2014, Start From Your Car

As 2014 New Year is just around the corner, everyone would like to bring a new image to his or her house. Of course, his or her car is a part that can not be excluded. How to arm your cars is a question. Here are many devices designed for your cars.

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How to choose a car DVR

Car DVR is an excellent device that can record sound and video through high definition camera when starting the car, and save what it has recorded to memory cards.

In recent years, more and more people have realized that it is neccessary to install a car DVR for their cars. On one hand, you can use it to take photos and record videos when traveling. It can help you memorize the beautiful scenery on your way and record happy times in your life. On the other hand, it can also be used for recording what happens to your car as evidences when coming across an accident. There are many unpredictable accidents and dangers on roads. With the instalaltion of a car DVR, you can take those videos recorded as a witness to prove yourself in case of meeting an accident.

And how to choose a car DVR? When you are trying to purchase a car DVR, there are some details you should pay attentions to.

Firstly, the camera. Whether it is a professional camera attaches much importance to video recording. And the resolution of camera is also a big factor.

Secondly, angle of view. The larger the view angle, the wider range it covers.

Thirdly, video compression technology. It is related to its memory capacity and operating speed.

Fourthly, camera quantity. Most car DVR has only one camera. If neccessary, you can choose a dual-camera car DVR.

Fifthly, other functions, such as GPS track recording, G-sensor, IR night vision, etc.

What’s more, the size of DVR, you can choose as you like or according to the decoration of your car.


Enjoy Driving With Your Own Car Sticker Decoration

Car sticker is an adhesive label or sticker with a message, intended to be attached to the bumper of an automobile and to be read by the occupants of other vehicles—although they are often stuck onto other objects. More and more people own their cars, and car decorations become a necessary item that can’t be ignored for every car owners. If you take a look at of these car decorations from China Wholesale tomtop.com, then you will be lost in so many different styles. Car sticker is one of the major kits in the necessary list. They are very impressive stickers owing to their dynamic designs, worthwhile prints, and advertisement functions. They are very efficient and useful products in many ways.

car sticker

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Tomtop LED Signal Lights Make Your Beloved Car Stand out Even in the Darkness

The Patent Colorful Original LED Wheel Signal Lights consist of 11pcs colorful LEDs. It has 12 different kinds of patterns which will be changed every 4 seconds. When your car is speed up to 30 km / hour, the pattern would be clear and completely.

Patent Colorful Original LED Wheel Signal Lights

Moreover, it is equipped with light sensor and movement sensor, flash only at night and moving, it will not work and save power when not running.

Make your beloved cat stand out even in the darkness!
120CM Car Flexible 60 Neon Blue LED Light Strip SMD

120CM Car Flexible 60 Neon Blue LED Light Strip SMD

24cm 24 LED Waterproof Car Strip Flexible Light Green

24cm 24 LED Waterproof Car Strip Flexible Light Green

2X Blue LED Light Windscreen Washer Water Jets 12V Car

2X Blue LED Light Windscreen Washer Water Jets 12V Car

Car LED Stop Tail Rear Turn Third Brake Light Lamp

Car LED Stop Tail Rear Turn Third Brake Light Lamp

Car Tire Colorful Flash Light Wheel Lamp With Light Sensor

Car Tire Colorful Flash Light Wheel Lamp With Light Sensor

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Advice On Choosing Ideal Car Accessories

Cars have been an important part in our daily lives, and have been considered as one of the most convenient tool. For the car owner, if you want your car to stand out in the street which are full of cars, it’s not an easy thing. You need the help of Car Accessories which is the most cost-effective way of making a car flashy and comfy. You can make it comfortable from inside and more secured to drive even. The following are some tips on how to choose car accessories for you car.

Try interior accessories to give your car a whole new lease of life. There are many things you need to consider to add, such as new mirrors, mobile phone or iPod holders, seat covers, floor mats or cushions. As well as being ideal accessories for your car, accessories of this sort should be a great way to make your car unique and personal.

