Colorfly C3 Pocket HiFi Music MP3 Player Flash Sale

Colorfly C3 Pocket HiFi Music MP3 Player Flash Sale, End in 1th- April -2018

Only $22.99, limited 500 pcs.

Colorfly C3 Pocket HiFi Music Player It can bring you a lot of convenience and surprise. You can enjoy the perfect music experience, feel the real voice and discover the beauty of another sound.

Colorfly C3 Pocket HiFi Music MP3 Player Flash Sale

Colorfly C3 music player smart power chip management can guarantee about 18 hours of music playback time, independent PA DAC, digital-analog circuit isolation, high signal to noise ratio, gold-plated four-layer PCB – enhanced anti-interference ability. Pure metal shell, higher shielding, the texture is better. Support multi-language operation, including English, Japanese, German, Korean, Italian, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Chinese – Simplified, Chinese – Traditional and so on.

Now let us re-examine the performance of this music player, with a 1-inch OLED screen, DAC chip: TI PCM1770, battery life of about 18 hours, battery capacity 3.7V 1000mAh, support for audio formats including MP3, WAV, FLAC, APE, WMA, signal to noise ratio> 97db, memory capacity: 8GB eMMc, frequency range of 22Hz-20Khz ± 0.5dbs
Size 8.4 * 5.0 * 1.0cm / 3.30 * 1.96 * 0.39in, Weight Approximately 105g / 3.70oz
If you purchase your package will have: a HiFi music player and a user manual

Colorfly C3 Pocket HiFi Music MP3 Player Flash Sale

L.O.L. Series 3 Surprise Ball Confetti Pop Full Case of 18 Outrageous 9 Layers


L.O.L. Series 3 Surprise Ball Confetti Pop Full Case of 18 Outrageous 9 Layers. This is a good baby toy for your children, full of unknown surprises because it will be sent at random, so no one knows which surprise ball was delivered to your hands, trust your child will love this unusual one’s gift!

This is multiple surprises. You can open it again and again and discover the new secrets hidden in the surprise ball. It may be a little girl doll, maybe clothes, jewelry, shoes, or it may be food. Very creative. And this is a big box, beautiful and perfect packaging will make your child love it at first sight, but the most important thing is that this gift is very cheap.

L.O.L. Series 3 Confetti Pop Full Case of 18 Outrageous 9 Layers Surprise Ball

Product Specifications:
The material of this surprise ball is made of plastic, the whole size is 9 * 9 * 9cm / 3.5 * 3.5 * 3.5in, the size after packing is: 29.2 * 28.7 * 19.8cm / 11.5 * 11.3 * 7.8in, the weight is 1800g / 3.97lb

L.O.L. Series 3 Surprise Ball Confetti Pop Full Case of 18 Outrageous 9 Layers

Review for Docooler V11 Android 6.0 TV Box KODI 16.1 RK3229 2G + 8G

Now smart TV box is standard home for many people. Docooler V11 is a high-performance Android TV box designed for entertainment.
The Docooler V11 Android 6.0 TV Box, like a computer, combines traditional TV with the Internet to create a new way to enjoy music, videos, photos, games, and more. During your free time, you can connect to the Internet via WIFI or RJ45 and select the movie you want to watch or the game you are interested in. The Docooler V11 turns a traditional LCD, TV or projector, and HD port into a smart entertainment multimedia hub. For home or personal, this TV box is a very good accessory.

Docooler V11 Android 6.0 TV Box KODI 16.1 RK3229 2G + 8G
This Android TV box with Android 6.0 operating system, high-performance five-core Mali-400MP GPU, up to 700MHZ. Support 4K ultimate HD video hardware decoding. 4x1080i / P 4K resolution, full HD images make every detail clearer. H.265 hard decoding saves up to 50% of bandwidth and supports VP9 decoding for successful 4K video viewing. There is also mass storage capabilities and an open source media center. Up to 32GB of storage expansion + 2GB RAM / 8GB flash memory and allows you to stream this TV box and download other applications. Docooler V11
Allows users to view videos, music, pictures and other digital media files from online play or local storage media. You can download apps in the Google Play Store or in other stores for smooth multitaskingDocooler V11 Android 6.0 TV Box KODI 16.1 RK3229 2G + 8G modes, including listening to music and watching videos. It supports multi-language: English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Korean, etc., also supports Wi-Fi hotspot, can be used as a wireless router. V11 has a powerful WiFi signal, which ensures strong signal transmission at high speeds and high quality.
Media formats support video, audio, photos in various formats. Including video formats: MKV, MPG, WMV / VC-1 SP / MP / AP, MPEG, Avi, dat, MOV, mp4, iso, rm, RealVideo 8/9/10, H.264, H.265, VP9 etc. . Photo format: JPG, MJPEG, JPEG, PNG. Audio formats: MP3, WMA, AAC, RM, OGG, FLAC
Now to summarize the overall characteristics of Docooler V11:
Operating System: Android 6.0
CPU: Rockchip 3229 quad-core 32-bit ARM Cortex-A7, up to 1.5GHZ
Ultra HD Video Output: Supports all standard SD / HD / 4K * 2K Ultra HD Decoding and Output
Memory: 2GBDDR3; FLASH: 8GB, extended storage: Supports MicroSD card (up to 32GB).
Three-core 3D graphics engine: high-performance OpenGL ES1.1 and 2.0, OpenVG1.1 and so on.
HD: HD 2.0 output, up to 4K * 2K @ 60fps.

