BLUBOO D5 PRO 4G Smartphone Review

Frameless mobile phones have become the current trend in the market. Whether it is Samsung, Huawei or iPhone have made some attempts on products. This is an innovation revolution in science and technology. There is currently such a frameless phone, which is Bluboo’s latest Bluboo D5 Pro. This phone is very similar to millet’s MI MIX 2S. Since the rimless mobile phone appeared on the market, it is basically the more expensive one, but the D5 Pro price only costs $99.9. This price is only available on

BLUBOO D5 PRO 4G Smartphone Review

Now we have come to know about the Bluboo D5 Pro, from its appearance, the design is very simple and elegant, 5.5-inch LCD display, size is 18:9 aspect ratio, this design is very friendly to the user, 640X1280 The pixel resolution gives a clearer visual effect. Highly transparent fourth-generation Corning Gorilla glass, JDI display, 13.0MP rear camera + fingerprint sensor, 8.0MP front camera to capture clear details, whether self-timer or still life, you will get high-quality images. Its fingerprint scanner better protects the user’s account security, this scanner is located on the back of the phone, just below the rear camera. It has a small top and side bezel, retains a 3.5mm headphone jack, and has a MICRO USB port at the bottom, so you don’t have to worry about listening to music when your phone is out of power. Both jobs can be done at the same time. Overall, it can be seen that the overall design of Bluboo D5 Pro is very compact and the user experience is also good.

BLUBOO D5 PRO 4G Smartphone Review
The $99.99 Bluboo D5 Pro is a 4G version that comes with 3GB RAM+32GB ROM, a charger, phone case, USB data cable, screen protector, slot pins, phone ring support, warranty card and usage. manual. It is too affordable. The price for MI MIX 2S is only a small part of it. If the budget is not enough, D5 Pro must be your best choice. Built-in quad-core MediaTek Helio MT6737 chipset, up to 1.3GHz clock speed, the battery capacity of 2700mAh, to ensure that you work long hours, one thing is more special, it is configured with a 5V/1.5A speeder, Significantly reduced charging time. You don’t have to hesitate! Only 99.99 US dollars, so a borderless 4G smartphone to take home.

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