the bulb, creating both light and heat. Unfortunately, much of the energy needed to create light is lost in the form of heat. By using LEDs, less of the energy is lost to heat, meaning the same amount of light requires less energy to produce.. To the the same lighting effect, the incandescent flashlight needs consume 60 watts energy compared with a LED flashlight which only consumes 6-8 watts energy.

2) Brighter & Whiter Light Beam – Unlike incandescent bulbs, which produce more of a yellow, washed out color, LEDs produce a brilliant white light that is far brighter than what can be produced by an incandescent bulb. This is important when using a flashlight, as LEDs allow you to see farther and clearer. 3) Longer Life Span Bulb – As mentioned earlier, LED bulbs use less electricity than incandescent bulbs do.The average LED life span is 50,000 hours while the life span of Incandescent Light Bulbs is 1,200 hours. In the long run, this means saving you money on both batteries for your flashlight and purchasing replacement bulbs.

When buying a flashlight, it is important that the flashlight be able to withstand dropping, be water resistant and is able to maintain the light through a variety of situations. LED flashlights have been proven stronger than traditional flashlights, and are used in a variety of industries. With LED flashlights, you can ensure a more efficiency and effectiveness over traditional flashlights in many ways.

Cree LED Flashlight Mysteries – What is a Lumen?

Are you in the market for Cree LED Flashlight? I’ve got good news and bad news, the market has expanded a great deal in the past few years but it has made buying decisions much harder. The need for Cree LED Flashlight has been escalating as awareness for energy-efficiency and using “greener” technology is fast growing.

The consumer market is now flooded with different types Cree LED Flashlight by many manufacturers. It is an excellent opportunity to become an online retailer for these LED Flashlights as they are a rage today.

Cree LED Flashlight is a great investment for their durability, quality and excellent brightness. The brightness factor is measured in Lumen. You must wonder, “What is a Lumen?” Lumen is actually the measure of light output from a device such as a torch or flashlight or any other light-emitting device. According to web definition – A lumen is a unit of standard measurement used to describe how much light is contained in a certain area. The next question that would arise is that of Lux and its role while looking for Cree LED Flashlight. Lux is just the throw of light – distance covered rather than the brightness itself.

It is important to understand the difference between lux and lumen. Let us take an example: A room of your home having a fluorescent light fixture, which gives you 12000 lumen output to brighten the room, this is equivalent to the luminance of 500 lux. If you want to brighten a warehouse, which is at least 10-12 times the size of that room, you would need 12 such bulbs. This proves that to brighten a larger area to get the same level of lux (500), you would require a large number of lumen.

Now when a consumer looks for an Cree LED Flashlight device, he has to look for the ones that have a large number of lumen to get overall brightness in terms of distance and area covered with equal brightness. The lumen value in LED Flashlight varies by models. When choosing an LED Flashlight, its practical use would decide the number of lumen required for the customer.

Since total brightness is measured in lumen, the range of 10 to 100 lumen is common. For minimum practical brightness, you could choose an LED Flashlight device with 10 lumen. For darker areas like lighting trails when walking or looking for items in a dark attic, a device with 30 lumen would work very well. For lighting up distant objects when camping, the camping Flashlights could go up to 100 lumen. Police flashlights are at least 90 lumen.

Other than these important factors, one should also note that some manufacturers state the unit of watts for brightness. Cree LED Flashlight devices could state 10-80 lumen per watt, where it is claimed that 30 lumen is 1 watt. In such cases, make the conversion yourself and check the number of lumen before making the purchase. Some of the premium flashlights have different settings for brightness thereby conserving energy and battery life. They have the potential of being top products in the retail market.

Batteries that are the power source to the LED Flashlight devices should preferably be AA or AAA that are easy to find for customers. Devices having specialized batteries may not have a great selling point as they will be difficult to find. Making a note of these points, you could list products that quality these conditions and put them on your website to enable constant movement of products.