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XIAOMI Mi Drone 4K WiFi FPV RC Drone Review

Today’s Xiaomi with unique advantages in the field of smartphones has made remarkable achievements in the global market. However, Xiaomi is unwilling to develop in one area. Its territory is constantly expanding. Its achievements have ranged from personal computers, motion cameras to home appliances and other markets. About Muliticopter, Xiaomi has never given up. Now this one has a Xiaomi Mi drone, with its unique design and amazing features has been a lot of people like. Xiaomi MI Drone 4K is a high-performance quadcopter that is safe and easy to learn. Built-in 4K camera, equipped with a 12MP Sony back-style wear pan, you can 30FPS speed and 3840X2160 pixel resolution video recording, you can shoot 1080P static high-definition images. In addition, the triaxial gimbal guarantees you the possibility of a stable video.

XIAOMI Mi Drone 4K WiFi FPV RC drone review

In addition, the Xiaomi MI Drone 4k also has an autonomous flight model, you only need to tap the TapFly button, it will start to move and fly, you can use your only mobile phone to connect the drone to send commands to you Rotate or fly around a specific target, you can control all movements with your finger, preset Rout ability to follow, you can let it follow a specific target. Before each flight, we can pre-set the itinerary, plan the route, and you will get high quality image information. Xiaomi Mi Drone has the latest TDMA technology, its anti-jamming capability is significantly stronger than the traditional WIFI program, the wireless transmitter uses a 2.4GHz frequency range, up to 800 meters high, the control distance of 3,000 meters, support for 4 km Of the transmission distance, its 5199MAH capacity battery can support flight time is about 27 minutes, so you can enjoy the fun of flying.

XIAOMI Mi Drone 4K WiFi FPV RC drone review

DJI Mavic Air 4K Camera Foldable RC Drone Review

Now DJI Mavic Air scheduled for TOMTOP is ready to ship. Mavic Air, DJI’s new unmanned aerial vehicle, features a foldable design that is small when folded: 168 x 184 x 64 mm, roughly the size of a smartphone, and weighs 430 grams. About half the size of DJI Mavic Pro, it slides into my pocket as you wish, which means we can go out for aerial photography without a backpack. Its arm is easier to fold than the Mavic Pro arm and has a stronger hinge design. Mavic Air is the first DJI drone to introduce USB-C content delivery. The redesigned Mavic Air controller has a simple sports mode button. Official specifications say it can launch 16,404 feet of sea level, up to 2.5 miles. Even more exciting than the farthest and highest speed is whether Mavic Air collides accidentally. Its three-way sensing and seven camera vision systems avoid obstacles, Advanced Assisted Driving System (APAS), can adjust its flight plan to avoid targets in order to fly around or above the target, not just with obstacles Stop flying when it’s there. Mavic Air can easily or simply fly around an obstacle depending on the situation, which is a surprise for a beginner and you can turn APAS off and on directly in the application DJI GO. APAS will reduce the incidence of collisions.

DJI Mavic Air 4K Camera Foldable RC Drone
People like to shoot good video cameras, DJI Mavic Air also uses a 4K camera, 100mbps bit rate. This means your video compression is less than when using the original Mavic Pro. The camera has an incredible 32-megapixel sphere panorama mode and the photo is 12 megapixel, providing excellent visual effects. The drone has a total of one infrared sensor and seven cameras. Its optimized algorithms and powerful features will make the RC drone familiar with better 3D maps, as well as more precise hovering and display of other flying skills, and to help Mavic Air Track objects. Target detection has been increased to 20 meters, exists in the back and front, greatly reducing the possibility of accidents.

