MJX B2W Bugs 2W Brushless Motor RC Quadcopter Review, Specification

MJX is a rapidly-developing drone brand and we believe it will shine in the drone market in the near future. For many drone enthusiasts, MJX Bugs 2, Bugs 3 are all drones you are familiar with. Their smooth flight system is loved by the majority of users. This is undoubtedly a very successful drone model. Now after this, there is a drone with all the major features you really need, and the price is less than $200. This is MJX Bugs 2W.

MJX B2W Bugs 2W Brushless Motor RC Quadcopter Review, Specification

MJX introduced this low-budget, brushless WIFI wireless quadcopter to drone enthusiasts. Now it only costs $189 in Tomtop. You can use coupons. The coupon code is B2W2.    MJX Bugs 2W is much better than the previous version. It can fly for 20 minutes. The controller is very stable and easy to use. If it loses its signal, don’t worry that it will fly away like some other drones. The GPS function allows It is safe to go home. From the appearance point of view, good plastic material, light and safe and convenient, the design is very simple, you can see its powerful brushless motor and sharp eyes, its eyes look very fierce, haha … well-known, brushless motor Better than a brush motor, it can reduce the heat generated when the drone engine is running and reduce the friction rate. This will not damage the battery life for the battery. Bugs 2W is equipped with an LCD screen to display important information and a stand for mobile phones. The 1080P camera allows you to shoot a variety of high-definition images. If you want to shoot video, you can insert an SD card. It allows you to use up to 32GB memory cards. The control distance of 2.4GHZ remote controller can reach 800-1000 meters. Bugs 2W has increased the high-temperature lock protection function, automatic lock protection can directly avoid the ESC damage caused by the deadlock of the drone. LED lights assist in positioning and are also very beautiful at night.

At present, this RC quadcopter is undoubtedly a surprise, especially now it only costs $189, which is really in line with your budget! If you are a MJX user, if you are a drone enthusiast, this model must not be missed.

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