Thanksgiving Day in America is a time to offer thanks, of family gatherings and holiday meals. A time of turkeys, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. A time for Indian corn, holiday parades and giant balloons

Throughout history mankind has celebrated the bountiful harvest with thanksgiving ceremonies. At these ceremonies, many exchange Thanksgiving gifts and are reminded of everything they have to be thankful for.

Before the establishment of formal religions many ancient farmers believed that their crops contained spirits which caused the crops to grow and die. Many believed that these spirits would be released when the crops were harvested and they had to be destroyed or they would take revenge on the farmers who harvested them. Some of the harvest festivals celebrated the defeat of these spirits.

Harvest festivals and thanksgiving celebrations were held by the ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Hebrews, the Chinese, and the Egyptians.

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NEW! Mini Digital Jewelry Scale with LCD Display

In our daily life, we usually need to know the weight of various substances. Weighing machines are of importance in areas like industries, shops, school laboratories among others, so digital scale is more and more popular, many models in the market. Maybe you struggle with so much models, not sure which is really a good one. Today i will recommend this one as below: Continue reading

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The fashionable LCD Digital Scale by Joseph Joseph adopts a shell shaped design. It is compact, practical and versatile. The sleek stainless steel case forms a protective shield for its LCD Display, just like a cute bettle lying quietly at the corner of house. Surely that would deprive off the boredom of cooking! It’s ready to weigh both liquids and dry foods in the following units – grams, pounds, ounces and milliliters.

This LCD Display shows clear and accurate readings of weights. That’s really very convenient to add and weigh multiple ingredients in the same bowl while you are busy with recipe preparation. The auto power feature also maximizes its battery life to the fullest!

0.001g LCD Digital Electronic Pocket Gram Jewelry Diamond Scale

0.1g Mini LCD Digital Pocket Jewelry Diamond Scale

500g LCD Digital Pocket Jewelry Cell Phone Scale

3Kg/0.5g Digital Electronic Food Kitchen Weight Scale Kg Oz Lb White

2000g * 0.1g LCD Display Mini Digital Pocket Electronic Jewelry Scale

Digital Pocket Scale – The Perfect Tool To Lose Weight

There are all kinds of digital scales are used in our daily lives, we need these scales to help us weight various items. Obvious, among these thousands of scales, digital pocket scale is one of the most popular scales. The main reason why so many people love it is it’s small size, this feature decide it is easy to carry it with you and will tell the exactly weight which you want to know. Another reason why women like to take this cute small scale along with them is that it’s the best and perfect tool for your weight losing plan.

Nowadays, losing weight is not only means to keep our sexy figure, it’s more important to know that this way will keep us healthy. More and more stress has been strongly affect our lives, nearly all of use are live in a sub-health status. Do you know what are you busy for everyday? You fear, you can’t sleep good, you feel your time isn’t enough? Why? So, it’s time to stop your busy steps, and have a new look around us. In a matter of fact, the best way to mange our health is to control our food. Know the food weight you are assured that you are maintain portions under control and also that your digital scale diary or some other calorie counting approach is accurate. When dieting, it’s vital that you stay within a particular quantity of calories, and also if you are just guessing at the portions of food that you take in – you could be under estimating the amount of food that you are taking in. There is no doubt that people like to consider the digital pocket scale as the perfect tool for the busy cook or for diabetics.

Weighing your food can help you maintain portions under control to be able to maximize your body fat loss efforts. The pocket scale is likewise a very helpful for non-dieters. Any individual who cooks has faced the prospect of measuring out ounces or grams as opposed to be able to cups or teaspoons. The small digial scale is made up of very quality material, the weight is so light that even a small child can measure. General, such scale is portable and you can easily carry it with you. It is convenient to be used. There is the LCD display which will help you to watch the measurement clearly, from this digital scale there is no chances of being cheated. It also has Blue backlight which makes it even working in the dark this can be the best choice when you go to buy things.

Are you looking for a weight scale to control your food? You would be surprised and shocked by the varied range of digital weight scales available in the market today. However, digital scale is needed for everyone, are you ready to take a digital pocket scale along with you everyday? Welcome to visit TOMTOP, China’s top digital scales online store, all items at lowest prices and with fast free shipping!

Digital Scale – The Best Way To Monitor Your Weight

Summer is the season to show your sexy figure, it is the time to let your wardrobe full of fashionable clothes. You must be can’t help yourself from trying on stylish clothes which are displayed in the shop window. I am sure buying new clothes is so exciting to women that can’t express in words. However, it will make you feel so bad if you are a little fat. Too many beautiful clothes you can’t wear, after trying on them, your partner or friend just shake his head. So depressed in the front of mirror. Don’t want to meet this scene, use digital scale to monitor your weight at once!

digital scale

When referring to dieting, you maybe just frown, it’s difficult to insist on to many people. They’ve tried many plans but get with minimal results. Part of the reason is they really don’t know where to start. With the assistance of a body fat weight scale, you are sure to be well on your way to proper weight loss goals. Scales like these not only tell you your weight accurately, but also inform you of your body fat count. There are models out there that even tell you how many calories you need to maintain or lose weight to get to your perfect size for your height and body type. All of this is calculated automatically for you by the scale once you have entered your parameters into the on board display.

