Black Friday Time, What’re You Waiting For?

The day After Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. This also is officially start of holiday shopping season. Almost all stores come out with Doorbuster Sales with early bird special to attract consumers to their stores. People stand in line hours before store is opened, to grab the bargain of the year.
Black Friday isn’t until the day after Thanksgiving, but since you’re already here, looking for Black Friday deals, we kicked off the deals a little early.

BLACK  FRIDAY  DEAL, up to 47% off!

Tips for Black Friday Shopping

– Decide what you want before shopping. You may NOT be able to cover all the stores and may not be able to get ALL the early bird Specials.

– Give preference to big ticket item as you will save more on those item. For example, if you are looking for a $1000 3D TV and $10 Bluetooth and both are at very good prices but are on two different stores. Savings on 3D TV may be in range of few hundred dollars while saving on Bluetooth may be in $10-$20 range.

– Check Price Matching Policy of stores. Some stores offer price match so instead of standing in queue you may just walk in to a store with no or less queue and that offers price match. (And yes, make sure that they have item in stock). Price Matching is always a tricky situation. Some stores may be kind enough to honour their words while other may NOT be. Some employee’s and Manager’s are also reluctant to offer price match.

– Buy in advance and get price adjusted on Black Friday day. Again, Some store may or may not adjust price. You may try return and re-purchase at Black Friday price on Black Friday. Again, some store may refuse to sale it back, stating that item has to go in first.

– Buy Only what you need. Many stores are strict on re-stocking fee which may range from 5-15%.This usually applies to big ticket electronics & tech items.

– PARK SMART. Park in the parking lot of nearby other place where there is no sale. Walk to store. This way, you wont get stuck in BIG queue of people coming in and out to the main store.

– Shop Online. These day’s most Black Friday items are available online as well. Checkout for all online deals. This is one of the best and most frequently updated website on the web so you are sure to get all bargains there.



How to find clothes perfect for your dog?

The weather is getting colder and colder day by day. It’s time to prepare warm clothes for you love pet dog. Do you confuse about how to find out good clothes with reasonable price? Here will give you some advice.

1. Check local thrift and consignment shops.

People don’t just donate their own clothing to thrift stores, but they tend to donate their pet’s too. Take a peek at your local thrift and consignment shops to see if they have any doggy apparel in stock. You can typically find pieces for just a few dollars each, and even less if you shop on a discount day. We also recommend checking out yard sales. They often include pet items for a very reduced amounts

2. Swap with dog clothes friends.

If you run around in a circle with other dog owners, then chances are they have apparel pieces they may no longer be using, have never used, or were only gently used last season. See if you can arrange a swap amongst your friends. This way, you can score some “new to you” pieces of apparel for your pet basically for free.

3. Visit discount retail stores.

Stores such as Walmart and Target carry pet apparel for less than doggy boutiques tend to. You can even find seasonal clearance items for just a few dollars. Peek in the pet aisle at your local discount retail store and see what their offerings are for the month. Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and Big Lots are some other stores you might frequent that also have a pet section.



Thanksgiving Day in America is a time to offer thanks, of family gatherings and holiday meals. A time of turkeys, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. A time for Indian corn, holiday parades and giant balloons

Throughout history mankind has celebrated the bountiful harvest with thanksgiving ceremonies. At these ceremonies, many exchange Thanksgiving gifts and are reminded of everything they have to be thankful for.

Before the establishment of formal religions many ancient farmers believed that their crops contained spirits which caused the crops to grow and die. Many believed that these spirits would be released when the crops were harvested and they had to be destroyed or they would take revenge on the farmers who harvested them. Some of the harvest festivals celebrated the defeat of these spirits.

Harvest festivals and thanksgiving celebrations were held by the ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Hebrews, the Chinese, and the Egyptians.

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Keep An Eye At Home

Every day, new innovations are created for providing home security. One of the latest is the wireless IP camera. If a home is equipped with a wireless network for connecting computers and appliances, one or more of these cameras will be a breeze to bring into the system. However, there are many different levels of camera models available, making choosing the best wireless IP camera a matter of what is expected of it.

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What Are The Best Headphones?

Everyone has a pair of free headphones. Probably more than one. Every mobile device comes with some near-disposable pair of earbuds of marginal quality and dubious sound quality. Apple AAPL -0.85% even sells theirs for $30.

Since nearly everyone has a mobile device now, headphones have become big business. From a few dollars to thousands of dollars, there’s a style, brand, form, celeb endorsement, and/or color to match your interest.

But are expensive headphones worth it?

What Are The Best Headphones?

Are Soundbars Worth It?

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Choosing A Right Dress

Whether you need to buy a cocktail dress for a wedding or a sundress for a summer picnic, you always want to look your best. When choosing a dress you need to consider your body shape. Not all cuts look good on every shape. Here are some suggestions for buying dresses for each body type out there.

Fashion Career Women’s Dress Polka Dot High Waist

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Free 7” Tablet PC, Get It Now!

Free 7” Tablet PC, Get It Now!

1st Round of Year End Reward

To present our gratitude to our fans for 2012, we have 25 tablets to give away for 5 rounds. Each round will give away 5 pcs. This is the link for the gift

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TOP 10 ANTI-SCAM Unique Skill For Online Shopping

With the rapid development of e-commerce, the network scam has become more and more rampant. According to the report of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the losses that were caused as a result of phishing raised from 265 million dollars in 2008 to 560 million dollars in 2009. Since 2004, we have been engaged in e-commerce. We have since then come across a variety of scams and have accumulated rich experience in scam prevention. For the healthy development of e-commerce and to maintain the credibility of an honest merchant, we have concluded the following 10 unique anti-scam skills.