Use Ultra Bright 100 LED Flashlight to Brighten Your Camp

It’s no secret that light is needed by all the creatures of the world, it’s a basic necessity of life since the beginning of time. Do you have ever been out in nature when it gets dark? Well, I can tell you it gets dark, you can’t see your hand in front of your face. Really, I have tested it and you can’t! Keeping this in mind, it is very important that you have a good LED Flashlight when you decide to be out in nature when it gets dark. You need Ultra Bright LED Flashlight used for camping and other outdoor activities.

Flashlights are designed in various sizes, shapes, and colors to suit anyone’s needs. It also works with or without batteries, rechargeable, and can light-up even by shaking it. As with all camping gear, there are also many to choose from and you will want the one that best fits your need. Do you want a durable flashlight to carry with you or lighting for at your camp?

When purchasing a flashlight make sure to choose quality, durability, its beneficial aspects to the activities in mind, and most of all it must compensate the cost by its versatility or usefulness. In recent years the LED Flashlight has gained in popularity. They have emerged as a favorite because of their low power consumption. Technology advances have made the newer LEDs much brighter than the original bulbs. LED Camp Lights are light weight and durable.

If you are planning to go on a camping trip with your family it is relevant to include the following items: sleeping bags, food, cookware, outdoor grills, inflatable’s like kayaks for recreational entertainment, and flashlights. Outdoor camping without light is like going to a party without music. It’s lifeless and boring. I will recommend one cheap ultra bright 100 LED Flashlight to you, TOMTOP sells it just for $18.00.


* With 100 LED, ultra bright.

* Aluminume alloy case, avoid damage when dropping off on ground.

* With rubber handle, slide-proof design.

* Extremaly long service life over 100,000 hours.

* With rubber On/Off button, easy operation.

* With a carrying strap.

* Compact, easy to carry.

* Ideal for camping, hiking and other outdoor activites.


* Flux: Over 10,000MCD

* Color: Black + Silver (as shown in the pictures)

* Light color: White

* LED quanity: 100 pieces

* Power: 4 * AA batteries (Not included)

* Body Material: Alumiun alloy

* Flashlight head diameter: 75mm

* Handle diameter: 37mm

* Length: 182mm

* Net weight: 274g

* Package dimensions: 186*80*80mm

* Package weight: 319g

When you are going to purchase LED Flashlight, you will have many choices to choose from wholesale center TOMTOP.

The Difference Between LED and Xenon Flashlight Bulbs

Flashlights are needed for many types of occupations, and are also very handy to have around the house. Here is a little bit of trivia for those who want to know more about these handheld torches: It was in 1898 when the concept of a tube mounted and battery powered bulb was first introduced. Later on, the Everyday Batter Company produced more improved models of the original concept.


Today, flashlights have evolved into different kinds depending on usage, as well as a multitude of sizes for various needs. Medical flashlights can be mounted on pen tips and powered with pill-sized lithium batteries, while some workers’ flashlights are mounted on hard hats and helmets. An American inventor was able to come up with a concept of a flashlight that does not run on batteries, and you need to charge up the power source by shaking the tube or cranking the handle attached to it. These torches were able to work via electromagnetic induction.


The most important feature of a flashlight that determines its usability is of course, the light bulb. There are two most common types of flashlight bulbs in the market today, and they are what are usually bought for home and personal use. These are the LED bulbs and Xenon Flashlight bulbs. Here are some notes to help you gauge the difference between the two.

Xenon flashlight bulbs follow the same principle as incandescent bulbs, where in a small tungsten wire in the bulb is heated to produce light. Within the glass chamber of the bulb is a gas, which used to be argon, but is now commonly Xenon. The gas helps stabilize the heating of the tungsten wire, such that it does not produce a flame. Maglite is a very popular company that manufactures torches with Xenon flashlight bulbs.

Another type of flashlight bulb is the LED, which stands for light-emitting diode. With the use of semiconductors and a source of electricity, light can be produced. These flashlight bulbs are said to be more energy efficient, and are more resistant to shattering when the torch is suddenly dropped. More flashlight companies today make use of the LED flashlight bulbs, because they require less energy from the battery to produce a sufficient brightness of light. However, LED flashlight bulbs can still produce heat, contrary to the misconception that they do not.