Another reason that these digital weight scales are so popular with so many different people is simply because they are quick and easy. Using a digital scale has proven to be the most efficient, and the effective way for someone to get an extremely accurate measurement allowing for the tracking in the changes of people’s body composition of long periods of time. What is known as the CDC has actually been keeping tabs on the obesity levels in America for some time now. They use a body weight scale to effectively chart this information. This is the only logical way to conduct such activities because of the fact that any other method would just take too long. It is also happens to be the most preferred method put in place by many other people as well in an effort to track the composition of people’s body.

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Buy A Digital Scale To Maintain A Healthy Weight

A woman has an inherent love of beauty, want to easily keep the figure as you want? Diet and exercise are two effective ways for burning tons of fat, but if you are a person who cannot resist a tasty treat. Without enough self-control, it’s really difficult to achieve the figure you want. In this case, how would you do? In a matter of fact, with the help of digital scale, you can manage the amount of calorie you are taking in on a daily basis.

digital scale

If you consider digital pocket scale is only for those who have a passion for cooking, or for those who are always consious about their weight, you will realize that such tool can actually benefit anyone who has a desire to control their food intake. Moreover, with the help of digital scales, people can be motivated to maintain a healthy weight. The invention of the modern digital scale is such a breakthrough. Gone as the days when you need to check your list just to make sure you are getting the exact amout of calorie. With just a press of a button, you can determine not only the calorie content but also the nutritional value a certain food has, aside from the fact that you can get its exact weight of course.

Digital Scale will act as a motivational tool for reducing the weight. Earlier these scales were not taken into consideration as it was said that it did not show the accurate measurements. Nevertheless, over the years they have come a long way in development. Digital scales are now precise and highly developed. For the people who need to calculate the fat in with the body calipers which are unique fat meters, but that is not extremely precise and necessitate a lot of calculation.

It is a very first-rate tool for a person who wants to loose weight. With a digital pocket scale you might have had an extra precise analysis of how much fat you are in reality losing. You would have understood the significance of measuring how much fat and muscle you had as an alternative of just a few arbitrary weights. This is for all time significant to keep in mind: the weight loss and fat loss are no one and the same.

All in all, the digital scale can help us live a healthy lives, this is the most important reason you should own such a scale. And this is the most effective way to lose weight, achieve the figure you want. Of course You will become self-confident with the sexy figure, enjoy every happy day. If you are still only looking for the scale in the market, please stop, various pocket scales are waiting for you in online store. Such as China Wholesale online store Tomtop.com, all items in this store are worldwide fast free shipping. Visit TOMTOP follow the link: http://www.tomtop.com/digital-scales

Powerful Digital Scales For Your Home

Looking for a small scale but powerful, that you can take it along with you wherever you go? So may be the digital scale is the right for you. Digital Scale also called weight scale or pocket scale, it is a weight measuring instrument, but as small as a pocket calculator and made for people on the move. You can put it in your purse, suitcase, or glove compartment of your car when you travel. It’s easily to know the weight of items you want to weight.

Digital Scale

Digital scales come in a diverse array of types. The size, type and price are all in some way determined by what the scale will be used for. One of the most popular scales is digital kitchen scale. It has 2 types: personal and commercial. The personal are usually smaller and weigh all types of food that are designed for a family size cooking. Although they are accurate, they only weigh small portions. For weighing larger portions of food like you might need in a restaurant, commercial digital food scales are recommended. However, whether personal or commercial, these food digital scales are accurate and most include nutritional value information in addition to weighing food. Postal digital scales can be found in small sizes, as well as large. For example, at a postal office you can see the small digital scales right on the desk. These are designed to weigh letters and envelopes, as well as very small packages. However, for those larger packages, floor postal scales weigh the large boxes that are heavy. They usually sit on the floor behind the counter. Both the small and the large postal scales are extremely efficient.

No matter what type of scale that is used, they all work pretty much the same. The digital display is visible from afar and it is “easy to read” with the display being a color like red or blue. Their sizes vary, as do their relative prices. These scales can be found online at stores that specialize in such items. Sometimes there are even promotional sales that generate large volume discounts, etc. Before purchasing items, such as these, it is imperative to inquire about the factory warranties or company guarantees. Since many of these scales are quite costly, their warranties have a great monetary value. In the event that a defect or faulty part is found, these warranties will either replace or repair the parts or the entire digital hanging scale. This is the reason why these warranties must be activated immediately after purchasing the scale.

