Sparkle LEDs Flexible Strips

These super bright LED strip light is waterproof, can be used inside or outside of cars. Ideal for car/motorcycle/aquarium/house decoration,and so on.The flexible enable you shape it to your image.Your car ,motorcycle ,house will share when decorate it .Cool blue and white colors for your reference.if install some cool led bulbs will wonderful,we will show you some colorful bulbs in the next article.

120cm 120 LEDs Flexible Waterproof PVC Light Strip Blue 12V ,Input voltage DC12V,Material is PVC,Number of LEDs are 120,Wire length is 38cm/15in,Strip length 120cm/47.2in?

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Keep In Mind Your Car Lights During Night Driving

There are many drivers like driving at night, because they can avoid the congestion of traffic at night, and it’s much easier to drive at night than the day. However, the risk of driving at night several times higher than during the day. According to statistics, only highway traffic accidents occur at night time dealing with traffic accidents accounted for 40% of the total, while the summer is the high-speed traffic accidents the high incidence of accidents to major accidents, fatalities account for about 60% of the entire incident. The car lights plays an important role to ensure your safe driving.

There are many reasons can cause high way traffic accidents, because of there are little cars driving at night, and drivers will be tried easily. The most important factor is the field of vision is very bad, especially in the high speed driving, the vision field of road light is very limited, and there are no rich city lighting system around the road. If the car headlight illumination distance, width less than required, the front is very narrow vision of reality. With night driving characteristics, we can see, if not a good lamp, even if the danger has found no danger from handling, resulting in tragedy. So, equipped your car with LED car lights which can give off super bright light is very important.

Many drivers are long-term in the city’s main roads, urban roads and general lighting facilities are more complete, combined with the surrounding buildings, shops, brightly lit illumination light can be said. But often the owners of travel in this environment will not open or forget the car lights, this is very wrong and dangerous. Because the role of headlights at night in addition to lighting, also play a large role in warning other vehicles. Not only to turn on the lights at night, but also turn on the lights early. In the evening, a little bad weather or when the street light down but not any time to open this is very dangerous, we recommend that you turn on headlights moving ahead. If you feel the brightness of the lights is not enough to see the road, it must be replaced, and a set of original eauipment headlights upgrade is the best choice.

LED Car Lights – Light Up The Eyes Of Your Car

Car Lights also consider as the “Car eyes”, the car which has beautiful eyes not only make your car very beautiful, but also very practical. With the increase of car production in the whole world, the car’s eyes industry came into being, and continue to grow and develop. The traditional car lights can be divided into the incandescent lights, halogen lamps and xenon lamps. Traditional lights create a simple, low cost, easy to adjust and control the brightness, the color is good, but the life is short, light-emitting efficiency is low (only 12% – 18% can be transformed into light, and the rest are in the form of heat dissipation), low color temperature (2700 – 3100K).

With the rapid changes in technology, the car lights converted from the traditional lights to LED lights increasingly. LED is a pn junction of the solid containing semiconductor components which can be self-luminous. LED chip is p-type semiconductor and n-type semiconductor chips formed in the p-type semiconductor and n-type semiconductor between a transition layer, called the pn junction. When using gallium arsenide, gallium arsenic phosphide, gallium phosphide and other semiconductor materials, semiconductor materials in which the pn junction, the injection of minority carrier and majority carrier complex when will the excess energy released in the form of light, which convert light energy directly into electrical energy. LED Car lights have high efficiency, environmental pollution, energy saving, long life, low heat, earthquake, many advantages of high color purity.

According to the report, in the China market, LED Car Lights used by less then 1%, some Western developed countries, usage is not more than 30%. LED lights in the Chinese market is the development of resistance to the current cost. LED chip production technology is extremely difficult, the threshold is high, the process of raising grain temperature, humidity, power supply, dust is very strict, then initial need to invest heavily in building factories. LED chip is currently the main origin of China Taiwan, the market share of about 47%, while in mainland China’s LED plant more for resin encapsulation process, the clip requires a lot of imports.

