What are the functions and types of magnifiers?

A magnifiers is a convex lens used to magnify an object, and a prototype of a microscope. Usually used to observe the details of objects. A magnifying lens is a converging lens with a focal length that is much smaller than the apparent distance of the eye. Magnifying glasses can be classified into portable magnifiers, glasses magnifiers and vertical magnifiers according to their appearance. According to the classification of the use of people, can be divided into the elderly reading magnifying glass, children’s magnifying glass, outdoor portable magnifying glass, professional identification measuring magnifying glass and medical magnifying glass, etc., we have a common magnifying glass.

Handheld magnifier
The hand-held magnifiers‘ glass is compact, lightweight, inexpensive, portable, and adaptable. It is available in a wide variety of shapes, from circular to square in shape; from the structure, there are handles, folding and built-in light sources. The main features of the hand-held magnifier: the magnification is flexible, the magnification can be changed according to the distance between the reading and the magnifying glass, and the user can easily and arbitrarily make limited adjustments. This 15X Multifunctional Handheld Magnifier is an example. Widely used in industry, horticulture, geography, and family.

Reading magnifier
The elderly magnifying glass for the elderly is the main user of the magnifying glass. The elderly mainly buy large lens magnifiers with LED lights, magnifying glasses with 2-3 times magnification. This kind of magnifying glass is easy to use, only needs to be worn on the head, and has high definition, which is very suitable for people with poor eyesight.

Glasses-type magnifying glass
This is a magnifying glass that can be worn on the eyes like a pair of glasses. It has a frame that can be worn on the eyes, so the hands can move freely and do some work farther away, such as writing, typing or manual operation. But it is not convenient to look at something very close. There is also a magnifying glass with double and half glasses, which can be used to see different distances at the same time. It is widely used in machining, electronic maintenance, jewelry identification, watch repair and micro engraving.

Vertical magnifier
The vertical magnifying glass has a base and a magnifying glass that can be placed on the table. Vertical magnifiers vary in size, some are small and exquisite, some are heavy and bulky; some have built-in light sources, and some have no built-in light sources. Larger lenses, also known as desktop magnifiers, are relatively bulky and less flexible to use, but have a wider field of view and a larger viewing area. This versatile magnifier is designed for welding or other maintenance work. With alligator clips and adjustable brackets, you can relax your tired hands and work more efficiently.

Outdoor hiking, don’t forget to bring a telescope

The telescope is a visual optical instrument for observing distant objects. It can enlarge the small opening angle of the far object at a certain magnification, so that it has a large opening angle in the image space, so that it cannot be seen with the naked eye or The resolved objects become clear and legible. Therefore, telescopes are an indispensable tool in astronomical and ground observations. We know that there are many types of telescopes, and they are used in a wide range of fields: military operations, security and police, marine inspections, outdoor tourism, wilderness adventures, sports events, electric safety inspections, concerts, forestry surveys, industrial inspections, archaeological studies. , railway line selection, bird watching and more. But for outdoor enthusiasts and photographers, ordinary telescopes are enough to meet their needs.

1.Outdoor 20-60X Zoom Spotting Scope with Tripod
Ideal for outdoor bird watching and wildlife, this telescope has a 60mm objective that ensures spotlighting and resolution, and the eyepiece provides 20x to 60x magnification. Its green film-coated optical lens provides a clear, bright field of view.
The sturdy and ergonomic design of this telescope is designed to make your outdoor travel easier and more comfortable with a tripod.

2.16X50 Single-tube Monocular Telescope

If you like to watch concerts, sports games or go hunting, this 16X50 Single-tube Monocular Telescope 6X50 is your best choice. It is a 16x magnifying glass, 50mm lens, whether you are looking for birds or want to better Watching the stage it can help you see the target clearly.
It features high-quality lenses and prisms: a full-layer (FMC) optical lens and a BAK4 prism ensure excellent light transmission and brightness to help you see the target clearly.
This product also adds a waterproof and anti-fog design: suitable for everyday use and most outdoor environments; prevents moisture, dust and debris from entering the monocular interior, providing an excellent user experience.
With mobile phone holder and tripod: equipped with adjustable mobile phone holder and mini desktop tripod, easy to use, mobile phone holder compatible with iPhone X, 8/8 Plus, 7/7 Plus, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and other smart phones.

