Andoer Q3H 4K Wifi Action Camera Flash Sale

Andoer Q3H is actually an Action camera, Andoer Q3H features a large 2-inch LCD screen with 4K video recording and waterproof, underwater, by means of the WiFi connection, you are able to connect your telephone and through the application, Control the camera and view the outcomes of your shoot in real time.

Andoer Q3H

The Andoer Q3H functions a 16-megapixel CMOS sensor that requires two.7K of 30fps25fps or 25fps video at 4K. You’ll be able to see in true time what you might be filming or you’ll be able to use it to navigate menus and alternatives and set the camera to work whenever you like. Cameras are available in white. It has a slot for Micro SD that may hold up to 64GB. Within the package, you will find a specific case of underwater use, you’ll be able to appreciate 30 meters deep underwater activities! Because of the fisheye lens, the camera also supports 170 ?? wide angle. As we mentioned, under the specific situations of underwater activities, it is actually very fantastic and hassle-free.

For starters, the Andoer Q3H includes a 170-degree wide-angle fisheye lens that could assist you to drop one particular centimeter. Andoer Q3H utilizes a Sony-based IMX179A sensor that will take up to 16 million images. When you are not there, it is possible to do 4x digital zoom, and for video, Andoer Q3H is a huge plus. You may shoot at 4K at 25fps, two.7k at 30fps, 1280 at 720p 30fps, 280 at 720p 60fps and 1920x1080p at 60fps. The size of the camera is five.8 x four x two.five cm and weighs only 50g!

Andoer Q3H

The size on the Andoer Q3H is very related to that of a common GoPro camera, so it will likely be simple to attach it to other camera-like accessory echoes next to each of the accessories included within the package. It is possible to discover that there are lots of LED indicators that could record the dark state. When the 2-inch LCD screen around the back on the camera seems to become smaller or no function, you can connect to some iOS or Android phones by way of wifi and track your recordings.

Andoer Q3H

For beginners, Andoer Q3H has native capabilities such as Wifi, time-lapse, auto-shutdown, sound, slow camera, mini HD video output, and image adjustments. Its camera is transparent, with an assortment of fastening tools, waterproof sleeves, belts, shoulder straps, bike accessories, batteries, adhesives, and directions. The price tag is extremely low. Lastly, it has a car or truck DVR, which is a great bet if you would like to record video or take a photo of the vehicle. The ideal camera for this action camera is outdoor activities, intense sports, it truly is equipped with bicycle accessories, can be employed for riding, waterproof efficiency enables it to dive up to 30 meters, you have to not miss.

Andoer Q3H

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