iGPSPORT IGS618 GPS Cycling Computer, Only $119.99

iGPSPORT IGS618 GPS Cycling Computer Promotional Sale, Only $119.99 at Tomtop.com

Coupon code: IGPS618

iGPSPORT IGS618 GPS Cycling Computer Promotional Sale, Only $119.99 | Tomtop

Use the IGS618 to instantly monitor your ride and track your distance, speed, calories burned, and more. The IGS618′s 2.2-inch LCD display is very large and the clear data provides the rider with a good perspective. The IGS618 also supports speed sensors, heat protection, and cadence sensors. At the same time it is IPX7 waterproof, so you can ride on a rainy day. The backlight automatically turns on or off at sunrise or sunset.
iGPSPORT IGS618‘s Display speed, average speed, maximum speed, time, distance, temperature and altitude, travel time, provide more than 80 data items for analyzing your cycling and training. IPX7 waterproof mechanism allows riding on rainy days. You can start waypoint navigation from the app’s historical route or uploaded route map.
The 2.2-inch LCD screen is very large and clear data provides the rider with a good perspective. Provided by mounting and O-rings, it is easy to install on the handlebars.
IGS618 bicycle computer with high sensitivity GNSS (GPS + GLONASS + BeiDou), high precision and fast positioning, suitable for children in complex riding environments. Easily recharge from any device with a USB port.

IGS618 offers three riding modes to choose from: indoor mode, racing mode, training mode. Compatible with ANT + sensors: cadence sensor, heart rate monitor, speed sensor, power meter.

iGPSPORT IGS618 GPS Cycling Computer, Only $119.99

Review for LEMFO LES 1 3G Android Smartwatch Phone

Technology has infiltrated our daily lives, from computers to smartphones, from cars to smart homes. The development of science and technology has brought great convenience to our life. No matter when and where, now we all like to carry technology, understand this trend of scientific researchers, continue to transform the size, size, weight, and function of smartphones. To the back, people’s pockets become important, the phone gradually replaced a lot of work to be done on the computer or task, and now only the watch is progressing, it is more compact than the phone, but also easy to carry, do not take up any space, And gradually enhance the function, in addition to recording time, including phone calls, text messaging, browsing e-mail, edit text, take pictures, listen to music, record the trajectory and so on. Now the new 3G watch only gradually powerful, LEMFO LES 1 is one of the very popular Android Smartwatch.

Review for LEMFO LES 1 3G Smartwatch Phone

LEMFO LES 1 design is undoubtedly fascinating, the strap is designed for sports and TPU design, the body is stainless steel buckle, round screen. In addition to its sleek look, it comes with a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen and a maximum resolution of 400 x 400 pixels. Even in bright lights, such as during the day, users can easily see the contents of the watch. Quality, it can be said that LEMFO is very placed, a solid shell, sophisticated compact parts, you can rest assured that you use. There are many things you can do with this smartwatch, which has the same functionality as some computers. Of course, you do not have to spend the same amount of money as buying a computer or buying some peripheral consumables. LEMFO LES 1 is available in 18 different languages. You can select from the language settings, edit the information in different languages, and provide functions such as camera, Bluetooth, call, video, music and more. Small appearance in the huge energy. You can use WIFI link device, browse the data on the watch, with a pedometer, heart rate measurement, it even has an English dictionary. It supports 1GB RAM + 16GB ROM, with MTK6580 1 GHz quad-core processor, it’s response speed is very fast, enough to make your smartwatch showed the best condition. 16GB of internal storage, to meet the storage needs of most users.

Review for LEMFO LES 1 3G Smartwatch Phone


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Statement of Order BUG On 17th Jan 2018

Economic Loss Is Measurable, But Consumer Trust and Support For Tomtop Is Invaluable !!
Dear customers, did you notice the”Surprise” on 17th Jan 2018?
There is a promotion on “Buy One Get One Free” on TOMTOP. As a bug happened to our website, some people only spend little money to get Feisty pets for free. More than 10000+ customers came cross the “Surprise” and we have also suffered a huge loss of money.
Many customers ask whether we will dispatch these orders or not.

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Yes, we do lose a lot of money in this accident, but TOMTOP has been making efforts to be a #trustworthy seller#.We respect and love our customers all the time. Without your support, we would not have been able to achieve so much. Facing the vast number of users and friends have long been the trust and support to TOMTOP, We would rather pay a hefty price than to disappoint anyone who ordered from Tomtop.
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Review of Feiyu G5 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal

As with all Feiyu products, such as their Video Stabilizer, you can be assured which you will get not just an excellent hunting solution but also a thing that may be really easy to handle as they usually place the user within the incredibly best of product design cutting edge. Right here, we take a look at “splash” FEIYU G5 3-axis handheld head style, mostly for the GoPro HERO5 the top head.


A single of the complications with handheld gimbals is that they’re commonly not waterproof, But items have changed – the FEIYU G5 comes in, not only for splash protection but also for the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 and GoPro Hero5
The key button in the top is often a little rocker that allows the basic camera and gimbal movements, and the function buttons permit you to switch modes in seconds. The touchscreen allows you to effortlessly delete or edit your material whilst on the go.


FEIYU G5 scream all the quality – in the function and appearance, you could see, FEIYU G5 has a great deal of innovation. Feiyu has said that FEIYU G5 has the latest technologies inside the new Unibody arm motor to offset your HERO5 camera and also other connectivity elements and present a better camera lens. The battery can be a big lithium battery 22650 instead of the far more typical 18650, which tends to make locating spare parts a bit tougher! Also inside the box, you can get a cute, strong tripod mount which you can save for the bottom in the gimbal, which allows you to sit in your gimbal surface, shoot cute time-lapse videos, There might be extra later. You can find also two modest connectors, one particular Micro USB to Micro USB and one USB-C to Micro USB, which allow you to charge your GoPro with a universal battery should you require it, and certainly for those who do To complete, PTZ’s life will likely be consumed accordingly.