DJI Mavic Air 4K Camera Foldable RC Drone

DJI Mavic Air is now available for purchase at TOMTOP, ships within 72 hours.

iPega PG-9037 Wireless Bluetooth Controller for Android and iOS

Here is a specially designed Bluetooth controller for smartphones, IPEGA PG-9037, you can use this controller to more easily play your favorite games. Whether you are an iPhone or an Android phone, you can use it.

iPega PG-9037 Wireless Bluetooth Controller Android Gamepad Joystick Game Controller for Android iOS iPhone Tablet PC TV Box
The reason is that the IPEGA PG-9037 has a retractable handle to support different smartphone sizes, so you can sync your device on your smartphone with Bluetooth and use your gamepad to play your favorite games. Its retractable bracket prevents up to 6-inch tablets or smartphones. If your smartphone is wider than this value, you will not be able to use this wireless Bluetooth controller. However, there are some solutions, just as some use the plastic case mod to attach the Samsung Galaxy Note to the IPEGA PG-9037. In addition, you can choose to use this wireless Bluetooth controller without the need for a handle, which is the choice for tablets (Android or iPad).

iPega PG-9037 Wireless Bluetooth Controller Android Gamepad Joystick Game Controller for Android iOS iPhone Tablet PC TV Box

In the non-connected state, it will automatically shut down to save energy. Full charge, to maintain long working hours. Bluetooth 3.0 wireless transmission can support the effective distance 6 ~ 8M operation. Support Android 3.2 IOS 4.3 above system. Compatible with Win7 / Win8 / Win XP, Android TV Box.

Game Support:

IOS download compatible games: Enter iTunes and App Store to search for “iCade.” The handle is compatible with most games like Gunman Clive, Alliance of Wicked, Alliance of Wicked 2, Muffin tardash, Helium Boy, Temple Run and many more. Under the Android system, it supports the vast majority of operating game and simulator games such as MC4, Dungeon Hunter, Wild Blood, Zombie, FC Simulator, Arcade Simulator, GBA Simulator, N64 Simulator, SFC Simulator, Soulcraft, shadowgun, cordy, sonic cd, September 2013, Zanoni 4, ripp gp, etc.) Mouse mode compatible games like Fruit Ninja, Sky Power, Flying Birds, Lark VS Zombies, Angry Birdie, Air attack HD and more.You can try the IPEGA PG-9037 Wireless Bluetooth Controller, Emulator in your game. Most vintage simulators (SNES, Nintendo 64, ega Drive, NES, Playstation, Arcade, Master System, Neo Geo, etc.) can be configured with a Bluetooth controller in at least KEYBOARD mode. However, only some Android games accept these Bluetooth controllers (currently), so you will have to try other modes until you find something to play. The iPega PG-9037 has 4 usage modes: keyboard, iCade, joystick, and mouse. Select one of the Bluetooth handles when you open it. Simply hold A, B, X or Y, then press and hold the HOME button for a few seconds (the SEARCH LED will start blinking). Each mode has some features, so try different modes when you’re having trouble testing your game or mapping buttons. To help you understand the features of each mode and which button (ABXY) you pressed before turning on the wireless Bluetooth controller,  iF YOU WANT THIS SMART CONTROLLER, CHECK THE PICTURE LINK

iPega PG-9037 Wireless Bluetooth Controller Android Gamepad Joystick Game Controller for Android iOS iPhone Tablet PC TV Box


LEPIN 05132 8445pcs Star Wars Spaceship Building blocks Kit Set Review

Building modules help to improve the creator’s spatial imagination, fine and coarse motor skills and hands-on creativity. DIY is a good thing for everyone, especially for kids.
Here’s one of the best birthdays, a holiday gift for yourself or your child. LEPIN 05132 MILLENNIUM FALCON

LEPIN 05132
This LEPIN 05132 Millennium Falcon is a feature of Star Wars VII and VIII. The assembly consists of 8,445 pieces and is designed for boys and girls aged 6 to 16. Includes 4 classic crew members: C-3PO, Chewbacca, Han Solo, Princess Leia. The numbers include 2 buildable Prongs, BB-8 robots, buildable Mynock. Also includes three sets of seventh / eighth staff teenager: Riehan solo, Finn. Dejarik Holographic Game, Combat Long Range Training Helmet, Channel Renovation Doors and Engineers Station to turn the Minifigure seat. Cabin and overdrive in rear cabin with the console, hidden floor cabin, 2 doorways, 2 escape hatchways, access ladder at the shooting station, and engineering console.
The entire model includes a complex detailed removable hull panel, hidden blast cannon, lowered boarding ramp, interchangeable round / rectangular sensor dishes, up and down four laser guns, 4 removable canopy graphics cockpits and 7 landing legs. Gunnery Station is equipped with a detachable hull panel and a small gun seat with a fully rotating quadrangular laser gun.

