ALP AD-80 Professional Travel Electric Guitar, – 83$ Discount

ALP AD-80  Professional Travel Electric Guitar,  - 83$ Discount at

Coupon code: ALPP

Hi, honey, are you looking for a great guitar? Want to find a portable travel guitar? Are you a guitar lover? If so, this ALP travel electric guitar is really a good choice.

ALP AD-80 travel electric guitar body made of aluminum alloy, lightweight, strong and not easy to be damaged. Black smooth body lines, delicate satin black surface, feel smooth, it seems very stylish, and cool. This travel guitar with folding design, giving backpacks and accessories, easy to carry, its special headless design, make it even more different.

The AD-80 features a modular cage nut that has a comfortable finger-mechanical socket on the back of the guitar to hold the pickup. Mahogany fingerboard and Canadian maple neck, to provide you with rich colors and warm, clear, transparent sound.


In addition for playability, ALP AD-80 travel electric guitar using SSH pickup settings, respectively, the neck, the middle and the bridge. The neck pickup sounds thicker and warmer; the middle pickup produces crystal clear tones; the bridge pickup produces a stronger and brighter sound.


ALP AD-80 travel electric guitar built-in rechargeable lithium battery and headphone amplifier, a dual output mode: 6.35mm speaker output and 3.5mm headphone output, you can freely immersed in the music world, to provide you with higher playability.


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