3.Zoom Binoculars Telescope 10-90X80 60m/1000m Optical Lens for Outdoor Activities

With a magnification of 10-90 times, this binocular is ideal for outdoor activities such as concerts, tours, camping, hiking and more. The lens is made from fully coated optics, giving you a better view of mountains, waterfalls and forests. It is a must for outdoor activities.
Fully coated optical lens for increased brightness and better viewing of the landscape.
The center knob provides fast focus.

Review for Zhiyun Crane Plus 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

Zhiyun has been in the technologies marketplace time and time once again to demonstrate their ability to show customers. The world’s leading stabilizer style firm presents the excellent low-cost camera stabilizer, universal joints. Zhiyun provides top camera gimbal and stabilizer about the world. Its equipment helps quite a few photography-loving friends boost the photographic expertise, and its ideal high quality makes it possible for customers to take the ideal picture from all angles.

Zhiyun Crane Plus 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer
Zhiyun Crane Plus 3-axis universal joint is often a cloud firm advanced goods. The Crane Plus comes using a camera control cable that permits you to synchronize your stabilizer with the camera. When utilized in conjunction with ZY Play, a smartphone app, Zhiyun Crane Plus gives users to handle more than options for example panorama and motion delays. The impressive tough case from the device will surely impress you at first glance. Also to everything, the small adjustment tools that come with the device are relatively effortless to handle. In just a number of minutes, it is possible to set the camera at a relative level devoid of any imbalance. The Motion Memory feature allows you to make advanced settings for camera movement, like duration and delay intervals, and save for future use. Just need you to basically press a button and also you can get the exact same shots repeated. It even remembers all of the time interval settings, such as the number of shots, the interval, the duration, and so on. Among essentially the most commendable technologies in Zhiyun is 360 °panoramic photography on the advanced slip ring, which can be completely demonstrated around the Crane Plus 3-axis universal joint. Encoding motor rotation up to 360 degrees. Makes it possible for you to boost the payload to two.five kg, producing it an ideal device to set up mirrorless cameras and specialist digital SLR cameras with heavy lenses. It really is controlled by several different specifications and switchable buttons.

Zhiyun Crane Plus 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

A different feature of Crane Plus is intelligent tracking mode. Within this mode, you could hold the PTZ, or install it on a nightstand, tripod, and so on., it automatically tracks moving objects. You’ll be able to open the Crane application by installing your smartphone above the camera. After you select wise object tracking mode, you simply draw a box about the theme/object you wish to track. There’s also a new POV mode for working together with the rollers. Commonly if you scroll correct or left, the camera stays horizontal and does not shake. But in POV mode, it moves in sync with setting 45 degrees. As you move, your camera moves with you.

Zhiyun Crane Plus 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer
Zhiyun ergonomic style from the item is now the majority of customers choice. Through the high efficiency and stability of the Zhiyun camera stabilizer, to prevent a variety of issues photographers face. In case you program to shoot using a local lens or shoot a camera, it’s the most beneficial decision. Now at TOMTOP, it only costs $ 569, that is properly worth shopping for.

Zhiyun Crane Plus 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

Review of Feiyu G5 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal

As with all Feiyu products, such as their Video Stabilizer, you can be assured which you will get not just an excellent hunting solution but also a thing that may be really easy to handle as they usually place the user within the incredibly best of product design cutting edge. Right here, we take a look at “splash” FEIYU G5 3-axis handheld head style, mostly for the GoPro HERO5 the top head.


