Choosing the Right Color Temperature of LED lights for Your Home

What is color temperature of LED lights

LED lights with it’s extraordinary energy saving and long lifespan characteristic take over the place of transition lights and play more and more importance role in our dairy life. It seems that we should take more consideration before we decide the right LED light to meet our needs. Like, if you wish to make the light suit for your atmosphere, you should think about the color temperature before hand.

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How To Celebration The Special 2013 New Year

In the ends of this doom 2012, there comes the 2013. At this special new year, why shouldn’t you hold a big party, cheer up with your family and good friends? It is a wonderful time for families, fun and festivities, for big party and holiday meals. As the New Year 2013 is approaching, you should prepare the things to celebrate the wonderful time. Continue reading

Advanced Twilight Ladybug Night Light Projector Lamp

Many Children Fear the Dark

Many young children feel anxious when they are put to bed at night in a darkened room. Being afraid of the dark is a very common childhood problem and can result in your child not wanting to be left alone in a bedroom at night. It’s easy to sympathize – who can remember being small and lying in bed, seeing shapes and shadows on the walls that were simply never there in the daytime?

A night light can help to reduce such anxieties, and the Ladybug night light projector lamp is a great gift to help children get rid of the fear during the bedtime.

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LED grow light Use Tips

As we know, light is essential for most of plants’ photosynthesis. Without it, plants could not make food. But light can also be too intense, too hot, or last too long for growing healthy plants. In general, more light seems to be better. Plant growth accelerates with abundant light because more of the plant’s leaves have exposure; which means more photosynthesis. Continue reading

Decorate Your House With Christmas Light

Christmas is one of the biggest occasions celebrated all over the world among Christians and non-Christians with Great Spirit of enthusiasm and joy. People begin planing out different ways to celebrating Christmas , like deciding Christmas address, Christmas dinner , party and gifts etc. However, the Christmas decorations as key to create a festival atmosphere , play an important role in Christmas celebration. When it comes to decorations, lights are what first should be taken into consideration because Christmas lights are very popular during the Christmas holidays. Lightning gives life to our decorations, they come in different styles and prices and you can buy them according to your preference, budget and interiors design.

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SMD 3528 LED VS SMD 5050 LED

With the development of the lighting field, LED lighting becomes more and more popular and important in our daily life. Whether for under-cabinet lighting at kitchen, wardrobe lighting, home theater, advertising display or ambient mood lighting etc., SMD LED is a good choice.

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What Should You Prepare When Applying RGB LED Strip Light

The RGB LED strip light with it’s wide range of application allows customers to use more of their imagination, decorate and create new moods in their homes or businesses to their own tastes. The versatile LED strip is perfectly suited for a wide variety of decorative lighting, home, car, store, stage, bar, KTV, hotel, bridge and so on. Both in household and commercial uses, the RGB LED strip is applied to enlighten edges of furniture, worktops, to give a touch of color to walls, corridors, columns, steps and staircases, illuminate audio visual systems, is used as a party set or background setting for bands.

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Why SMD is Better Than LED

What is SMD ?

The Structure: surface-mount device (SMD) are something that mounted directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards rather that other LEDs. Another feature of SMD is size. A SMD is possible to place 3 LEDs of different color in one unit. The three colors – red, blue and green – create smaller pitch. The pitch between pixels affects the resolution and image quality of an LED display, such as a digital billboard. Using one LED to create three colors results in improved image quality.

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The advantage of Low voltage LED Light

If you have already used low voltage halogen light bulbs in your home and your work places, you must benefit a lot from those low power consume bulbs. Then , why not try some low voltage LED lightings? When powered properly, low voltage LED lighting produces five times as much light as line voltage halogen lamps. Besides, The service of low voltage LED light bulbs are much longer than halogen bulbs. Moreover, not only will they save you money on your monthly electricity bulb, they are also environmentally friendly. Continue reading