All in all, digital scales are widely used in both on a personal and commercial basis. Their efficiency helps to make weighing products a fast and accurate process, due to modern technology. Looking for Digital Scale for your home, welcome to visit China’s Top online store TOMTOP, low prices and all items worldwide fast free shipping. Visit it or paste the link into your browser: http://www.tomtop.com/digital-scales

The Top 5 Pocket-Sized Digital Scales

OKPocket EZ-600

An all-purpose pocket-sized food scale, the EZ-600 is incorporated with a backlit LCD display that helps the user to clearly interpret the SL500 AA300 digits visible on it. The weighing platform of the EZ-600 is covered with a protective layer to ensure durability and longevity. Featuring a scale capacity of 600g and a scale resolution of 0.1g, the pocket scale consists of a stainless steel platform with 4 weighing modes g/ozt/dwt. In addition to the above mentioned features, this unique pocket scale promotes a tare function and a warranty that will last you almost 2 years. Costing you a meager $12.95, the EZ-600 pocket scale is now within your reach.

Digital Hanging scale

digital hanging scale

This digital hanging scale is a tiny cute gadget for daily use.It provide three units of weight:kilogram,troy pound and troy ounce.Such a small gadget could load weighing up to 40 kilograms.It is a useful tool indeed that can be used all around in daily life. LCD Screen Display. Three units of weight switch option:Kg/Lb/oz. Max weight:40Kg/88Lb/1410oz. Accuracy:20g/0.04Lb/0.7oz. Automatically lock in readings when the data is stable. Main body use ABS engineering plastic as main materials. Stainless steel hanging hook. High strength compact firm hand strap.

300g x 0.01g Digital Gram Scale

digital gram scale

Offered at low price $12.14, this digital gram scale is a high precision electronic scale. Accuracy is rated to 0.01g.It provide 7 units of weight to transform.It can weighing the minimal things of the same class like jewelry,chemical agent.It is very suitable for jeweler and laboratory using. With a scale resolution of 0.01 g and a scale capacity of 300g, the digital gram scale is cleanly designed to provide a thin compact product.

1000g x 0.1g Jewelry Weight Scale

Accuracy to 0.1 gram Accuracy for Oz to 0.005oz. Maximum capacity of 1000 grams. Tare function, 3 minutes of auto power off. Operation temperature:10-30ºC. LCD Display: 5bit LCD Display. Backlight: Blue backlight. Size: 114 x 76 x 19.5mm. Weight: 116g. Size of stainless steel Pan : 73 x 65 mm. Automatic alarm by low battery. 6 units selection g / ozt / dwt / ct / oz / gn . Press the TARE key will show 0. Press OFF to turn the scale off manually.

American Weigh CD-V2-500

The American Weigh CD-V2-500 is truly unique in its design and is available for $27.95. Flaunting a real CD jewel case design, the CD-V2-500 is very user-friendly and can practically be operated with your eyes closed. A spacious weighing surface is provided to ensure efficiency and offers 5 varying color styles. With a scale resolution of 0.01 g and scale capacity of 500g, the CD-V2-500 offers a 10 year warranty which ensures that all your pocket scale needs will be met.

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Digital Pocket Scale: One Of Most Useful Gadget in Our Daily Lives

Want to know the exact weight of an item when you are out? If your answer is yes, it’s wise to invest in a nice set of Digital Pocket Scale. There are various kinds of pocket scales that neatly fits into your pocket or bag and can be used in many situations to weigh anything from food to perhaps specialist tobacco.

digital pocket scale

Need Accurate Measurements

If you are dealing with diamonds, it is vital to assess their value in knowing the exact carrot weight. People that collect gold and silver will want to know what their collection is worth. If you are a gun enthusiast and reload your own ammunition. It is very important to use the exact weight of gunpowder. Many people like to weigh their food before eating. It is nearly impossible to know the weight of a cut of meat, by merely guessing. These are just some of the purposes that you will need accurate measurements.

Pocket Scale

Why The Pocket Scale?

Portability is a big issue these days. Not everyone wants to take heavy or bulky equipment with them. The convenience of reaching in your pocket for a tool is very appealing to many. Cost is not a concern either. Most small devices are priced comparably to their larger counterparts. Prices vary a great deal, but there are some as low as $10. Some are as high as $75. Many can be found at a median price of $30. Most of the units appear to have accuracy equal to their larger units.

Choose the one right for you

Pocket Scale comes in huge selections. They can resemble cell phones. Some appear as a wallet or checkbook. There are tiny hanging scales that look like ink pens. Others seem to be a calculator. In addition, many have very unique designs. They can be a fashion statement as well as a valuable tool. They are also available in a large assortment of colors.

The mini scales weight ranges can be as low as 25 carrots. Many go up to 500 grams. However, there are a few scales that will weigh in excess of 500 grams. Ounces are also available in most units. Some measure grains, for those weighing things like gunpowder. And you can get some that will weigh all four units of measure.

The Downside

There is very little downside to owning one of these scales. If you have a designated area for you work, there maybe no need for small scales. Mini weighing machines also have limits. You could not weigh something very heavy with them.


Digital Pocket Scale is available in a large assortment of colors and designs. You can find one that will fit your needs. Not everyone will require such a tool. But those that do, will appreciate the portability and convenience of them.

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