LEPIN 05132

Please note: This building toys ordered from some other platforms may not have the original packaging box. Tomtop with original box.

Original Box LEPIN 05132 8445pcs Star Wars Spaceship Ultimate Millennium Falcon Force Awakens Building blocks Kit Set

OnePlus 5T 6.01 inch 18:9 4G Smartphone Review

OnePlus has always been a leader in smartphones, and the OnePlus 5T represents an update to Oneplus’s new mobile technology. This time not only look more stylish, haze better, overall performance has also been enhanced. Oneplus also regularly updates software to make the entire phone system more sophisticated. The OnePlus 5T is the most outstanding work that Oneplus introduced in the past two years. Different from the previous Oneplus 3T and 5, the OnePlus 5T has significantly improved the internal hardware, screen design, and camera. Now basically an era of full-screen smartphones, the 5T does not look as impressive as Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Apple’s iPhone X, but the 5T is much smaller than most other displays. 6inch Full HD AMOLED screen, although its screen looks great, the minimum margin set aside around the screen, so you do not press the wrong. When you hold it in your palm, you will find that the metal has a great touch.
OnePlus 5T 6.01 inch 18:9 Smartphone 6GB RAM 64GB ROM with Earphone Gift

OnePlus 5T screen resolution is not as high as many high-end machines, but it is full HD and will help you use the phone for a longer period of time. Viewing angle is considerable, contrast is good, you can also choose the color calibration, full-screen video experience is great. 5T cameras feature “smart pixel technology,” a feature that is characterized by the fact that many phones soften the image slightly to hide image distortions during shooting due to light or other factors, but 5T combines the pixel data For one, keeping the sharpness of the image looks more realistic. The 5T has a dual camera that has a second sensor of 200,000 pixels and the main sensor of 160,000 pixels. Then one may ask one question: Why is the second sensor pixels higher than the main sensor? This is because when the light is very dark, the photos we take may not be as clear and will be shaded so that we can improve the low-light photography. Make the photo light enough, the details will not be lost.

OnePlus 5T 6.01 inch 18:9 Smartphone 6GB RAM 64GB ROM with Earphone Gift

Oneplus 5T fingerprint electric potential in the back of the phone, LOGO in the top, dual camera configuration somewhat similar iPhone 7Plus. On the charging method, this Oneplus uses Dash Charge, this charging method is not only fast and safe, using a unique VOOC charging technology, only need a charger and a special cable, the phone will not be fever situation. This is also very good. If you want to change your smartphone, 5T is a good choice, now at TOMTOP, 5T is doing promotions, the price is very cost-effective. Emotions can go to TOMTOP.COM search Oneplus 5T or click on the article link can be direct. Lucky with the fairies and gentlemen who read this post.

OnePlus 5T 6.01 inch 18:9 Smartphone 6GB RAM 64GB ROM with Earphone Gift

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Sports Wristband

Xiaomi is currently creating a number of hot topics for each product category. After launching several smartphones and Mi Pad tablets, the company has introduced its fitness wearable smart device Mi Band, to the global market at an affordable price. MiB Band 2 is slightly larger than its predecessor, but Xiaomi has maintained The original simple design, the entire front covered with fingerprint-resistant and scratch-resistant glass, touch buttons made of anodic oxidation 0.05mm sheet metal. Xiaomi Mi band retains the iconic design, high-quality prices, products have always been high-quality standards and limited supply increases their attractiveness.

 Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Wristband Sports Bracelet 2

Now using it with an integrated display, there is more room for notification. With a 0.42 OLED display, there’s also a touch button under the small screen to help you toggle between different notification windows. In fact, the screen size is limited, although it can not display the text, Xiaomi still found an alternative way to display the notification. And other features have also been significantly upgraded, including the strap has also updated some of the design, improved HR sensor, a larger battery, enhanced Bluetooth connectivity and better motion tracking sensor, compact 0.42 “OLED display for It can display icons of time, total distance, battery percentage, calories burned, heart rate, number of steps, and various notifications (call, SMS, email, etc.).

 Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Wristband Sports Bracelet 2

Xiaomi mi band 2′s screen is very bright, even in direct sunlight can see the information on the screen. Mi Band can also track your sleep, you can also see your sleep habits in the app. This bracelet can last a single charge for 30 days and we do not even have to recharge it during the week we use it.

Application notification is also very useful, it has become an indispensable feature in the latest wearable devices. When you have an incoming call, millet 2 can vibrate. You can set the time and then notify the delay. Mi band 2 starts to vibrate during the call, and a headphone icon will appear on the screen, making it very convenient. Currently, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 support displaying icons on screens such as WeChat, Mi Talk, Mi-Fit, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Snapchat.