A single of the complications with handheld gimbals is that they’re commonly not waterproof, But items have changed – the FEIYU G5 comes in, not only for splash protection but also for the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 and GoPro Hero5
The key button in the top is often a little rocker that allows the basic camera and gimbal movements, and the function buttons permit you to switch modes in seconds. The touchscreen allows you to effortlessly delete or edit your material whilst on the go.


FEIYU G5 scream all the quality – in the function and appearance, you could see, FEIYU G5 has a great deal of innovation. Feiyu has said that FEIYU G5 has the latest technologies inside the new Unibody arm motor to offset your HERO5 camera and also other connectivity elements and present a better camera lens. The battery can be a big lithium battery 22650 instead of the far more typical 18650, which tends to make locating spare parts a bit tougher! Also inside the box, you can get a cute, strong tripod mount which you can save for the bottom in the gimbal, which allows you to sit in your gimbal surface, shoot cute time-lapse videos, There might be extra later. You can find also two modest connectors, one particular Micro USB to Micro USB and one USB-C to Micro USB, which allow you to charge your GoPro with a universal battery should you require it, and certainly for those who do To complete, PTZ’s life will likely be consumed accordingly.


FEIYU G5 has a lot of helpful additional functions which might be a must-buy for those who want to shoot video inside the water or around the snow. It is possible to choose to connect the universal joint to an extension rod, mast, or any other part you want to connect. The gimbal features a nice grip around the bottom with the handle, that is essential when you are shooting around the water. Yes, this device is waterproof, but you usually do not would like to throw it in the sea and lose it forever. Around the actual PTZ, after installed, spot the GoPro into the cradle and basically press and hold the function button labeled Mode / IO to turn around the robot’s R2D2 noise and immediately stabilize GoPro. From there, should you be a master like me, you are bewildered by this reality due to the fact you’ll be able to just about bypass it and it is going to make GoPro genuinely sporty. Double-clicking will allow Pan + Tilt mode, also called “Follow”, and as the Pan or Tilt direction generally moves with you, once within this mode, it will likely be locked at a single press, substantially like Pan is in Pan mode The identical. Press the camera three occasions to rotate the camera 180 degrees. Four presses will reset the gimbal towards the original orientation and mode. You’ll find numerous distinct modes that may be activated by pressing the Mode / IO button (also known as function button). Clicking the function button will open the pan mode, which tilts but pan freely, pressing the button once again will enter the lock mode. Under the Function / Power button, there’s a very cool button referred to as “Selfie timer button” which permits the gimbal to rotate your GoPro to face you, so as soon as you release the button you may do it Selfie, it returns to the original position prior to you pressed the Selfie button. This can be super easy, I identified it, love it.


Andoer Q3H 4K Wifi Action Camera Flash Sale

Andoer Q3H is actually an Action camera, Andoer Q3H features a large 2-inch LCD screen with 4K video recording and waterproof, underwater, by means of the WiFi connection, you are able to connect your telephone and through the application, Control the camera and view the outcomes of your shoot in real time.

Andoer Q3H

The Andoer Q3H functions a 16-megapixel CMOS sensor that requires two.7K of 30fps25fps or 25fps video at 4K. You’ll be able to see in true time what you might be filming or you’ll be able to use it to navigate menus and alternatives and set the camera to work whenever you like. Cameras are available in white. It has a slot for Micro SD that may hold up to 64GB. Within the package, you will find a specific case of underwater use, you’ll be able to appreciate 30 meters deep underwater activities! Because of the fisheye lens, the camera also supports 170 ?? wide angle. As we mentioned, under the specific situations of underwater activities, it is actually very fantastic and hassle-free.

For starters, the Andoer Q3H includes a 170-degree wide-angle fisheye lens that could assist you to drop one particular centimeter. Andoer Q3H utilizes a Sony-based IMX179A sensor that will take up to 16 million images. When you are not there, it is possible to do 4x digital zoom, and for video, Andoer Q3H is a huge plus. You may shoot at 4K at 25fps, two.7k at 30fps, 1280 at 720p 30fps, 280 at 720p 60fps and 1920x1080p at 60fps. The size of the camera is five.8 x four x two.five cm and weighs only 50g!

