Guidelines for Setting the Objectives of Surveillance IP Cameras

Do you wanna to communicate with the people monitoring with the built-in Two-Way Audio WiFi IP Camera? Now there are many kind of IP camera come to market, different camera have different function, Before we look at applications, let’s first understand how your objectives determine the quality of the video you will need. The surveillance industry defines three different objectives: detection, recognition and identification. For example, you may have one objective for cameras viewing the parking lot and other requirements for ones that you place at the doorway. Once you know more about your objectives you can then select the right camera for the job. The following are some guidelines for setting the objectives for your surveillance IP Cameras, hope that they be helpful to you. Continue reading

Hottest IP Cameras From China’s Top Online Store TOMTOP

IP Cameras are small, often low cost cameras which set up to watch all entrances to your property. They are better than the older types of CCTV camera, and cheaper. Thousands of IP Cameras are available on the market these days, they are great useful tools and we can get many benefits from them. You have more choice in selecting your security systems, to help you with your choice, the following is a short guide to the hottest IP Cameras from China’s Top Online store TOMTOP, along with a few reasons why they are so popular.

EasyN Wireless WIFI IP Camera IR LED 2-Audio Nightvision ($67.99)

This item is suitable for surveillance of factory, building site and multiple shops. 300,000pixels CMOS support high quality screens with IR for the night views to fulfill customers’s different requirements. High degree of integration, free bounded DDNS, auto finding and modification, easier operating CMS…. All for convenience for the customer’s requirements!


9 channel browser view, 5 Languages, 64-channel software, auto-search, remote control, video remote playback, SMS/Skype/e-mail alarm.

Support DDNS, built-in web server with self-developed domain name for free.

Support three-level account.

WIFI IEEE802.11b/g.

IR night vision 10M, P/T, rotation control.

Two way audio.

Support cell phone view.

Support unlimited user view with P2P tech.

Motion detection setting, Support Email photo, FTP photo, FTP record, message etc.

With this app you can remotely view and control your IP camera from your PC, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. From wherever you are! You can use it, such as, for home security (is someone breaking into your home?), home automation (did I leave the lights on?) or to watch your little baby kid while it sleeps.

FOSCAM WiFi Network CCTV IR Waterproof Wireless IP Camera FI8904W ($100.34)

This is a Genuine new model internet wireless IP camera. Support WIFI, Night Vision function. High-sensitivity 1/4″ CMOS sensor, waterproof, powerful high-speed video protocol processor. Totally a good choise for outdoor surveillance.


1. Powerful high-speed video protocol processor

2. High image & video quality

3. High-sensitivity 1/4″ CMOS sensor (300k pixels)

4. Auto IR-LED night vision up to 20m (60ft)

5. Motion detection alert via email or upload image to a specified FTP server

6. Support a wide range of browsers(IE, Firefox, Google)

7. Support remote viewing & record

8. Support image full-screen and image snapshot

9. Multi-level users management and passwords definition

10. Embeded Web Server

11. WEP,WPA and WPA2 Encryption

12. Optimized MJPEG video compression for transmission

13. Support wireless network (WiFi/802.11/b/g)mobile

14. Supporting Dynamic IP (DDNS)and UPnP LAN and Internet(ADSL,Cable Modem)

15. Support multiple network protocols:HTTP/TCP/IP/UDP/STMP/DDNS/SNTP/DHCP/FTP

16. Support Mobile Phone View such as Iphone & Smart phone (It should support midp2.0 java mobile or pda mobile)

17. Simple to setup, Friendly GUI, DIY installation

18. Aluminum Alloy Design, Shell Vandal-Proof,IP65 Waterproof and weatherproof for Any Harsh Environment

FOSCAM Wireless IP Camera IR Cam Pan/Tilt Dual Webcam FI8918W ($85.99)

This is a Genuine new model internet wireless IP camera: DDNS, 300k pixels, color CMOS, day/night vision, high sensitive microphone, digital remote Pan/Tilt, wireless/wired connection, motion detection/alarm, quick and simple setup….All these characters allow you to remotely view & record everything from anywhere anytime.


* Simple setup, Friendly GUI, DIY installation.

* High image & video quality, Two-way audio monitoring.

* Allows remote Pan/Tilt control (Pan: 300°; Tilt: 120°).

* Freely control IR LED ON/OFF.