Next, it’s turn to stereo system. Getting a premium stereo system for your car will make it appear all the more impressive with music lovers and youngsters. The most important, it can make a long car journey or even a drive to work enjoyable. Although, before you make a purchase check out that your speakers won’t cause problems for your new stereo system, asking a car mechanic with experience of cars should help to provide you some good advice.

Then another problem may be a little difficult to decide where to buy your car accessories. As far as I know, most car accessories are high value items, you’d better purchase them from a reputable store, such as China’s top wholesale online store TOMTOP which established in June, 2004. A Reliable China wholesale and retail Online Shop with Diverse & High Quality Products where you can buy China Products at Best Price with Free Shipping to worldwide and Free Coupons! A cheap car accessory will only serve to cheapen your car and can be false economy that is not worth the hassle, as they can break easily.

Ensure that you have an emergency kit for your car. This should have some jump leads for flat batteries and a warning triangle for breakdowns. It is important to make these emergency preparations as you might get into trouble on a deserted dual carriageway and have no chance of warning other drivers that you need help to change your tyre. Although anyone can follow this tip, no matter what car they drive, it is still helpful to bear in mind.

Really hope these tips can help you enjoy choosing car accessories for you car, just image that how your car will attract eyes when it running in the street. After your decorate, I am sure you will love your car more and will ensure your every drive safe enough. Follow these tips to choose your ideal car accessories now!

Guides On Choosing Car Lights

Nowadays, more and more cars running in the street to forum a high car traffic world, more and more car accidents happened in every corner of the earth. One of the main reasons about these car accidents is the car light don’t work well during fog or rainy days especially in the night time. Anyhow a brighter, safer light for night time and bad weather driving, LED Car Lights help you to stay safe on the road away from the fog or bad weather night time.

Car Lights

There are different kinds of car lights available in the market. They are created and designed to make your car look stylish. Lights are categorized based on where they are placed in the car and their use. The following are some of the lights and their uses.

1. Tail Lights

Located at the back portion of the car, they are used for turn and break signals. They also serve as warning for vehicles following to keep a safe distance from the vehicle.

2. Fog Lights

They are basically used for foggy weather conditions to increase visibility. They also allow cars going in the opposite direction to distinctly notice you, which can prevent accidents.

3. Head Lights

They are car’s front lights and the main lights responsible to guide the car, especially in the middle of the night or a dark area.

4. Bumper Lights

They are located in front of the car and go together with headlights. Bumper lights are distinguishable from headlights because they are much bigger and brighter.

5. Top Lights

They are dome-shaped lights that are placed on top of cars. They are commonly used by cops on their police car.

Choosing a car light is not that hard. You just have to consider some few things before you start buying lights for your car. The following are some questions that you should ask yourself before your purchasing:

1. Consider the appearance of your car. Will the light look stylish on your car or will it conflict with the car’s color scheme?

2. Ask yourself what your motivations are for choosing new car lights. You may find that you need to replace dull headlights after years of wear, or you may want to change the design of your car. You may want to buy a brighter bulb to feel safer on the road. Whatever your priorities are, they will inform your decision on which car lights to buy.

3. Prioritize factors such as safety, cost and style that are important to you. Knowing what your urgent needs are will help you narrow your options down further. You may want to consider longer lasting bulbs or brighter bulbs, depending on your needs. If you drive long distances, a longer lasting bulb may suit you better. But if you live in a place where there are less cars on the road, a brighter bulb may be a better option at night.

4. Which manufacturers will give the quality you need in the design that you want?

5. Which lights in your car will you change?

Really hope these tips will help you decide on what car light you want to customize or change on your car. Car lights just as the eyes of your car, it’s quite worth for you to spend a little time on how to choose high quality car lights. China Wholesale Online Store TOMTOP offers high quality car accessories for our customers, if you are interested, welcome to visit us, or paste the link into your browser: http://www.tomtop.com/car-lights

Car Accessories – Make Your Car Drive Smooth And Comfortable

Every year, a ton of car owners spend a lot of money on car accessories to make the car’s interior comfortable and exterior glamorous. Car accessories are unquestionably as essential as the car itself. They certainly play a very important function in making the car drive smooth and comfortable. The car accessories can basically be categorized as interior car accessories and exterior car accessories. The seat cover, carpet, custom dash mats, floor mats, come under interior car accessories where as lights and lighting accessories, snow and ice accessories, gas caps, car covers etc belong to exterior car accessories.