Cars Can Be “Eye Fatigue” , Car Lights Should Maintain Daily

As we all know that, after long working hours, our eye will be fatigue easily, cars are no exception. Car Lights always consider as the eye of the car, we should take good care of our car lights just as we take good care of our eyes. Let’s take a look at the daily maintenance and repair of car lights in the following.

Check the Car lights burn out quickly and failure is an extremely simple task. However, a full car lighting system maintenance is not so simple. Timely maintenance of the exterior lighting is critical to drivers, because it affects not only driving comfort, but also directly related to traffic safety. Usually, the car owner is difficult to realize headlights, taillights, turn signals or parking lights no longer work properly before reminded. Buy the way, replace the burned out light bulbs is very simple, it costs lower than the DIY repair station lighting system maintenance fees.

Under most cases, the car lights failure not only contain burned out light bulbs, corrosion or plug socket of this kind of small problems that often require specialized diagonstic techniques to analyze the root cause of failure. Even those low-cost car, its interior and exterior lighting is controlled by the main computer. Those luxury cars, only their headlights are controlled by 3 computer.

If you ocar has DaytimeRunningLamps, you should understand the working principle of these devices first. For example, some daytime running lights system before the engine is sta rted, the daytime running lights can not be opened. Some daytime running lights sys tem, if the parking brake has not be canceled, even if the engine has started, the daytime running lights still does not work. If the car is equipped with a light control light, may wish to check the photosensitive state from the weakest to the strongest lights during the work, of course, do not ignore the check automatically turn off the timer. If the system is equipped with a timer, set the maximum delay.

As the LED lights has been widely used in our daily lives, there are also many types of LED Car lgihts available on the market now, since they are more brighter and have super long service life, the maintenance of LED Car Lights are quite easy, so you can replace your old car lights with the new LED car lights. With super bright light, enjoy your night driving now!

LED Car Lights – Have A Good Time At Night In Your Car

Have you ever climbed into your car late at night and wished that your car lights were brighter so that you could easily find those keys that you have dropped, or that the faint light inside your boot could properly illuminate the entire space, so you could see what you were doing as you loaded up your car? Unfortunately conventional car light bulbs are just not powerful enough to do the job properly. However, the latest LED Car Lights could be lead a different matter if you use them in your car.

LED Car lights will provide you a magical night driving, just let us image this scene that you are going to a long drive and it’s evening coming, as the time go by, then it comes to late night, you still don’t arrive the place you want to go. In that case, you will hope your car lights more brighter so that they can help you get rid of the fear. In that case LED Car lights will play an important role in the dark night, these super bright light will give you all the pleasures which a light bulb gives you in the room. There is also the adjustable feature. You can adjust the bulbs in any direction with your own choice. Another main reason that LED lights are so popular is that they are low power consumption. So that they have long service life, once you install LED lights in your car, there is no need to consider changed them, since its life is longer than your car.

As we all know that Car Lights are important for a safe drive, as a matter of fact once you are able to choose the best kind of lights for your car, you will get all the right touches. So, I believe that LED Car Lights should be something you really need to get. It is true as yo mention that it makes your car much improved on the eyes. There are sorts of styles to choose from to match the general style of the car in question. Choosing the best LED lights is not going to be an easy job even for you who are expert on car modification. You had better purchase them from reputable stores, such as China wholesale online store TOMTOP, which established in 2004, your professional and trusted online store.

Functionality and Fashion LED Car Lights

As we all know that, car lights are important part of a car, they are just like the eyes of human. Have you ever tested that closed your eyes and walked in the street, how about your feeling in that time. If the car lights of a car not bright enough, many accidents would happen especially at night. Keep this in mind, you will want to install the best car lights in your car. The latest technology LED Car Lights are the most popular car lights, since they are more bright and have long enough service life. Also the stylish LED Car Lights will make your car looks unique and fashionable.

Nearly every one knows that LED lights normally last longer by almost twice the amount of time than normal bulbs last. In fact, some of them can even last three times as long. This means that one will save a lot of bulb replacement money when they invest in LED Car Lights. The money saved from using LED lights can be used to do something else on the car.