* Auto IR-LED illumination for night vision (up to 8 metres).

* Allows remote viewing & recording from anywhere anytime.

* Supports IE browser or any other standard browsers.

* Wi-Fi compliant with wireless standards IEEE 802.11b/g.

* Network cable provided, support wired operation.

* Supports WEP, WPA and WPA2 Encryption.

* Motion detection alert via email or upload of image to FTP.

* Multi-level users management with password protection.

I really hope this short guide can provide you some suggestions before your purchasing. There are also various IP Cameras are waiting for you to choose, if you are interested in IP Cameras, please visit China Wholesale online store TOMTOP, or check out our website follow the link:

Best Wireless IP Camera For Your Safety Requirements

Wireless IP Cameras are widely used in our daily lives, nearly all places around us are installed Wireless IP Camera. Such as our companies, buses, super market, even our home are installed them, the main reason that people install them is just for surveillance and safety requirements. The boss can remotely monitor their employees when he is on a business trip, he can easily know whether you are working hard or not. This sounds like a little terrible, but these items are really helpful tools to help us in many ways. Choose the best wireless IP camera is very necessary for every man who need it.

Wireless IP Camera

The wireless IP camera not only can help the boss to monitor his company effective, but also had been used in various areas. The police need it to caught the theft quickly, the videos can always provide vaild evidence to caught the criminals. Since it launched in the market, there are too many criminals are uncover quickly, it plays an important role in our security’s safety. The most common place that we discover the wireless IP camera is in the supermarket, nearly a little supermarket you will find the wireless IP camera are installed, with the help of it, the theft nowhere to hide so we can choose our products without the shop assistant to brother us, we can take enough time to consider which brand we should buy as long as we can. These IP cameras really bring convenience to us. Another reason why the IP cameras are used widely is that the price is low, everyone can afford the latest IP cameras, and use them to monitor our lives. When no one at home, just let the item help you record everything that will take in your home.

A wireless IP camera system uses technology to communicate live video through the internet. It uses your camera that is recording in real time to deliver a signal over the internet to your email so that you can see what is occurring wherever the camera is. This is camera surveillance at its best and at its simplest. IP Cameras can be stored in any location that only you or the ones authorize can access. These surveillance cameras record video that can be accessed whenever you want, and it is possible to record remotely also. This can be done through a PC at a remote location with recording software that access the IP cameras over the Internet. With improved storage methods, the archives can be referenced for any of the stored videos.

Nowadays, the hottest wireless IP camera is FOSCAM WiFi Network CCTV IR Waterproof Wireless IP Camera FI8904W which is available on TOMTOP just cost $100.34 with worldwide free shipping. This is a Genuine new model internet wireless IP camera. Support WIFI, Night Vision function. High-sensitivity 1/4″ CMOS sensor, waterproof, powerful high-speed video protocol processor. Totally a good choose for outdoor surveillance. More details follow the link:

Remotely Watch Your Home And Business With IP Camera

An IP Camera, is a stand along digital video camera commonly used for surveillance. It is the best solution for the security of both your home and business. With the help of it, you can know the security of your home or business is in good hands when you on your way. It allows you to view live videos from anywhere around the world, and it can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet. Homeowners and business are finding it convenient and cost effective to use IP Cameras to monitor locations that are important to them.

IP Camera

Whether you live in a secluded place, have a vacation home or are traveling across the globe, rest assured your property is secure and you can monitor it whenever and from anywhere you want, be it from your computer or from many mobile smart phones and other devices. As each camera has an IP address, there is no need to connect the camera to a computer. An IP security camera uses your home’s internet connection to transmit the video that it captures over the air so that you can see the footage while you are not at home. It’s becoming common practice to easily use remote video surveillance cameras.

IP cameras come with a number of advantages when used for surveillance. These cameras allow two way communications enabling the person monitoring the system to communicate with those under the cameras radius. They typically record images in high definition with a number of them coming with 640 by 480 pixels in resolution and the ability to record images at thirty frames per second. IP cameras offer flexibility in surveillance since they can be moved to different desired locations and still maintain a high level of functionality as long as the area they are moved to is in the vicinity of an internet protocol network. The footage captured by IP cameras is usually transmitted over an internet protocol as encrypted data according security to the captured footage. Their greatest advantage would be the ability to monitor them remotely from a computer in virtually any location. They can also be monitored through live streams on smart phones and other similar devices. They have the capability to function using wireless networks making them commonly used by defense forces for navigation requirements. Power over Ethernet based IP cameras are equipped with the ability to work without power supply requirements.