The LED flashlight is a very helpful instrument in camping or hunting tour. It is a probable life saver in a house and offices or in vehicle in order to cope with any emergency situation. The power, strength and efficiency of light emitting diodes and the light source generated by it has become very popular throughout the world. LED is a semiconductor diode. When an electric current passes through LED in a simple circuit, it emits light. Manufacturers add special lenses in order to create a very strong beam of light that can replace a bulb. There are various types of flashlights. Various companies are introducing new properties in these flashlights as a result of increasing demand. In the past fire was used as a source of light but today flashlight has solved this problem and this portable gadget is used for this purpose.

Led flashlight lamps are different from conventional flashlights. They are more powerful and efficient. Apart from this intensity of the light generated by LED is very high, therefore it covers more area while providing light and it has longer life than traditional flashlights.

CREE Q4 LED flashlight is a well known model of LED flashlight. It is liked a lot by people as it has very interesting properties and it works very efficiently. As flashlights are used by almost everyone, this one is very simple and easy to use. It has long life which makes it more economical as you don’t have to change batteries after every two days. Although this flashlight isn’t very big but the light produced by it is of high intensity thus it is very easy to carry around. A wrist wrap is also given as a part of package thus making it even more comfortable. This light is available online too thus if you are having difficulty in finding it in the market you can always opt for online shopping.

Various properties of CREE Q4 LED torch are as follows.

This flashlight is made up of strong aluminum alloy which makes it very difficult to break.
Power consumption
It has low power consumption thus batteries last for longer time.
It has ultra long life due to low power consumption.
The model of LED used in this flashlight is 5W CREE Q4 LED, this model is very convenient and easy to use.
Light colour
The colour of light used in this flashlight is white illuminant thus it covers larger area while providing light.
Switch mode
The best part is its 3 switch mode with the help of which the brightness of light can be controlled.

Other properties
CREE Q4 flashlight is anti-corrosion and anti-drop. It gives flawless beam of light. It has spotlight and sealing effects too.

Flashlight Lamp Torch

A portable electric powered light source used for various purposes is called a flashlight. The light source used in this portable lamp torch is usually a small light bulb or LED (light emitting diode).There are various types of flashlights. Gone are the days when a torch was used as a light source in the dark now you can choose a flashlight most appropriate for your work from a wide variety that is available. Hand-held, helmet-mounted, tube, pocket, miners and sports torch lamp are a few types of flashlight available in market.

Various varieties of flashlights have been introduced since its invention. 5W 300 Lumens Lm CREE LED SA7 Flashlight Lamp Torch is a very fascinating and amazing type of flashlight. It has various superb qualities all its qualities make this flashlight a must have. It is quite different from traditional flashlight. Conventional flashlights are cheap and common but their life is very short as the bulb burns out very fast. On the other hand SA7 flashlight lamp is modern, simple, easy to use and the bulb has long life.

LED Flashlight is used for a number of purposes. It is used in almost every part of the world and in all fields of life. It has become an essential part of life. It is used in homes as well as at offices. It is very useful in emergency and carrying it around can save from various problems sometimes. It is specially used by people who are interested in adventures like, camping and hiking. Apart from this various professions have flash lights whether traditional or modern as a vital part of work such as mining. Keeping these lights in vehicles can help in event of any emergency or accident. Thus flashlight torch is absolutely loved by everyone.

SA7 Flashlight is one the best CREE LED flashlights. It is liked a lot by people who are involved in camping, hiking and other field challenges. It has following properties.

This flash light is made up of strong aluminum alloy which makes it very difficult to break.
Power consumption
It has low power consumption thus batteries last for longer time.
It has ultra long life due to low power consumption.
The model of LED used in this flash light is 5W CREE LED, this model of LED is very useful and it gives more light.
Light colour
The colour of light used in this flash light is white illuminant thus it covers larger area while providing light.
Other properties
SA7 flashlight torch lamp is anti-corrosion and it gives flawless beam of light. It has spotlight and sealing effects too. The best part is its 3 switch mode with the help of which you can control the brightness of light.