Andoer Q3H

The size on the Andoer Q3H is very related to that of a common GoPro camera, so it will likely be simple to attach it to other camera-like accessory echoes next to each of the accessories included within the package. It is possible to discover that there are lots of LED indicators that could record the dark state. When the 2-inch LCD screen around the back on the camera seems to become smaller or no function, you can connect to some iOS or Android phones by way of wifi and track your recordings.

Andoer Q3H

For beginners, Andoer Q3H has native capabilities such as Wifi, time-lapse, auto-shutdown, sound, slow camera, mini HD video output, and image adjustments. Its camera is transparent, with an assortment of fastening tools, waterproof sleeves, belts, shoulder straps, bike accessories, batteries, adhesives, and directions. The price tag is extremely low. Lastly, it has a car or truck DVR, which is a great bet if you would like to record video or take a photo of the vehicle. The ideal camera for this action camera is outdoor activities, intense sports, it truly is equipped with bicycle accessories, can be employed for riding, waterproof efficiency enables it to dive up to 30 meters, you have to not miss.

Andoer Q3H

Boblov ct008 Trail Camera Wildlife Camera 12MP 1080P HD, Only $59.99

Boblov ct008  Trail & Wildlife Camera, IR LED 940NM Low Glow Scouting Night Vision Outdoor Hunting Cameras Video Recorder Cameras with 2.4 inch LCD Screen only $59.99 at Tomtop.com now

The Boblov Hunting Cameras is designed to capture wildlife videos and photos. With the Boblov ct008 trail camera, you can capture every fantastic sport of wildlife for more fun. For farmers and researchers, it is also possible to detect different changes in the environmental temperature of wild animals and to take appropriate measures to protect them. On the other hand, you can also use the Boblov ct008 trail camera as a home safety monitoring system.

1920 * 1080P HD video recording and 12 megapixel (interpolated) full-color resolution, 5-megapixel CMOS sensor.
User-friendly settings with 2.4 “LCD display, do not need to set the camera to use.
Impressive 0.5 second triggering speed, zero second delay between triggers, and multi-shot capability for up to 3 images, all without sacrificing any action.
Low-light black infrared and 24 940nm black infrared LEDs allow the camera to take full-color photos or video during the day and black and white photos or video at night.
Other features: When the battery power is low, can be continuous shooting, delay, interval, timing, alarm, password protection, serial port, time stamping.
Level 2 protection: IP66 certification, protects your camera from moisture, rain, dust, sand, corrosion

Size: 134 * 80mm / 5.3 * 3.1in
Photo resolution: 2M, 3M, 5M, 8M, 12M
Image Sensor: 1/4 “CMOS sensor, 500 megapixel
Store photo formats: AVI Motion JPEG, JPEG; video
Video resolution: 640 * 480 (30 fps), 848 * 480 (30 fps), 1280 * 720 (30 fps), 1920 * 1080 (30 fps)
Screen: 480 * 234 pixels, 6.1cm (2.4 “) color TFT LCD
Recording media: SD / SDHC memory card up to 32 GB (optional)
Power: 8 * LR6 Battery (AA) (excluding tax)
Connection: Mini USB 2.0
Standby time: about 6 months
Water Spray Protection: Yes (IP66)
Lens: F = 3.3, F / NO = 2.4; FOV = 73 °; Automatic Infrared Filter
Validity during the day: 1 meter – infinitive; Night: 3 meters -15 meters
Trigger time: about. 0.5 seconds
Trigger distance: up to 15 meters
Sensor detection angle: 90 °
Infrared flash: 24 850nm infrared light (optional 940nm) Night shooting (range 15 meters)