Nowadays, IP Camera is must have for every family. If you still don’t have one install in your home or business, choose one at once. It’s very easy and convenient to purchase IP Cameras at TOMTOP is a wonderful China Wholesale online store. All items worldwide fast free shipping.

IP Camera – A Wise Choose For Surveillance

If you are looking for security and surveillance camera for your business then you might have looked into getting IP cameras and may have heard of the many benefits these offer. An IP Camera is typically confused with a CCTV camera. The main difference between the two is the reality that whilst the can capture and report motion and has the capability being performed back again about the exact same system, an IP camera allows transmission within the info more than the Internet. It may be a tighter, a far more protected signifies of surveillance than a CCTV camera.

IP Camera

In the business world, the safety program of an corporation typically can make utilization of CCTV cameras for maintaining wrist watch more than their premises. during the situation of multinational companies, or companies with a quantity of workplaces throughout countries, it gets very important being in a placement to trace motion in all these offices. These would be the occasions when an IP camera is discovered being useful. Sitting during the mind workplace in your country, personnel can questionnaire the actions in an workplace in one more country. nearly all global organizations deploy an IP camera like a safety program within their regional offices.

In the situation within the planet of retail, shoplifting may be a typical bring about of nuisance. This issue calls for that the wrist watch is kept more than all feasible spaces and corners of the specific store or market. The CCTV digital camera may be a helpful gadget on this case. sole or various cameras might be set up having a CCTV to be capable to capture the look at within the whole shop.

This guarantees that all clients are below wrist watch whatsoever times. whilst they shop, the functions since the safety system. The can be helpful throughout non-operational several hours of the store. Unpredictable incidents that include theft, fire or any other chance can bring about enormous harm to some business. With installed, detecting the bring about of the fire or even the alert of the burglary are plausible.

Adequate safety has grow to be recognized like a worthy purchase in today’s times. regardless of whether it is residential, industrial or countrywide security, caution is of utmost importance. house managers are normally worried concerning the security of the homes and within the young children or elders who are left alone there. whilst traveling lengthy distances, numerous aristocrats are recognized to retain monitor of any unwarranted motion within their home by using an IP camera.

To look into these benefits further you will need to choose a good IP camera. There are many benefits you can get from Wireless IP Camera. It is wiser being secure than sorry. IP Cameras are available in various types and models which offer countless surveillance possibilities. They make you feel safe indoors and outdoors, both at work and at home.

Tips Of Choosing An IP Camera

An IP Camera can boost surveillance on your business, home or remote property. It can protects your assets all the time especially when you not have enough time always there. Wireless IP Camera can detect motion and relay this information to the PC. With the built in intelligence, it can send alerts via text messaging or emails. As long as your browser has internet connection, monitor activities around valued properties will be easy. Many IP cameras now also support the streaming of your IP camera’s video straight to your mobile phone, which for most of us is even simpler than using a PC. But choose a good IP Camera is not an easy thing, before choosing, have a look at these tips.

IP Camera

1. There are so many IP Cameras available on the market now, first we should make sure the main functions we hope the camera has. In my opinions, motion detection should be a must have function. And the IP camera motion detection function always at a reasonable price.

2. Similarly, we think that as a minimum requirement always ensure that your chosen model will allow you to upload its video feed, to a remote computer. This is important because many thieves will steal, or smash, the camera, thinking that by so doing they will remove the evidence of their theft. By uploading the video to another computer continuously and instantaneously, to a server anywhere on the internet, you will ensure that the record of the theft is not lost with the camera.

3. Beyond that, you had better choose the IP camera have the ability to email you when the motion detector is triggered, as an option. Just because all the good ones do this, so we suggest you include this feature in your must haves.

4. Decide on the size of the area, or areas, you need to watch and read the specifications of each model available for sale, carefully. Many will be ruled out that do not for example have a wide enough viewing range, and you may find that an inexpensive motorized type of IP camera is necessary to view a particularly wide panorama.

5. Decide if you need a color camera or a black-and-white camera. Color cameras can be easier to monitor. The images or video streams they record provide better archival records for police or business owners, but they cost more to operate because they demand higher bandwidth and higher storage space.