FEIYU G5 has a lot of helpful additional functions which might be a must-buy for those who want to shoot video inside the water or around the snow. It is possible to choose to connect the universal joint to an extension rod, mast, or any other part you want to connect. The gimbal features a nice grip around the bottom with the handle, that is essential when you are shooting around the water. Yes, this device is waterproof, but you usually do not would like to throw it in the sea and lose it forever. Around the actual PTZ, after installed, spot the GoPro into the cradle and basically press and hold the function button labeled Mode / IO to turn around the robot’s R2D2 noise and immediately stabilize GoPro. From there, should you be a master like me, you are bewildered by this reality due to the fact you’ll be able to just about bypass it and it is going to make GoPro genuinely sporty. Double-clicking will allow Pan + Tilt mode, also called “Follow”, and as the Pan or Tilt direction generally moves with you, once within this mode, it will likely be locked at a single press, substantially like Pan is in Pan mode The identical. Press the camera three occasions to rotate the camera 180 degrees. Four presses will reset the gimbal towards the original orientation and mode. You’ll find numerous distinct modes that may be activated by pressing the Mode / IO button (also known as function button). Clicking the function button will open the pan mode, which tilts but pan freely, pressing the button once again will enter the lock mode. Under the Function / Power button, there’s a very cool button referred to as “Selfie timer button” which permits the gimbal to rotate your GoPro to face you, so as soon as you release the button you may do it Selfie, it returns to the original position prior to you pressed the Selfie button. This can be super easy, I identified it, love it.


KOOLNEE K1 4G Smartphone Flash Sale, Only $149

KOOLNEE K1 4G Smartphone Flash Sale, Only $149

KOOLNEE K1 is ideal for games and movies. It features a 6.01-inch 18: 9 screen MTK6750T octa-core 1.5GHz and 2160 * 1080 FHD + resolution with ample 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM for KOOLNEE K1 multitasking operation and The game is very fluid when it runs




Borderless Full-screen: 6.01-inch eighteen:9 FHD monitor, taking on the visible revolution while using the latest 4D curved screen technological know-how, KOOLNEE K1 is filling the entire screen even over and above edges.

64 GB ROM +4 GB memory, MTK6750T eight core clocked at 1.5GHz. KOOLNEE K1 is indeed a powerful assistant in multitasking and gaming because of its overall performance improvement of more than 50% for the Mali T860 GPU.

FHD+ Exhibit: 2160*1080 FHD+ resolution, awesome for seeing motion pictures and taking part in games, provides you a visible feast.

8MP Entrance Digicam: Exact concentrate, deal with recognition, and beautifying, the 8MP front camera is all for that most effective selfie.
Dual Back again Cameras: 16MP+2MP with DSLR-grade Bokeh outcome twin rear cameras, gives skilled photograph, documents your way of life clearer.

Long-lasting Battery: With 3190mAh huge battery, offers you ample electric power for an entire day.

Fingerprint unlock function: 0.1S unlock fast and protected, shield you personalized cellular phone earth.



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1.Official Help Center-How To Check If This Phone Can Be Used In Your Country

  1. Dear customers, Thank you to visit our Web, we all know 4G LTE mobile phone is more and more popular, but we often meet many questions about 4G LTE whether supported in your native country or not. Now, we will give you a link to check if the 4G LTE network coverage and see if 4G network of the phone you want to buy match the one in your country:


    About network, there are a lot of questions, whether network of a smartphone coverage in your country or not, now we give you a guide to help you find out.

    The guide to determine whether a specific smartphone can be used in your country. 1) Firstly, you should pay attention to the TIPS of the network frequency. It will show you the network frequencies of the phone supported. For example:

    2) Secondly, you should know the network frequencies your country supported.

    Please confirm this by visiting the following website:



    On this site you can see the search box on the right:

    3) Thirdly, please select your country in the first field and then select your network operator (or all) in the second field. For example, when we choose France:

    4) We will get a list of operators, for this example we will select: Bouygues Telecom with 3G 2100MHz. It will display network coverage and the network information.

    The coverage map and more information can be found below:


    5) Lastly, you can quickly select your country under the search box and see what network frequencies are supported in your country and their respective coverage.

    All the above includes our short guide, we hope that we could help you know the network supported in your native country.

    Kind regards,


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Collapse in Prices on Best Smartphones for You!

Recently, people lay much trust on brand cell phones. Do you know how many kinds of brands in this field? iPhone, Samsung, HTC, etc. Those are really expensive for many of us. Then have you found another more reliable smartphones? Yes! Lenovo, Cubot, Leagoo Lead 1 etc. All with good performance and reasonable prices. And now, there is a discount reward for all of you. We offer many kinds of brands for you to choose from.

Which characteristic will you care more when choosing a smartphone? CPU performance? How about Octa-core cellphones? Here comes a new UMI X3 smartphone. MTK6592 Octa Core 1.7GHz. Really high work performance. With Android 4.2 operating system, it has better reliability and compatibility. It’s a pretty good choice for you!

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How to Convert MiniDV Tapes to DVD

Converting Mini-Digital Video (MiniDV) to DVD

So you have tons of footage shot on your digital camcorder that uses a mini-cassette format for DV (digital video – also known as MiniDV), but you would like to have it on DVD. No problem. Copying them to a variety of digital formats, including DVD, is a snap.

Your basic options are to copy the video content onto a DVD using a DVD recorder or to transfer them to digital format using your computer. If you use a computer you can easily edit using video tools as well as burn DVDs – a capability most computers have these days.

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