Car Accessories

There is actually no end to the amount you can invest to make your car comfortable and swanky. The moment you purchase a new car, the first expenditure that your car demands in on accessories. Some prefer to buy car accessories from the showroom itself where from the car has been bought, while some prefer to buy it from the retail market for budgetary as well as for getting wider choice. Whatsoever the point of purchase is, it is almost essential to embellish your car with some basic accessories.

Car accessories not just function as add-ons on the automobile however they additionally offer the vital service of enhancing the look of the car along with sustaining the life of vehicle. The Indian auto market is on a roll since the last decade and therefore there is an increase in the requirement for these accessories by all the car holders. Nowadays, auto accessories not just make a style statement but they also safeguard the life of a car. Car accessory parts are separated into two groups: OEM parts and Aftermarket parts. Aftermarket automobile accessories are utilized in cars to substitute the original parts, since they become worn out to damaged because of the application.

Buy car accessories online can provide you a lot of choices and save you some money and time. But one must spend some time in researching if planing to adorn car with new car accessories. Internet can be one of the best medium to research for car accessories. One can come across multiple vendors of car accessories as well as there is wider choice in terms of price. Though there is a drawback of not physically seeing the products. But you can still plan to order it from net as good sellers often provide you return guarantee if you can actually confirm that there is complete variation in the displayed product and the actual product being delivered.

Before you start buying car accessories online, make sure it is a reputable site and one that you can trust with quality products. If you are having doubts, you can through the site’s official blog, forum, Facebook or twitter to know more about the site. I am sure this is one of the best way for car owners to buy car accessories online. I would like to recommend you China’s top car accessories online store TOMTOP, all items offer by us, worldwide fast free shipping.

LED Car Lights – A Cost-Effective Way To Customize Your Car

Want to customize your car, but don’t want spend too much money? There is a cost-effective and easy way to personalized your car, forget installing time-consuming under-car lighting or an ear drum-shattering sound system and don’t waste your money on an expensive paint job – Just upgrade your standard halogen bulbs to better and brighter LED Car Lights.

LED Car Lights

LED Car Lights are the latest trend in the illumination of cars both as functional lights and decorative ones. They are installed by factories more frequently and in a growing range. The first application of factory-installed LED car lights happened in 2008 in a Lexus LS 600h / LS 600h L model, and their application has been growing ever since. An even wider range of after-market lights is also available for individuals who wish to switch for LED car lighting. These light bulbs are available in a wide range of colours sizes and fittings. Nearly all existing car lights can be replaced with LED equivalents, and several guidelines can help you change the bulbs yourself. Some DIY skill will be necessary though, to access the lights within the car.

The LED Car Lights will make your car more energy efficient thereby help you save money. Why? As we all know, LED bulbs have a lower power consumption than that of filament bulbs. They can also increase your safety. The fast on/off response time of LED Lights mean that from the very moment you switch on your headlights you’ll be able to see and be seen. LED bulbs are not quite as bright as ones that use a filament but they do have a more vivid, intense colour which means you’ll see the road ahead more clearly as well as being more obviously visible to other road users. LED lights have a cleaner looking beam to the old standard yellow white bulbs and to put it plainly, are way more eye-catching. Not only will your car look cooler but if you’re trying to sell it, it’s a real feature that enables you to increase your selling price as well as making your car stand out among the competition.

Replace your old car lights with LED car lights now, you’ll be saving money, increasing your safety, and making your car stand out from the crowd – just a minimum of time, money and effort. If you’re looking for a huge range of car parts, car accessories and car lights, visit TOMTOP or paste the link into your browser: http://www.tomtop.com/car-accessories

Buyer’s Guide On Choosing Car Lights

Traditionally, the function of car lights is very simple, it is just for light. Let the driver to see the road clearly, also allow the pedestrians and other drivers see their vehicles in time. As days go by, with the maturation and development of the automotive market, the car lights began to enter a diversified, individualized development stage, then, the lights in the lighting features has been given a decorative, stylish and practical lights personalized. You can also customize the car by changing the body paint, tinting the windows and putting some vine and graphic designs.