6. Decide what resolution you require. Some cameras record low-definition 480-pixel images. Others record high-definition 1080-pixel images or video. Low-resolution images and video can appear grainy. High-resolution images require more bandwidth and storage space. High-resolution cameras also cost more.

If you are not familiar with IP Camera, you had better learn some knowledge from Internet or your friends, this will help you choose a good camera at a reasonable price. Hope this post will give you some suggestions before your purchasing. At last, I would like to recommend you China’s Top IP Cameras online store TOMTOP, browse it follow the link:

Why Wireless IP Camera Is Ideal For Outdoor Settings?

A wireless IP camera can boost surveillance on your business, home or remote property. It saves you from being there physically at all times to protect assets. This camera can detect motion and relay this information to the PC. It has in-built intelligence that enable it send alerts via text messaging or emails. As long as your browser has internet connection, it is possible to monitor activities around valued properties.

Wireless IP Camera

Types of wireless IP cameras

IP cameras range from simple basic home surveillance systems to complex federal government types. The purpose of a IP camera should determine a type you select for purchase. FOSCAM WiFi Network CCTV IR Waterproof Wireless IP Camera FI8904W is ideal for outdoor settings. It is installable in outdoor settings.

Its unique features

This camera has in-built microphone and speaker to record sounds. It has a motion detector alarm and can support phone viewing. Its functionality extends to night and day and requires no cable connections. The camera is waterproof, meaning that it can function normally even if it rains. It has high-sensitivity 1/4″ CMOS sensor of 300k pixels that can pick up movements and sounds. Above all, it has a video protocol processor that is powerful and operates at high speeds. This camera is a perfect choice for keeping a watchful eye over property in outdoor settings.
FOSCAM WiFi Network CCTV IR Waterproof Wireless IP Camera FI8904W is perfect at night. The camera has an auto IR-LED night vision of up to 60 feet. This can enable surveillance at night over a wide radius. Images can be viewed full screen or in snap shots. The beauty of it is that the camera allows for multi-level users management. A password is required to operate and access all recorded information in it.
This camera is easy to set up. This is because it has Friendly GUI and DIY installation. Remote surveillance is possible through a mobile phone as the system supports this. You can also view these images via iPhone and Smart phone. However, these should be able to support pda mobile or midp2.0 java mobile to allow this viewing.

The camera package

The wireless IP camera comes loaded with a Wi-Fi antennae and a user manual. A network cable and mounting bracket are also available in the package. Apart from these, a CD (driver and tool) are included to aid in recording data during surveillance. Finally, there is a 5v DC power supply and mounting bracket to complete the package.

Benefits of Using Wireless IP Camera

The most common benefit of an Wireless IP Camera is he ability to view live video over the Internet from anywhere in the world. This offers the advantage of monitoring a location or property while customer is not physically there to observe activity for suspicious behavior. It is possible to view CCTV Cameras over the Internet however additional hardware and software are required. An Wireless IP Camera has this ability built-in and only an Internet connection is required without any software.

wireless ip camera

These camera enclosures comoe with various mounting types. These include pole mounts, wall mounts, ceiling mounts and corner mounts. These different types of mounts allow user to install the enclosure in various environments easily and effectively. Some enclosures are sold with mounts, though some are sold separately. This allows user to use the same enclosure in various different applications by purchasing the necessary mountings for each enclosure installation.

The IP cameras that are just being recognized are actually only just emerging from the market background. The top models in the range are very good as they bring in a passive, integrated white light and embedded, programmable speaker into the same compact unit, along with a whole new range of specs that are fully optimizable with great options including: Two-way audio ‘click-to-talk’ button, Controllable auto-flip windows, Begin recording by simply right-clicking in a camera view, Dynamic action buttons – assign outputs, full range PTZ presets, motion events and views as actions to joystick buttons and keyboard shortcuts, Wiper equipment and be activated from the smart client or DVR, AVI export with audio automatically included, Digital zoom within images is now a default for fixed cameras which improves viewing details, 17 languages in the software.

Although most IP cameras come with some form of built-in motion detection, the unpredictability of this technology prevents it from being used in most applications. Using motion detection would also require that there be some way to arm and disarm the cameras so that they do not send images when people are legitimately moving around the protected premises. Due to the familiarity and simplicity of arming and disarming an alarm panel, by far the best option is to have the alarm panel trigger cameras only when it is armed. This way, images are only sent to the server in the event of alarm activation.