Another great benefit which LED car lights can bring us is their ability to consume less power. In the past, car lights were powerful required the use of more power. This means that at a certain point the car’s electric system was being overloaded. Apart form this, the car lights could not get their required amount of power and therefore their life span was reduced. This LED to costs incurred due to constant replacement of the same. The LED Car Lights can improve such case effectively. The power consumption used by the lights is low and therefore it does not exhaust the power system of the car. At the same time, the lights get their required amount of power and thus last longer than normal.

The LED Car lights are easy to install and control. If you want to change the intensity and color, you can do that. After all, they are the standard upgrade from the regular bulbs. They are also durable and able to last long – up to 50,000 hours of use. No wonder if drivers prefer to have this type of light installed in their cars because it ‘s not only safe, but also economical.

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How To Choose LED Car Lights

When it comes to choose Car Lights, you will find that there are many options for you to choose. Maybe most of people still haven’t realize that which is the most cost-effective car lights. As a matter of fact, the LED Car Lights are the way to go. Since the environment friendly LED lights not only have long service life but also can give off super bright light, the most important is that it is the most energy saving light so far. So LED Car Lights should be your first and best choice when you want to change out the lights in your car. The following are some tips you should notice when choosing your car lights.

LED Car Lights

You incorporate the use of it just like a signal lights and stoplight. The lights are not blinding and for that reason people will not get annoyed at any time you utilize these lights as signals. Inside your car, LED Car Lights are employed while using reason of telling you the systems going on within your car. These are commonly employed as indicator lights for the energy resource levels. This critically can be existing within your vehicle sterto audio for tuning in for the beloved stop even when it really is dark. LED Car Lights have arrive a lengthy way while using need to own for higher lights applications that energy effective devices.

LED Car Lights

LED Car Lights may also be really decorative and for that reason are commonly employed as accents for the wheels. Definitely, LED Car lights certainly are a lot and with all its types and applications for utility, basic lights too as decorative treatments, these lights resources ought to undoubtedly be part of the ride. With 10.000 to 100,000 days of lifespan, this critically is most undoubtedly long-term fixture for most of your vehicel lights needs. High-class and sporting activities car from large manufacturers are employing LEDs now. You could possibly potentially undoubtedly get several benefits by selecting in the selections outlined above. Brighten up your vehicle with LED car ligths and get effective lights to final a lifetime.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when you go shopping for LED Car lights to ensure you get just the right one. You will want to check the style of bulb that your vehicle is made to take. This is important because if it is not the right one, you will not be able to screw in the LED car light and it will be useless. With this, you also want to be sure of what color you are getting as LED Car lights come in many different colors.

LED Car Lights – Add A New Style To Your Car

There are many car accessories you need to buy for a comfortable drive, such as the FM transmitter can let us enjoy many great music so that long journey will no longer boring. For a fresh car driver, the must buy accessories should be the LED Car Lights. Car Lights are considered as the eyes of the car, the brighter the safer for the driver who need to dirve in the evening or at dark environment. A cool and stylish car can’t leave the super bright LED light, both inside and outside.

LED Car Lights

Walking in the street, you will find more and more luxury cars are equipped with the LED lights, we can feel the light is so strong even the car is far to us. When we are hurry going accross the street, the strong light can stop us when the car is closer and closer, and the car driver can make the right decision when he see you clearly in the front. No matter for the car owner or walker, the bright light can remind us keep clam. Of course, you may have heard this long time ago, if you still don’t replace your old car lights with the new Car lights, you should keep in mind that the bright light will ensure your safe in your driving, and can save you a lot of trouble.

car lights

As we have told that LED Car Lights play an important role for any car it work like eye, since without these lights it is very difficult to drive in the dark areas where without light you can not survive like when you are diving in the hills. Some times when you want to change the model of your car you can just change the style of the lights. LED Car lights are more attractive as compare to the other light. These lights create some style for the car and the visible range of these lights are more than the other lights. There are a lot of LED Car lights you can choose on your demand.

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Super Bright LED Car Lights – The Best Choice For Your Car

LED Car Lights have been around in the market for a long time, from the early days, car owners only use general car lights, and there are many car accidents happen every hour in the world. According to the report, one of the important reason which cause so many car accidents is that the car lights are not bright enough. Car lights just like the eyes of human, if you can’t see your circumference clearly, how to avoid the accident. The appearance of LED Car Lights has help us a lot to make our drive safe.