Car Lights

However, not all automotive lighting is able to protect your car. Good car lights will provide a safe, high quality lighting environment, let you blend the speed of light and enjoy a good driving atmosphere. But the poor quality lights not only can not play a protective effect, even a dangerous security risk. How to choose car lights for your car? What the factors that affect your driving?

Car Light brightness is the most important factor. Automotive lighting according to the farther, wider, more security, which involves efficient lighting problems. Although low-quality cars feel light bulb, but did not project the need for lighting area, but also across the glare of the vehicle. Within the context of the regulations, higher brightness lighting allows the driver earlier detection of safety problems. Very fresh light upgrades such as Philips products, brightness by 80% growth in light beam 25 meters, they were favored by many owners.

Precise quality of light bulb filament position is an important factor. At present there are vehicles on the road to issue Xuanyan often see light of other vehicles, the reason is lack of filament positioning technology. The lights are high quality accurate positioning by the filament and ensure proper distribution of light to provide the best lighting.

With the use of colored lights for the bad performance of the lamp brightness fade, it is normal phenomena, but the lights dimmed more accidents. Can choose to delay high-quality color bulb failure and prolong life. The lights should be replaced once the dark, can not wait for broken before. Some consumers with a period of time, the lights dimmed, still driving, which is very dangerous!

Color temperature refers to the color of the light. Most cars on the market in the 3200K color temperature bulbs around, yellow, dim light will make people naturally want to sleep, to bring accidents. The white light can make people stay alert and awake. So there is a white type on the market to upgrade products, such as Philips Silver Warrior series, to have 4300K ​​stylish white light, so night driving more comfortable and safe.

Car lights just as the eye of man, as the owner, we should take some time to learn how to choose the best car lights. We should know some basic knowledge of car lights, hope this post will help you. If you are interested in buying cool car lights, welcome to visit China’s top car accessories online store TOMTOP, visit us or paste the link into your browser: http://www.tomtop.com/car-accessories

Latest LED Car Lights – Powerful Enough To Do Their Job

Do you think your interior light bulbs are just not powerful enough to do their job properly? If you are looking for a way to make your vehicle more powerful, then using LED Car Lights is your best choice. These lights are made of Silicon or Germanium, they use less electric power and give large amount of light. They are offered by different companies and available in various types and colors in the market now. The most important is they can make your drive safer, because they are more cleaner than standard car bulbs.

LED Car Lights

Besides the obvious benefits of improved light output, the LED car lights also have other additional properties which make them particularly useful within your car setting. They are much tougher and more rugged than any other normal bulbs. Just due to there is no delicate metal filament or a glass bulb that may break. Besides, they can last considerably longer. In most cases they can last over 50,000 hours. This extremely long service life means that you may probably have to change your car before you need to change your Car Lights.

In addition. these Car Lights are available in different types of sizes and shapes such as 900, H and 880. These types are the most popular all over the world. They are also available in a range of colors. These include white, blue and red. You may use these LED Car Lights to replace overhead courtesy lights, map lights, as well as boot lights and door opening lights. They are very good and use less power.

LED car lights use direct current and they are not required AC current. If you are looking to replace your car’s head lights then LED Car lights are the best alternative for them because you can easily install them so you can save you a lot of money. If you buy new car lights then you can simply fit them into your car’s head light boxes and they start working at that time. So this method is very easy and they are long lasting and strong so you can use them roughly. There are also some small LED Lights available, which are very useful to increase your car’s interior decoration.

LED Car lights are the most popular car lights in the market nowadays, the technology of LED is the newest technology of light and the theory of LED light is very easy. The color of LED lights you should choose depends on energy band gap of the material. This band gap is very useful to mix colors from blue, green and red and these colors are good for driving in the night. Light up the night with LED Car Lights, enjoy a brighter and safer drive.