One main use of outdoor IP camera enclosures is to protect the camera from weather that would destroy the camera if unprotected against the elements of rain, snow, heat and cold. When looking for an outdoor IP camera enclosure, examine what type of weather conditions the enclosure and camera will have to withstand. If the enclosure will be in an open area which would allow rain to fall on the top of the enclosure, be sure to purchase an enclosure that is properly sealed to avoid moisture penetrating inside. They will want to make sure the enclosure offers proper airflow for the camera. A completely sealed enclosure with no airflow could potentially overheat their camera.

This camera can be used to check whether employees are using the given time to add to the company’s prospects and can be used for parental control and allows the parent to keep a close eye on his teenager. Since some people find the practice unethical, it becomes necessary to install these cameras only when the situation is dire and no other option is available. Even though employees protest when such cameras are being set up, one cannot ignore the fact that a business cannot be run on mere trust. Surveillance, therefore, becomes necessary. Employees tend to dip into the company’s account and extract money for personal needs. When such a theft takes place, it becomes difficult to point out who the culprit is. This makes it all the more important to consider an IP camera.

Wireless IP Camera technology typically involves a battery-operated camera. It does not store recorded images in its internal memory. What it does, instead, is transmit signals to a receiving device that may be located as far as up to 500 meters away. Remote monitoring can then be done by hooking up the receiver to a television. At present, there is a wide choice of models available for wireless security cameras. So, you have an option between a battery-operated and an AC-powered one.

Some IP cameras also come with a BNC/Analog output allowing customer to connect IP camera to their existing CCTV system. This would allow them to connect the IP camera to their DVR recording station and still have a network connection attached allowing for remote viewing and recording to a PC or offsite location. Be sure to verify the IP camera has the ability to send video to both the BNC/Analog output and through the network simultaneously.

World’s Smallest Hemisphere Wireless IP Camera Come Out

Nowadays, the global network video market leader Axis Communications launched world’s smallest hemisphere Wireless IP Camera AXIS M50 PTZ which has functions of pan, tilt, zoom and other functions. As the world’s smallest high-definition IP cameras, it can be used for remote monitoring in store, bank, hotel, office lobby, restaurants and warehouses and other indoor environment. It provides a highly concealed but low-cost solution, more effectively achieve to monitor one or more locations to improve security.

wireless ip camera

According to reports, this wireless ip camera is a small, simple and streamlined the overall compact design, only 13cm wide, 5.6cm high, providing 360 ° of highly concealed high-quality high-definition monitor (HDTV). This camera is comes with built-in microphone, so that managers can take advantage of the audio detection, monitoring, security alarm is triggered abnormal noise.

AXIS M50 series of IP Cameras has the pan, tilt, zoom feature, plus the Axis brand design, quality advantage, and the reasonable price, is a small place ideal for video surveillance. Users can control the camera remotely to pan, tilt and zoom to achieve 360 ​​° all-round monitoring. This camera is particularly suitable for installation in shops and other places. In addition to a comprehensive video surveillance, reduce the loss of foreign goods, it can also be real-time feedback on product information (such as the shelves are placed on goods, if properly displayed in the sales location, etc.). At the same time, the behavior can help collect customer information in order to increase sales, improve service and increase retention rates shoppers. If the store layout changes, wireless ip camera can adjust the angle, choose the most suitable point to monitor, without having to re-install.

AXIS wireless camera is easy to use, it can be easily installed in the soft and hard ceilings and walls, and supports Power over Ethernet, simply use an Ethernet switch with phase standard network cable connection, it can also transmit power, video and PTZ control. Its monitoring range of up to 400 square meters, with IP51 protection level against dust and water level, even if the sprinkler system started in the case, you can also record video properly, and can simultaneously output multiple H.264 and can be independently configured Motion JPEG video streams.

Almost everything that would normally connect to the computer, such as keyboards and mice, have become wireless for a good reason: fewer cables and more mobility. If you want cameras that integrate into your local network and do not involve a mess of cables, Wireless IP Camera are the best solution. It is very simple to install, and all you have to do is open your browser on a computer in your network to configure them. offers wireless cameras at low price with fast free shipping, buy now and save today!