1. Check The Domain Register information

It is a well known fact that a great company always exists for a long time and an old website is more secure than the new. How can you tell a website is new or old? Click here to get the site domain register information: This particular website includes the register time, registers name and business address of the registered individual. A scam provides incomplete or false information, and always replaces identity; the fake site registered by a person sustains no longer. Therefore, the longer the site is registered, with more detailed information, the higher is the site credibility.

2. Check Whether They Have Business In Authoritative Third-Party Trading Platform

In general, a good merchant makes use of an authoritative third party trading platform for selling his products. This platform is also used by the merchant to improve his market share as it is the symbol of strength. Alibaba, eBay, Amazons etc are some of the common third-party trading platforms available. These platforms are extremely transparent and fair. The platform’s evaluation system is highly credible in nature. You can and should however obtain more objective information about them. For instance, you can search for a business named Alibaba from Google, and can also confirm whether or not the site is registered and sold in Alibaba.

3. Check Whether Or Not They Pass The Third-Party Network Security Certification

McAfee McAfeeand Verisign Versignare the world’s most authoritative network security certification. Fortune 500 companies usually pass their certification without much ado as they have strict business identity confirmation system tied along them. These certifications are also equipped with a frequently operating site scanner that ensures security of the site and keeps it free from the Trojan horses, viruses, spyware and other threats. If a site does not display some such certification logo, please do not purchase any kind of products from them. (Note: Many sites, just hang a symbol, and are not authenticated; you should be extremely careful about such sites.)

4. Check The Existence Of Price Trap

While shopping online, do not fall into the price trap when the product is incredibly below the market price. This at times, induces the customers to buy the given product but you have to act smart. A high priced product does not necessarily mean a high quality product; and at the same time low priced product does not also indicate a high quality or a low quality product. However, a low priced product offered on such scam sites may indicate that the product is either defective, imitated or a repaired product or it may come under the category of parallel imports and the worst can be that the product may not be delivered at all after order placement. Contrary to such cases, there might also be a possibility that an honest merchant may charge less for certain products for the reasons of clearance sale, or may offer discounts and payment coupons, thereby lowering the product price. In all such cases, you must double check the website and the product price through other methods as well.

5. Check Whether Or Not The Website Supports Payment Via PayPal

PayPal is a mode of payment that is entrusted to protect the buyer while trading online. In case a customer does not receive the ordered goods or if the goods delivered does not match with the ordered description, you can initiate a dispute within 45 days and can get complete refund of his money without any excuses. Moreover, Paypal also keeps a check on the frequent complaints of the online sellers and merchants in regard to the sale of a number of fake and shoddy products; the accounts of such PayPal account holders are frozen soon. Therefore, when such websites are compared which deal through modes like Western Union and PayPal, PayPal payment is any day more secure.

6. Check Whether The Site Supports Business Bank Account Payment

An authentic and known online shopping website must always be registered by the entity company. Such entities must possess a legal business license from the local government and must have a business bank account. This indicated the true nature of the business. In case both these things are not available, it can be assumed that the so called business is a personal business or a scam. While making bulk purchases, it is therefore suggested that the payment must be made in the company bank account as it guarantees law protection to the customers/ buyers and saves them from indulging in any business scam.

7. Check Whether Or Not The Entity Has The Customer Interaction Platform

The customer’s views, comments and experiences after using the product directly indicated the scope of their next visit/purchase. An honest business will always allow the customers to pen down his views on different platforms such as forums, blogs, or any other third party social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. Contrary to this, a scam site or a fake entity will never provide any such platform. This is because the fear of disclosing the truth by the cheated customer persists in them and such entities are scared of their business termination after such truthful statements.

8. Check Whether Or Not The Site Is Professional

The details determine a success or a failure for any business; therefore a professional B2C site must pay due attention to the detailing and customer assistance part even though it demands a lot of energy. An authentic website always provide points, coupons, affiliate programs, track orders, to its customers along with the services of assistance before and after ordering the product. Such websites also offer columns of new arrivals, RSS and other such services along with the columns of detailed company information and clear return policy. Fake sites however do not waste time on these important details. Therefore, this must draw a clear line of distinction between the real websites and the scam/fake ones.

9. Check Whether Or Not They Support Face To Face Transactions

You can also entrust your local friends or business partners, home delivery. If a particular website does not support the transaction in person or does not provide its detailed address, it is certainly deemed to be a cheater. Therefore, at the time of making bulk purchases, you must definitely check whether the website opted for supports face to face transactions or not. This will ensure that you are not cheated or scammed by any chance.

10. Practice Is The Sole Criterion For Testing The Reality

If all the above mentioned anti-scam skills are not sufficient to judge whether the site is a scam or not, you may consider this one last skill. You can initially place a small order to verify the authenticity of the deal. The results turn up quick and in case of any deception, the loss faced is not much troublesome and big. In fact, the scam deal, in this case, does not ignore the small orders; such deals however refund the invested fund.
Online shopping has in general provided us the necessary convenience and other benefits, so this should be continued without doubt. What merely need to be kept in mind are the 10 anti-scam unique skills discussed above. These skills would ensure that the cheaters have no chance to scam you, thereby letting you enjoy your shopping time, without worries and qualms!

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