This is smart to know why you should choose LED Car Lights not other car lights before your purchasing. When we don’t know which item to choose, compare is the best way to solve the problem. Now let us take the same away and have a look at advantages of using LED Car Lights. First let us have a short review about LED. Nowadays, there are many LED items, such as LED Screen, LED watch, LED TV, LED Clothes etc… The term LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and it means that these upgrade bulbs do not rely on a standard metal filament and glass bulb to create light. LED light is much more powerful, whilst also being purer and cleaner than standard car bulbs. Along side the obvious benefits of improved light output, LED’s also have other additional properties that make them particularly useful within the automotive setting.

The other major advantage of LED lights is their versatility: modern LED lights can give the driver the freedom to choose the angle on which the light is more focused on. With this, the driver can also manipulate the angle and the force of light being produced. Normal headlights only have two settings: high and low. LED lights can give even more alternatives as far as illumination goes.

LED Lights are more complex and do not easily break. These lights are made of high quality materials that can withstand chemical and natural exposures that make LED Car Lights suitable for outdoor enthusiasts since they are the ones exposed to these predicaments most of the time. LED Car Lights can also withstand fog, because of its powerful light emitting material, LED lights can easily penetrate through thick fog, a clear indication of safe driving.

Thanks to the scientists who have give birth to LED Car Lights, we really get many benefits from these energy saving light bulbs. Through they are a little expensive than the normal ones, but it quite worth the money. If you want to have a safe drive every day, especially in bad weather, don’t miss these LED Car Lights!

Guides On Choosing Car Lights

Nowadays, more and more cars running in the street to forum a high car traffic world, more and more car accidents happened in every corner of the earth. One of the main reasons about these car accidents is the car light don’t work well during fog or rainy days especially in the night time. Anyhow a brighter, safer light for night time and bad weather driving, LED Car Lights help you to stay safe on the road away from the fog or bad weather night time.

Car Lights

There are different kinds of car lights available in the market. They are created and designed to make your car look stylish. Lights are categorized based on where they are placed in the car and their use. The following are some of the lights and their uses.

1. Tail Lights

Located at the back portion of the car, they are used for turn and break signals. They also serve as warning for vehicles following to keep a safe distance from the vehicle.

2. Fog Lights

They are basically used for foggy weather conditions to increase visibility. They also allow cars going in the opposite direction to distinctly notice you, which can prevent accidents.

3. Head Lights

They are car’s front lights and the main lights responsible to guide the car, especially in the middle of the night or a dark area.

4. Bumper Lights

They are located in front of the car and go together with headlights. Bumper lights are distinguishable from headlights because they are much bigger and brighter.

5. Top Lights

They are dome-shaped lights that are placed on top of cars. They are commonly used by cops on their police car.

Choosing a car light is not that hard. You just have to consider some few things before you start buying lights for your car. The following are some questions that you should ask yourself before your purchasing:

1. Consider the appearance of your car. Will the light look stylish on your car or will it conflict with the car’s color scheme?

2. Ask yourself what your motivations are for choosing new car lights. You may find that you need to replace dull headlights after years of wear, or you may want to change the design of your car. You may want to buy a brighter bulb to feel safer on the road. Whatever your priorities are, they will inform your decision on which car lights to buy.

3. Prioritize factors such as safety, cost and style that are important to you. Knowing what your urgent needs are will help you narrow your options down further. You may want to consider longer lasting bulbs or brighter bulbs, depending on your needs. If you drive long distances, a longer lasting bulb may suit you better. But if you live in a place where there are less cars on the road, a brighter bulb may be a better option at night.

4. Which manufacturers will give the quality you need in the design that you want?

5. Which lights in your car will you change?

Really hope these tips will help you decide on what car light you want to customize or change on your car. Car lights just as the eyes of your car, it’s quite worth for you to spend a little time on how to choose high quality car lights. China Wholesale Online Store TOMTOP offers high quality car accessories for our customers, if you are interested, welcome to visit us, or paste the link into your browser: